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Battle of Brier Creek, March 3, 1779.

After Kettle Creek, Lieutenant Colonel James Mark Prevost managed to route the Americans at Briar Creek. This meant that the lower part of the State had returned to British rule. Campbell now proceeded to name Colonel Prevost as the acting governor until Sir James Wright could safely return to Georgia.

Pvt. John Collins enlisted as a substitute for Pvt. Moses Kemp and joined Capt. Thomas Barron and his regiment in the march to Brier Creek where they joined the army of General Ashe. After the skirmish, he remained there until March 17th when Daniel McIntire hired him to take his place in the North Carolina Militia for three months. Pvt. James Larimore, also serving under General Ashe, was wounded was wounded in the right arm and right side during the skirmish. Also, his arm was broken. Pvt. John Dunlap who served under the command of Colonel Archibald Lytles Regiment of Infantry, saw Larimore bleeding and one of his arms hanging down and watched him being placed into a wagon the next morning without his wounds having been dressed. Present: Pvt. George White among others.

Old Plantations:

Bonar Hall, built in 1832 in Madison, Georgia is a lovely old brick manor house of Georgian architecture surrounded by more than a hundred acres consisting of a lawn, gardens and orchards.

The grounds include a brick orangery and an English tea house. The kitchen has two rooms and is, of course, outside between a paved court yard which goes to the house. Originally there were a number of slave cabins which were constructed with timbers soaked in the nearby millpond for almost a year.

Bonar Hill was built for the bride of Charles Bonar, Lady Catherine Whipps, whom he brought from England.

Barrington Hall in Roswell was built in 1842 by Barrington King (1789-1866), one of the founders of Roswell who removed from the coastal plains of Darien, Georgia to Cobb County. The house overlooks the Chattahoochee River and is listed in the National Register. The house is available for viewing. Barrington King was the son of Roswell King who was born 5-3-1765 in Windsor Ct, and died2-15-1848 in the front northeast room of Barrington Hall in Cobb County, GA. He was a private in the Revolutionary War when he was 17 years of age. In 1788, at the age of 23, Roswell settled in Darien. He was married to Catherine Barrington (1776-1839) on April 14, 1791 San Savilla Bluff of the Altamaha River. She was the daughter of Col. Josiah Barrington of England, friend and kinsman of General Oglethorpe, founder of Georgia in 1733. Barrington was active in local coastal politics in Glynn and McIntosh Counties. From 1799 to 1802 he was a Judge of the Inferior in McIntosh County.

New Additions:

Probate Images: Forsyth County Will Book 1856-1892; Forsyth County Will Book 1892-1936; Gwinnett County Minute Book A (1819-1861); Gwinnett County Will Book D (1852-1886).

Civil War Images: Gwinnett County 1910 Pension Roll for Soldiers and Widows. (includes regiment, death date, etc.); Indigent Soldier's Roll, Service Roll of 1910, Disabled or Invalid Soldier's Roll, Widow's Roll and Widow's of Deceased Soldier's Roll.


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