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Lane Family History and Genealogy(published June 13, 2022)

VIDEO: William Lane, Revolutionary War Soldier

The Lane lineage traces back to about 1740 in North Carolina.
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William Lane, Revolutionary War Soldier, was born 9/20/1752 in Craven Co., N. C., and died 1/6/1834 Green Co., N. C.

His application for pension states that he was born in Craven Co., N. C., about 25 miles from Newbern on 9/20/1752. The application of Elizabeth Jackson, aged 59 on 12/26th next, dated at Duplin Co., N. C. on 10/18/1847 stated that she was the only surviving child of William Lane, deceased, late of Green Co., N. C., who died 1/6/1835 without a living widow or any children. William lane applied for a revolutionary pension (#R6140) on 12 February 1833, aged 81. He entered service under Col. Samuel Campbell, volunteering for 3 months. In 1776 he went to Craven Co., N. C.; his term expired in August 1776. Then, he became a substitute for Rutherford Nelson for 3 months under Capt. Silas Stevenson marched to Wilmington and Brunswick. He volunteered again for 3 months under Capt. Blackard was in a skirmish near the house of the Captain near the mouth of the Cape Fear River when his Captain was killed. Then he returned home and volunteered under Capt. Battle for 3 months, going to Georgetown, S. C. He volunteered again for 18 months, marching to Halifax under Major Blount and Major Coleman. He was sent to General Washington to dispatch letters, and when he returned had been injured by a wagon; discharged after 4 months. This was in 1779.

In 1780 William Lane was in Newbern, North Carolina, serving under Capt. Green where he guarded for 2 months; discharged. Lost his papers when his house burned in 1786.

Another application clarifying the service of William Lane, was given by William T. Jackson, dated 10/17/1848 in Duplin Co., N. C., aged 47, stated that he was the grandson of William Lane, deceased, who died 1/5/1834 - his grandmother had died before he could recollect and his grandfather left two children, viz: Lucretia Suggs, a widow who died in about 12 months hereafter, leaving two children, one who was dead and the other, Lydia, who intermarried with William Wilson, residents of Onslow Co., N. C. Elizabeth Jackson, her mother, now living in Duplin Co., N. C. That two of the sons of William Lane, James, and Laban, emigrated to Kentucky 40 odd years ago and it is over 20 years since they were heard from, and 8 or 10 years before the death of Jackson's grandfather they had not been heard of.
Laban Lane was born 1780/1790 in Craven Co., North Carolina, died Sept of 1833 in Madison County, Georgia. He first settled in Kentucky ca 1808, and then to Madison County, Georgia before 1817. He was listed on the 1817 Madison Co. Tax Digest and was found on the 1830 Madison Co. Census (no listing for 1820 census) There was a deed of Laban Lane dated 16 October 1823, from Laban Lane to Brunnell J. Wiley, Madison Co. Deed Book E, p. 356. William M. Lane was appointed the guardian of James E. Lane and Harrison G. Lane, minors of Laban Lane, with James Carrithers and Whitmell on 2 Sept. 1833, Madison Co.
James C. Lane was born on April 26, 1818 and died on June 20, 1896 in Dallas, Paulding Co., Ga. m. Nancy Williams on 12/27/1839. He was raised in Madison Co. where he met his wife. They lived near Dallas, Ga., and are buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. The family story relates how James C. Lane and his wife, Nancy Williams Lane were married and afterward rode on horseback to Paulding County where they established their home.

James C. Lane
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