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Jeannette Holland Austin

Slave Ceneus Records.


For black Americans, tracing ancestors through the census records is quite a chore until 1870, when all heads of households (and family) are listed for all races. This means, that comparisons must be made with estate records (of slaveowners) and the early census, to see if anything fits. For example: the estate may list "Johnny, age 13". So, one has to examine the slave census records for a particular year to determine if Johnny fit under the age category provided.


From 1820 through 1840 the slave census lists the name of the slaveowner, number of males/females between certain ages. Specifically, under age 5, 5-10,16-26,26-45, 45 +


From 1850 through 1860, name of slaveowner, and specific names, sex, and ages of slaves. It is assumed that after the war, most slaves took their master's surnames, and would explain certain 1870 census records which do lists black families with specific  surnames. One can consider the district, or town, when researching black families, as to whether  or not they were once owned by certain slave owners in that district, or town (also counting his slaves ages and sex from previous slave census enumerations).


Researching black families in census records best begins with 1870, where all families were enumerated. Prior to that date, one must attempt to research the area's local slaveholders via earlier census records, comparing ages and sexes, then examine estate records, inventories of slaves and other property, etc., to see if names, etc., are given. Oftentimes, names of slaves were listed in estate receipts and vouchers as they passed to the ownership of children. Not all black persons were slaves. Some had been freed and lived in cities, working as barbers, etc. They are listed accordingly, without data discrimination.



Samuel Bowen’s Plantation in Chatham County


Samuel Bowen owned the Greenwich Plantation before the Revolutionary War. During that war, it was used as the headquarters of the French officers. Some people believe that Count Casimir Pulaski, a local hero of the battle of October 9th during which 377 men were wounded, including the count who died in Savannah from his wounds, was buried on the grounds of the Greenwich plantation. In 1797, Dr. Samuel Beecroft purchased Greenwich. He had married Elizabeth Ann Bowen, one of Samuel Bowen's daughters.

In 1874 it was a German rifle club (Savannah Schutzen Gesellschaft) purchased the land from Captain F. C. Threadcraft).

In 1897, Spencer P. Shotter, chairman of American Naval Stores, purchased Greenwich and built a brick and marble three-storied home having 40 rooms. The home is so elaborate that it was used in a movie Under Southern Skies.

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Cherokee Indians

The following family sketches have been added www.georgiapioneers.com

Dangler, Daniel, Daugherty, Davis, Dean, Dooley, Doublehead, Downing, Drowning Bear (Youngusha), Dukes, Duncan, Ehnautaunaueh, Elliott, Emory, E-sah-yah, Evans, Fallen, Feather, Fields, Fishing Hook, Fitts, Follower, Gibson, Goback, Goble, Gothard, Gravitt, Gray, Greenwood, Guess, Gunter, Halcom, Hail, Harris, Havier, Head Helton, Hembree, Hicks, Hilderbrand, Hillian, Holland, Howell, Howard, Hubbard, Hughes, Humanstriker, Humphree, Ignatius, Interpreter, Janes, Jolly, Johnson or Joncinnih, Jones, Jordan, Justice, Junaluska, Jurdon, Katy Owl, Kelly, Kerby, Ketchem, Key, Killer, Killingsworth, Kung-Was-Soo-Las-Kee, Langley, Laughingal, Ledbetter, Lee, Leflore, Lenoir, Long, Loudermilk, Lowe, Lowrey, Many, Martin, Mathis, Mayes, McClure, McCoy, McDonald, McDougal, McTier, Merrell, Metey, Miller, Mims, Mingco Homastubbee, Moneyhunter, Moor, Morris, Moton, Mullins, Na-han-lockopy, Nicholas, Nichols, Night, Noisywater, O-lah, Oliver, Oo-gah-we-yah, Oolosleeskee, Ooneskooko, Owle, Palmour, Parris, Path Killer, Perdue, Perry, Pocohontas, Polston, Poller, Raper, Ratliff, Ray, Reeves, Resurrection, Ridge, Robbins, Rogers, Rowe, Russell, Sa-lah, Satterfield, Saunders, Sawnee, Scattered, Scudder, See-go, Shaw, Shoe Boots, Sinyard, Sleeping Rabbit, Smallwood, Smith, Sneed, Sourjohn, Soweyonkee, Sparks, Starns, Still, Stillwell, Stratton, Stuart, Sutteer, Sutte-yah, Sway Baer, Tahchee, Tah-ka-ha-kee, Tal-on-tee-skee, Ta-car-sen-na, Tarvin, Tecumseh, Thomas, Thompson, Tidwell, Towns, Trott, Tucker, Toochalar, Towers, Tsu-so-lung-bee, Turtle at Home, Vann, Vaughn, Vickery, Wahlanedah, Walker, Walkingstick, Warwick, Waters, Watts, Welch, Wheeler, White Path, Wicked, Wicket, Wilkey, Williams, Wilkerson, Wiley, Willis, Winnemucca, Wishon, Woodward, Worcester, Wordcock, York, Youngdeer, You-sow.

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