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Franklin Family History and Genealogy (published June 4, 2022)

VIDEO: William Franklin, Frontiersman, Fighter of 2 wars

The Franklin genealogy traces back to ca 1650 in Virginia. For more detailed genealogy

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Pine Mountain Quarries The Franklin families left Tidewater Virginia in the mid-1700s and settled on Pine-Run Mountain in Botetourt County, Virginia. Pine-Run Mountain Rock Quarries. According to the Minutes of the Superior Court of Augusta County, Virginia the Franklin log cabin was located on Pine-Run Mountain (Augusta County, later Botetourt County) one mile below the rock quarry!

Due to the formation of new counties, the site of Edward Franklin's land grant on Pine Run Mountain was in three counties, Spotsylvania, Augusta, and Botetourt. A Minute Book in Augusta County revealed a road assignment that evolved around three males who, in suggesting that another road be cut, describe the site of the cabin on Pine Run, just below a rock mill which was on the James River Hydrate quarry near Buchanan, Virginia, producing aragonite, barite, calcite, and opaline silica. The pioneer family settled on Pine-Run Mountain.
James River Mountain
At the age of 18 years, William Franklin Sr. (born 1718 in Virginia) purchased some farmland in James River Mountain and was thereafter married to his 1st wife, Sarah Rebecca Boone. Their son, George Thomas Franklin was born on the James River mountain in 1744 (died 1816 in Warren County, Georgia). When the boy was ten years of age, his mother died. It is unknown how she died, however, the Shawnee Indians greatly harassed the settlers, taking men and women as slaves. Rebecca was descended from George Boone, a Quaker, of Philadelphia. The Boone's number 12 to 15 children and repeated family names. It may be that Rebecca was a daughter or granddaughter of one, George Thomas Boone. She most probably was a second cousin to the famous Daniel Boone.

Lord Dunmore's War

In October of 1774, the Governor of Virginia sent out all of the Virginia Regiments to battle with the Shawnee. The two regiments in Botetourt County went by boat on the Mississippi River to Ohio falls where they were the first and only regiments to clash in a vicious battle with Chief Cornstalk. Each side had many casualties; in the end, Chief Cornstalk signed a Treaty of Peace. William Franklin Sr., a member of the Militia, Love Regiment in Botetourt County was listed as having sustained an injury. Afterward, when the call was put out along the western frontier for volunteers in the Continental Army to fight the British, young Thomas Franklin went East to join the Southern Campaign of the British regiments which had moved South to seize control of North Carolina. Later, William Franklin and family, viz: second wife, sons William, and others, followed. According to the land grants given after the Revolutionary War, William Sr., William Jr., and Thomas Franklin all served. However, based on the amount of bounty land each one received, only William Franklin Sr. served to the end. The Militia companies required all males between the ages of 16 and 50 to serve. William, born in 8 was fifty-six years of age when he fought in Lord Dunmore's War of 1774. After the war, in 1783, he would have been sixty-five years of age, which declares that he was a staunchly brave and determined citizen. After the war, he settled on about 1300 acres of land in Davisboro, Georgia. A method of discerning what battles he fought in can be learned by tracing the service of General William Lee, who signed the bounties. It is said that the DAR placed a monument over his grave in Davisboro, Georgia, but I have not located it.
William Franklin, fighter of 2 wars

Immigrants to America

Sources: Lord Dunmore's War of 1774

Dunmore's War and Opening of the Revolutionary War

Grave of William Franklin, Davisboro, Georgia

Squire Magrudge Boone

The Soldiers of West Virginia in the French and Indian War; Lord Dunmore's War; the Revolution; the later Indian Wars; the Whiskey Insurrection; the second War with England; the War with Mexico by Virgil A. Lewis, M. A.

Warren County, Georgia

Light Horse Harry Lee

Sources: Revolutionary War Records of William Franklin, Sr., George Thomas Franklin, and William Franklin, all receiving bounty grants for their services in Warren County, Georgia, signed by Light Horse Harry Lee!