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When Cotton was 14 Cents in Marietta

September 27, 1913

The Marietta Journal and Courier, October 17, 1913


In 1913 “over 22,000 bales of cotton were produced in Cobb County for the princely sum of more than a million Five hundred thousand dollars. “Marietta is declared To be the best cotton market in the state; the buyers Here paying the highest price the market will afford.”.

Sea Island cotton from the West Indies was first introduced to the Georgia cost about 1785. In 1793 Eli Whitney, while visiting the Nathaniel Greene estate on Cumberland Island, invented the cotton gin. By 1801, 65,000 acres of Sea Island cotton produced a long, strong fiber which was easily separated from the seed, but could only be grown on the coast where the growing season was long. As Savannah and Augusta developed its ports during the late 18th century and the Indians were removed, more lands were put under cultivation. The cotton gin allowed farmers to grow short-staple cotton on lands all the way from Augusta to Columbus.  The record price for cotton in Marietta in 1911 was 15 ¼ cents producing 25,000 bales, which fell to 14 cents by 1912 when only 18,000 bales were produced.  However, this decade signaled the beginning of the agricultural peak of 1917 when 2.8 million bales were produced in the State. 


However, the boll weevil arrived soon thereafter to destroy crops. As a result, farmers planted less acreage, thus driving up the price of the staple crop.  Ultimately, synthetic alternatives replaced cotton markets, however in 1987 the boll weevil was eradicated. South Georgia counties resumed planting, but cotton is no longer king. Nowadays we marvel at the snowy white fields which we discover on back country roads.




For many years I have collected tombstone data. My book, 30,638 Burials in Georgia was published in 1995 by Genealogical Publishing Co. The most sought after tombstone   information surrounds Revolutionary War Soldiers. Although the DAR has marked many grave sites, still many plantation graves are lost to researchers. You might be surprised to learn that many old soldiers were buried in churchyards.


Locating ancestors in graveyards is probably the most effective means of

establishing where they resided. 

.COMING SOON  and available to subscribers of is a new database of burials.  It is alphabetical and contains thousands of names. 

(Different information than published in 30,638 Burials in Georgia).


Recent Genealogies Tr3aced for Subscribers …. Boyles of Barnwell Co., S. C. & Screven & Ware Counties; Bray of Madison County; Clark, Cowart, Culbreath, Finch, Gillis of Montgomery Co., Gilmore, Goolsby, Greenwood, Hodge, Lankford, Lester, Leverett, McElroy, Mickler, Olive, Shattles of Monroe & Upson Counties, Simms, Stapleton, Stubblefield, Traylor, Voss of Culpepper Co., Virginia & Cobb County; Warnock and Wise.
New Genealogies…. Autry/Awtry of White & Cobb Counties; Brown of Franklin County; Cleveland of South Carolina and Cobb County; Gignilliat of Cobb County; Hames of Murray County; Moore of Floyd and Cobb Counties; Slaton of Fulton County


Ancestor Tracer

Available on the website to everyone is

the ancestor tracer.  It lists names of persons

and where they resided; also includes other

States.  Names listed here are included in

the databases on the website.  At this point,

the list is incomplete.


Internet Ancestors

This is a series of databases which assists

(you) in locating online ancestors. In other

words, links to internet genealogies, and

other vital information.


Genealogy Notes

Thousands of additional notes have been

added to this section. It includes everything

from deed records to biographical sketches.




Cherokees & Creeks

Roster of Cherokees Who Served in War of 1812 under Capt. John Brown.

1833 Creek Census - Upper Creeks
1833 Creek Census - Lower Creeks
Cherokees who Remained in Georgia (1833;
1835 New Echota Residents

Marriages & Divorces

Cherokee Divorces, Cobb 1869, Cobb Divorces, Paulding Divorces and Pickens Divorces; Marriage Contracts (1786-1810 as Evidenced by Deeds and Other Documents; Baldwin Book A (1806-1820; , Baldwin (n; (1885-1886; , Banks Licenses (1859-1873; , Banks(1885-1886; , Berrien (1856-1900; , Bibb Book A (1831-1839; , Bibb(n; (1885-1886; , Bryan 1868-1889, Books A & B , Bulloch 1796-1850; , Camden (1819-1890; , Carroll (1829-1860; , Carroll(n; (1885-1886; , Chatham , Laurens(n; (1885-1886; , Lumpkin(n; (1885-1886; , Macon(n; (1885-1886; , Madison *1885-1886; , Marion(n; (1885-1886; , Meriwether(n; (1885-1886; , Mitchell(n); (1885-1886;  Monroe (1824-1850).  Monroe(n); (1885-1886; , Muscogee 1828-34;1837-41;1851-2;1885-1886; , Newton(n; (1885-1886; , Oglethorpe(n); (1885-1886; , Paulding (1834-1906; , Paulding Divorces(n; (1885-1886; , Pickens Divorces(n; (1885-1886;  Pierce(n; (1885-1886; , Polk(n); (1885-1886; Rabun(n; (1885-1886; , Randolph (1837-1839;  Richmond(n; (1885-1886; , Rockdale(n; (1885-1886; , Schley(n; (1885-1886; , Screven (1815-1850 , Spalding(n); (1885-1886; , Sumter(n; (1885-1886; , Talbot (n; (1885-1886;  Taylor(n); (1885-1886;  Terrell(n; (1885-1886;  Thomas(n) 1885-1886;  Troup(n; (1885-1886;  Union (n); 1885-1886;  Walker(n; (1885-1886;  Walton(n; 1885-1886;  Warren 1794-1805; Washington (1828-1851;  Washington(n; (1796-1885; , Wilcox(n) 1885-1886; , Wilkes(n); (1885-1886)


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