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King Edward (published June 4, 2022)

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King Edward I of England

King Edward I of England, 1239-1307
Edward I, the first son of Henry III, also known as Edward Longshanks and the Hammer of the Scots, was King of England from 1272 to 1307.
the Black Prince
Edward of Woodstock (15 June 1330-8 June 1376), known as the Black Prince, died before he had opportunity to ascend the throne. Instead, the son of the Black Prince, Richard II, came to the throne.
Joan, Fair Maid of Kent

John Plantagenet, the Fair Maid of Kent 1328-1835

After Sir John de Holande did not return home from the wars in France, she was still very beautiful and was pursued by many noblemen.
Crest of Sir Thomas de Holande

Crest of Sir Thomas de Holande
King Richard II

Richard II of Bordeaux was the son of the Joan, Fair Maid of Kent, who was first married to Sir Thomas de Holande, Knight of the Royal Garter, and Early of Kent. The rule of Richard II was perceived as weak. Henry Bolingbroke overtook the palace and crowned himself King Edward IV. Richard II was put in prison and later killed. The second in line to the throne was John Hollande, son of Sir Thomas and Joan Plantagenet. John was sought out and murdered. John's son, Henry Holande, second in line to the throne, who was occupying London Tower at the time, the castle having been gifted to his eldest step-brother, John Holande his step-father, Prince Edward, the Black Prince. The Yorkists convinced Henry to participate in a war in France, however, was dumped overboard. Eventually, the remaining Holande step-brothers were murdered. And so ended the Plantagenet reign!