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Colonial Georgia Family of Gibbons

Newport RiverWilliam Gibbons of Mulberry Hill, a Liberty County plantation on the Newport River was a large mulberry plantation begun during his early days in the colony under the influence of the trustees. The mulberry produced a leaf crop for the silk worm. A portion of the plantation must have also been in Chatham County, as his sons died there. Go North from Brunswick on Hwy No. 17. Watch for the the South Newport River (Harris Neck) exit and the Newport River bridge. After passing Exit 42, you will cross the Altamaha River. This is the southernmost border of McIntosh County. The South Newport and Newport Rivers interwine in Liberty County in a southward direction, the nearby town being Riceboro. It is logical to assume that the plantation was situated on the South Newport River adjoining Buffalo Swamp.

William Gibbons was mentioned in the LWT of his son, Joseph Gibbons (1795) as owning a land grant in Franklin County, Georgia. William Gibbons was probably one of the largest landowners in Christ Church Parish.

His brother, John Gibbons, who owned 500 acres on the Newport River and bequeathed to his son, John Barton Gibbons, 200 acres in Christ Church Parish and also had a daughter, Susannah (about seven children of John Gibbons in all).

William Gibbons bequeathed to his son, Joseph, 1500 acres of land;

to son, William, 1,562 acres and a water lot under the bluff or bank at Savannah to the east of Bull Street;

to son, John, 1000 acres of River Swamp (purchased from Richard Cox, Sr. by Alexander Inglis and Nathaniel Hall, his attorneys); daughter, Hannah, 500 acres on the southside of Newport River adjoining the public landing at Donnoms Mill; two hundred acres of pineland (herefore granted to Andrew Way); town lot in Savannah (purchased of William Russell, Esq.;

to Sarah and Mary, 1000 acres lying on a branch of the Buffalo Swamp on the fourth side and near the Altamaha River;

To Ann, 500 acres on the Lake Swamp above Fort Barrington near the Altamaha River;

The wife of William Gibbons was bequeathed the town lot and garden lot in Savannah (which was purchased from Charles Bowler). The lots at Yamacraw to be divided between: John, Anne, Sarah, Joseph, Mary.

Joseph Gibbons, son of William Gibbons, Attorney at Law, resided in Liberty County, died 1795. His LWT was dated 7/15/1794 in Liberty County and probated 5/5/1795 in Chatham County. He named his brothers as Barach and William Gibbons, and sister, Sarah, the wife of Edward Telfair. His wife, Hannah Gibbons of Mulberry Hill plantation died 1798 naming her children. The Codicil mentined her grandson, William Joseph Gibbons, son of Joseph Gibbons. Children: Sources: Candler's Colonial Records of Georgia; Chatham County Wills.
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