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Sailor Families

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The Sailor families trace back to ca 1710. For more detailed information:

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Abram Sailors was born ca 1710 in Lucerne, Switzerland. He is said to have settled in Maryland. One source says that he and his brothers landed at the Port of New Orleans. Another source quotes Strassburger's Pennsylvania German Pioneers, page 42 as follows: " Pennsylvania Merchant (ship) commanded by John Stedman, is one, Abram Saler. That boat landed in Philadelphia on 10 September 1731 from Dover, and before that, was from Rotterdam." Other sources say that Abram may have settled along the Susquehanna River on the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania. They later crossed over into North Carolina, South Carolina, and Indiana.
Lucerne, Switzerland

A descendant, Phoebe Sailors was married to Capt. John Collins who fought in the Battle of King's Mountain, and was buried in Mars Hill Cemetery in Acworth, Georgia.