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Jungblut/Youngblood Families published June 7, 2022

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The Youngblood/Jungblut families trace back to ca 1660. For more detailed information:

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FIRST-GENERATION. Henrich Jungblut was born ca 1660 in Rheinland, Germany, and married on 9 December 1681 in Lipps, Muesten, Germany Margarete Schuckmans.
SECOND GENERATION. Peter Jungblut (Henrich) was christened 4 August 1686 in Katholisch, Vilich, Reinland, Prussia, married twice in Reinland, Prussia. Peter died in Prince George County, Maryland. He was a Palantinate refugee to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1728.
THIRD GENERATION. Peter Jungblut, Jr., son of Peter, was born 1705/1720 in Reinland, Germany and married (1) Margretha Elisabetha Youngblood. FOURTH GENERATION. Capt. Peter Youngblood, born ca 1730 in Edgefield County, South Carolina married (1) Mary WHeals on 26 November 1750. A deed dated 1777 establishes the issue of Peter Youngblood in Richmond County, Georgia. His daughter, Sarah Youngblood, born ca 1786 in Edgefield County, South Carolina, married in Richmond County, Georgia, Edward Hagin, Jr. (died in Coosa County Alabama). Their known daughter was Susannah Youngblood.