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Tarpley Families


The Tarpley families trace back to ca 1664. For more detailed information:

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The first known member of the family was James Tarpley who was transported to Virginia in 1664. Source: Vol. I, Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nell Marion Nugent. He was among 145 persons who were transported to Rappahannock and Northumberland Counties in Virginia as indentured servants wherein their passage was paid. Another, James Tarpley, was born in 1657 in Richmond County, Virginia, and died on August 5, 1713, in North Farnham Parish, Richmond County. One of his sons was James Tarpley, born May 8, 1692, in North Farnham Parish, and died 1765 in Charlotte County, Virginia, was married to Mary Camp, a daughter of Thomas Campe and Catherine Barron of the famous Camp families in America that so many people are kin to.
North Farnham Parish

North Farnham Parish Church in Richmond County, Virginia.