Georgia Pioneers
Includes genealogy databases in AL GA KY NC SC TN VA

Need a Professional to Help Find a Georgia Ancestor? Our services include research in the following records:

Georgia Military Records Card Index File at Georgia State Archives.

Helps to locate where some of the earliest settlers resided, particularly those who served in Militia companies, especially before the Indian populations were removed.

Georgia Land Lotteries for 1805, 1827, 1832.

Helps to locate where people resided, the amount of acreage awarded and the name of the county/counties.

Colonial Land Grants in Georgia.

Provides data such as the name of the parish, county, and amount of acreage.

County records, i. e., deeds, wills, estates, tax digests (not all tax digests survived), marriages, court cases, etc.


$600 (flat fee) payable in advance

What your $600 includes:

Your own password Georgia Pioneers . Term: 1-year. Value $150.

All travel fees, copies of photos, etc.

Research Report.

Averages 5 pages.

Links will be provided to important documents.

The Research Report will be included on the website, Georgia Pioneers.

This is a benefit to you, expecially if our subscribers are researching the same lineage and wish to share information with you. If you do not wish the Research Report to appear on the website, please inform us in advance.

Time Frame: This research requires about two weeks worth of daily, tedious research.

Our goal is to find what you specify. (you can request the records be researched in as many as three specific counties.)