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Camp Families of America (published June 13, 2022)

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The Camp families have been traced back to ca 1600. For more detailed genealogy and history

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The first of the family to America was Thomas Camp. The family was both prolific and religious. It was not uncommon for them to raise more than ten children and to lead the community as religious ministers.

Thomas Camp, son of Thomas Camp (1691-1751) and Mary Marshall (1697-1757), established his home in Rutherford County, North Carolina.

Thomas Camp House in Rutherford County NC

This Thomas Camp had 24 children! (By two wives). Thomas Camp (1717-1798) is the progenitor of the Camps in America. This prolific family traces its roots from England to Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. Thomas (above) settled in Island Ford, Rutherford County, North Carolina. He had 12 children with his first wife and 12 with his second wife. No matter where they settled, the Camps were pillars of the community, many of them Baptist and Methodist preachers. Prominent Virginia families associate with the Camps, such as Sherwood, Marshall, and Tarpley.
Sherwood Camp

Rev. Sherwood Camp, Methodist Minister, from a long line of preachers, was born 9 Mar 1777 in Laurens County, South Carolina, and died 1860/1870 in Paulding County, Georgia, married 11 Jul 1806 in Laurens County, South Carolina, Miss Lydia Kennedy.
Burrell Marion Camp

A colorful character was Burrell Marion Camp, the son of Sherwood Camp, and his wife, Lydia Kennedy Camp of Walton County, Georgia. Burrell was a Missionary Baptist preacher of 40 years at the High Shoals Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas, Georgia. His church was a one-room building located on High Shoals in Dallas, which also doubled as a school. His members were baptized under a waterfall, just steps away from the old cemetery where he is buried.

Burrell Marion Camp and his second wife, Elizabeth Holland Camp 1822-1912. Elder of High Shoals Primitive Methodist Church, High Shoals Road, Dallas, Georgia.

Elder Camp was the minister of High Shoals Primitive Baptist Church near Dallas, Georgia, and he used a nearby waterfall to baptize members.