Georgia Pioneers

SAWMILLS at Darien, Georgia


In 1735 General James Oglethorpe brought settlers from Inverness, Scotland. Their purpose was to serve as a southern military post against the invading Spanish. Darien was first named "New Inverness". After the War with Spain and the regiment were returned to England (1744), most of the highlanders remained in America. They created a substantive lumber industry which served the eastern coast for many years. Lumber and shrimping supported the economy for many years. All that remains are the foundations of old sawmills.

McIntosh County Records

Sawmilling began when Colonel Barnwell's sawyers cut cypress timber into planks and built Fort King George on Altamaha Bluff which overlooked the Altamaha River. By the early 1800's, the industry had grown substantially and afforded a thriving economy for Darien. During the War Between the States, the operation ceased, however were reactivated in 1870 and continued until about 1925 when the supply of large trees was depleted.

Sawmills in Darien
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