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Danielly or Dannelly Families

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The Danielly families trace back to ca 1720 in Georgia. For more detailed information:

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St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Queen County, Maryland
St. Luke's Episcopal Church

James Danielly was born ca 1720, and died in 1788 in Richmond County, Georgia

His wife was Catherine as proved by the birth of their son, John Danielly, who was born in 1743 in Queen Anne County, birth listed at St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal Church. There are no further records in Maryland for this James Danielly or Dannelly. Apparently, they left Maryland and were removed to Beaufort District, South Carolina where other Dannelly wills are recorded. Whether or not they ever resided in Georgia is unknown. The sons, John and James resided in Columbia (old Richmond) and Warren Counties near one another after having drawn land grants. In 1774 James and Catherine Danielly received a land grant in Washington County, Georgia which was filed in Richmond County, but located outside the town of old Wrightsboro (now Thomson) which is now in McDuffie County. Issue: Andrew and John Danielly.

Wrightsboro, Georgia

John Danielly born 1743.

John Danielly, son of James and Catherine Danielly, was born in 1743 in St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal Parish in Queen Anne County, Maryland, and died in 1806 in Columbia County, Georgia. Wife, Catherine.

In 1774 John Danelly was granted 100 acres in Richmond County and prayed for 287-1/2 acres in Washington County.


l. Captain James Dannelly was born ca 1765 in Beaufort District, South Carolina. There are many deed transactions in Columbia County, Georgia for James Dannelly showing that his land was located on the Great Kiokee River. Many Columbia County transactions also fell into Richmond County. It appears that James Dannelly's land grants for Revolutionary War Service (above) fell into Columbia County.

2. Andrew Danielly was born ca 1765 in Beaufort District, South Carolina, and removed to Hancock County, Georgia. He died in Dec of 1822 in Warren Co., Georgia. Andrew married Jane Harris, the daughter of William Thomas Harris, Sr., and his wife, Mary, on 29 February 1790 in Richmond Co. Washington County, Georgia.


" A Court of Inquiry was convened on the 14th Regiment Militia in Hancock County in 1822 and certain soldiers holding the rank of private in a Company of Dragoons under Captain Andrew Danielly were returned and called as delinquents to appear at a Regimental Muster held in Sparta. Named were Dixon Hall, Nathaniel Adams, and Singleton Franklin, who were all fined $2.00. "
Issue of Andrew and Jane Danielly

1. Rachel Danielly was born ca 1791 in Hancock Co., Ga., married Henry Chambliss, son of Christopher Chambliss and Mary, on 6 October 1809 in Warren Co., Ga. Children: Lawson Green Chambliss, Jane Chambliss, Mary G. Chambliss, Christopher Chambliss b. 2 Mar 1817 Warren Co., d. 22 Dec 1830 Monroe Co., Lovicy Chambliss b. 10 Aug 1819 Warren Co., d. 10 Aug 1822 Warren Co., Andrew D. Chambliss, William Henry Chambliss, Joseph Baker Chambliss, John Floyd Chambliss, and Sarah Ann Chambliss. Jane Danielly was b. 1794 in Hancock Co., Ga., died after 1853 in Bibb Co., Ga. m. Samuel Chambliss, son of Christopher and Mary Chambliss, on 30 May 1814 in Warren Co., Ga. (Children: Jane, Eliza, Andrew Jackson, Samuel C., Mary, Rachel, Permelia, Frances, Sarah A., Lucinda and Angeline Chambliss).
Issue of Andrew and Jane Danielly contd

2. Arthur Danielly was b. 1794 in Hancock Co., Ga.

3. McDade Danielly was b. 1801 in Warren Co., Ga., d. Nov 1882 Crawford Co., Ga.

4. John Danielly b. 1 April 1803 Warren Co., Ga., d. 8 April 1870 Clay Co., Alabama m. (1st)Martha Castleberry on 11 March 1828 in Warren Co., Ga.