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Old Fort King George, Darien

Fort King George was erected in 1721 by the British and maintained until 1736 as a southern outpost in North America. The cypress blockhouse, barracks and palisaded earthen fort were built by scouts led by Colonel John "Tuscarora Jack" Barnwell. This small regiment endured hardships, disease, threats of Spanish and Indian attacks. After they deserted the post, General James Oglethorpe chose this site upon which to settle Scottish settlers familiar with guerrilla warfare. They were an excellent selection of warriors to maintain the fortress against the Spanish conquistadors in Ft. Augustine, Florida. The site served well to protect the southernmost countryside from invading Spanish and pirates. The Dutch pirate, Van Ding, did the bidding of the Spanish, as well as a number of other privateers welcome in St. Augustine, Florida.

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Fort King George interfaced as the southernmost outpost of the British Empire in North America. It was named for King George I and was situated near Darien, 1.5 miles east of U. S. Hwy 17 and 3 miles from I-95, exit 10. It was functional from 1721 to 1732, when it was abandoned. This typical small European field fortification consisted of a triangular earthenwork-walled enclosure. It has a moat surrounding it on two sides, with the north branch of the Altamaha River on another side. This river was once navigated by float boats and Spanish vessels, so posed a real threat to Georgia. Thus, when General Oglethorpe assumed command of Georgia, he had the Highlanders re-enforce the fort, and occupy it. Again, it would serve as a bulwark against the Spanish against the Georgia and South Carolinan coasts. The block house was 40-feet high, and other buildings were barracks, officers' house, and other small buildings. Today, the fort has been reconstructed for historical purposes.

graves There are 65 graves on the site, which includes 15 marked graves of British soldiers who served at Fort King George.


Fort King George

Fort King George