Georgia Pioneers

Georgia's Confederate Generals

Brigadier-General Gilbert Moxley Sorrel

General SorrelGilbert Moxley Sorrel was born in Savannah, Georgia on 23 Feb 1838 and died in Roanoke, Virginia on 10 Aug 1901, buried in the Laurel Grove Cemetery in Savannah. He was the son of a wealthy Savannah merchant, Francis Sorrel. Early in his career he was appointed captain at Fort Pulaski. During the War Between the States he volunteered to serve under General Longstreet meeting him at Manassas on 21 Jul 1861 where he was made aide-de-camp. He was promoted in the ranks, ultimately made Brigadeer General under Longstreet and Sorrel commanded the brigade of Major-General William Mahone's Division at Petersburg and Hatcher's Run; wounded in both battles.

General William Joseph Hardee

General HardeeGeneral William Joseph Hardee was born in Camden County, Georgia on 12 October 1815 and died at Wytheville, Virginia on 6 Nov 1873. He attended the military academy at West Point and during the War Between the States served in the departments of South Carolina and Florida. Battles: Shiloh, Chattanooga, Atlanta. After the battle of Bentonville, the Union army blocked the Goldsboro Road. General Johnston ordered up Hardee's two divisions, hoping that they would arrive in time to support General Bragg. When they did, they formed two lines which moved across about six hundred yards which separated the two armies. This tactic delivered a major blow to the Union army. Sources: Civil War Times Illustrated April 1963; October 1963.