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Stegall Families

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The Stegall families trace back to ca 1754. For more detailed information:

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Richard Stegall was born 4 July 1754 in Virginia and died 28 July 1836 in Pickens County, South Carolina. He sold his land in Virginia which was located on the Indian River and purchased 2000 acres of land in Pickens County. He was married three times, viz: 1st, to Betsy Hensley, 2d, to Peggy Gillespie ca 1779, and 3rd to Margaret Davis in 1813, Pickens County.

7 days battle
7 Days Battle around Richmond, Virginia
Richard's grandson, Emsley Stegall of Pickens County served in the Civil War and fought in the 7 Days' War in Richmond, Virginia. On his 20th birthday, he enlisted in the 14th Georgia Regiment and was sent to Richmond for that battle. Apparently, he was wounded because his next stop was the Richmond Hospital where he was treated for organic problems. In the fall of 1863, Emsley served as a brakeman with the old Western & Atlantic Railroad up until the time that German Sherman arrived in Atlanta, which he burned to ashes! After that, Emsley went to Columbus and served with the Muscogee Railroad, being a conductor of freight trains until the latter part of 1865. When the United States government quit operating the W. & R. railroad (turning it back to the State), he was one of the first conductors to run a train from Atlanta to Chattanooga. The home of Emsley Stegall was a little farm one mile south of Roswell, Georgia, south of the Tennessee line.
Bira Stegall (also known as Birdwell Stegall), a son of Richard Stegall (above) was born in 1799 in Pickens County, South Carolina, and died after 1860 in Dallas, Paulding County, Georgia. His father deeded him 400 acres of land on George's Creek in Pickens County. During the War of 1812, Bira served as a Captain in Hamilton's Militia. After the war, he was removed to a homeplace on High Shoals Road, near Dallas, Georgia, and was a member of the High Shoals Primitive Baptist Church. Baptisms were given outdoors under a waterfall.
High Shoals Road Primitive Baptist Church

High Shoals Primitive Baptist Church on High Shoals Road, Dallas, Georgia. For years, it was a church, but later became a school.