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Davis Smith Plantation, near Forsyth, Georgia

Davis Smith Plantation The old Davis Smith Plantation was located in Monroe County in a region called Brent, Georgia, named after Thomas Young Brent, a soldier of the War Between the States who married Jane Smith, a daughter of Davis Smith, after her first husband (Wesley Clements) did not return home from the war. The plantation was built in 1824 by Davis Smith who brought his wife from Laurens County. The community of Brent emerged around the plantation, having a plantation store as well as other buildings. Although the home survived the war, the family removed to Atlanta, to Grant Park, and settled in a home on Sydney Street where Jane died ca 1905. She was taken back to Brent and buried in the family cemetery across from the old homesite. During the summers, Jane's grandchildren returned to the plantation. It was torn down during the 1920s or 1930s.

The Smith genealogy has been traced and is available to members of Georgia Pioneers

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