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Growing up in the 1940s

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Mary Brent Evans My grandmother, Mary Brent Chambliss Evans was born on March 3, 1886 in Macon, Georgia and died on July 16, 1849 in Atlanta, Georgia. Her residence was: 499 North Highland Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia. She was married to Homer James Evans who died at the age of 34, after falling off the roof. Marguerite Holland FamilyFamily photo featuring my mother, Marguerite Evans Holland. L-R: Ben Holland, Dorothy Holland (infant), Jeannette Holland, and Marianne Holland. Taken in 1937. I am a blonde-haired girl!
951 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia951 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia. Trolley car Our residence was 951 Edgewood Avenue, a street made of cobblestones. Across the street from our home is Mary Lin Park. Two doors down the street were the trolley barn. The trolleys had electric lines attached to an overhead cable. The lines frequently fell off the cable. flour sack dressesDuring the war, times were tough. Every family economized. A popular notion was to sew the flour sacks into dresses and aprons. 1941 Packard automobile1941 Packard. There were very few automobiles during this era. Almost no one owned a vehicle in our neighborhood.