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Gruber/Groover Ancestors and Families (published June 7, 2022)

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The Gruber/Groover families trace back to ca 1700. For more detailed information:

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Taxenbach, Austria

FIRST-GENERATION. Peter Gruber was born ca 1700 in Taxenbach, Berchtesgaden, which was in vicinity of Saltzburgh, Austria. He was the first of the family to come to the colony of Georgia at the behest of General James Edward Oglethorpe after Catholic Anton Leopold of Austria ordered all protestants out of Austria in 1722. They were given two weeks to pack their things and depart. A group of several hundred people traveled first to Holland searching for homes, then about 100 ended up in England still unsettled. When General Oglethorpe of Georgia heard of them, he invited them to settle in Georgia. By then, the bedraggled group had dwindled in numbers.
New Jerusalem ChurchThe New Jerusalem Church was successfully constructed by the Germans who were known to be industrious and hard-working people.
SECOND-GENERATION. John Gruber Sr. was born in 1739 in Effingham County and married Mary Kalcher from Lindau, Austria. In 1772, John Gruber received a land grant in Bulloch County, Georgia. The name eventually became " Groover " and to this day the Groovers in the region descend from Peter Gruber of Taxenbach.