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Research Tips
By  Jeannette Holland Austin

Relatives should not be overlooked. They have some valuable family information to tell us....they just don’t always know that. They are the best source for recent places to search.  By that I mean, their own lifetime remembrances and events.    They know where their parents were buried, and grandparents, which might unfold another generation of relatives. We have imperfect memories, however, we can usually recall a certain year by events revolving around ourselves.  When speaking with relatives, always ask questions like “was Aunt Mae the oldest?” “Did she die after your sister, or before? How old were you when she died?” Tidbits of information such as this usually becomes an important part to the puzzle. A good place to meet cousins is on the telephone; pick up the phone in the area where your parents grew up, and phone persons having the same surname. Be friendly.  Get yourself invited into their homes.  As you discuss old memories, they will bring out old bibles, and photographs.

Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, Hwy 17, Darien, Georgia

William Brailsford came to Georgia from Charleston,    South Carolina in the early 1800’s and purchased a parcel of land known as Broadface, which he renamed Broadfield.  Here, he developed a rice plantation in the tidal swamp of the Altahama River. He died in 1810, but his daughter, Camilla Brailsford, who had married Dr. James Troup, assumed title. Dr. Troup purchased it, in 1834, later adding New Hope, an adjoining tract.  When Dr. Troup died in 1840, his eldest son, D. H. B. Troup was left to manage the heavily indebted plantation, and it was his two daughters who later ran the place as a dairy farm.  history. When the last sister died, the plantation was given for a historical site. 

New Additions


Barber ; Clarke & Polk Co’s; Burnside of Columbia Co.; Caldwell of Richmond Co.; Collier of DeKalb Co.; Dodson: Clayton & Henry Co.’s; Eve of Richmond Co.; Emerson of Jones Co.; Godfrey of SC & Rabun Co.

Hume of Floyd Co.; James of Campbell & Cobb Co.’s; Jeffers of Paulding Co.; Littlefield of Screven Co.; Mann of SC & Newton Co.; Sailors of Madison Co.; Strange of VA,SC, GA; Tracy of Georgia; Veazey of Greene Co.; Wilder of Jones Co.

Civil War : Muster Rolls of the 9th Ga Regiment.

23,000 Confederate Soldiers (births, deaths, etc.)


Muscogee Co. , 1828-34; 1837-41;1851-2; 1885-1886 (from newspapers)

Native Americans:

Cherokee Genealogies of Georgia families

Obituaries (1740-1935) from old newspapers






Alfriend of Greene Co.

In 1830, Abraham and Edward D. Alfriend were residents of Greene County. The LWT of William Lewis dated 4/7/1808 in Hancock County left a legacy to Edward and Abraham.  Edward was born 1784 in Virginia and married Nancy Hamilton on 12/5/1811 in Hancock County.  His LWT was recorded on 7/6/1870 in Hancock County Will Book G, page 368, and named his daughters as: Martha Ann, Ann Hammitt McDonald and Patience T. Mapp. Son: B. C. Alfriend.  There were 6 children mentioned; his four sons were executors.

Bird of Virginia, Taliaferro & Wilkes Counties

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Williamson Bird, Sr. was born 1728 in Prince Edward Co., Virginia and died 1802 in Wilkes County, Georgia.  In 1750, he married Phebe Price, a daughter of Daniel and Frances Price of Prince Edward County.  He served in the Revolutionary War and received land grants in Georgia for his service.  Among his children were: Price, Philemon, Betsy, Fanny, Tabitha, Caty, Dyce, Williamson and John.

Bowling of Oglethorpe Co.

Thornberry Bowling was born in 1777 and married (1) Lucy Rainey and (2) Mary Ann Wright.  He died 1839 in Oglethorpe Co.  Children: William, James, Lucy Ann, Matthew Rainey, Martha, James, John Newton, Emily, Penelope and Thornton Jackson Bowling.

Blandford of Warren Co.

Clark Blandford, Revolutionary War Soldier, was born 1754 in New Jersey. He served in Col. Benedict Arnold’s Regiment and was in the Quebec expedition for 12 months before being captured. After the war, he removed to Virginia, then to Georgia, later to Florida, and finally returning to Georgia.  He married Mary Hutchison in Warren Co.

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