Union County Wills, Estates, Marriages

Union County was formed in 1832 from the lands ceded by the Cherokee Indians. County seat: Blairsville. Some early settlers: were J. A. Bridge, Joel Crawford, Nancy Akins, Eugene Butt, R. L. Butt, and Andrew Garrett.

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Index to Union County Will Bk A, 1877-1942.
  • Index to Union County Miscellaneous Estates (1867-1877)
  • Index to Union County Bills of Sale (1877-1919)
  • Index to Union County Annual Returns and Vouchers, Book H (1877-1898)


Union County Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886

Digital Images of Union County Wills (1877-1890)

Testators: John Butt, Reuben Deaves, G. J. Duckworth, R. H. Erwin, Peter Flowers, Thomas Hughes, William Janes, Russell Jones, Sarah Lewis, John Parkes, William Patton, Joseph Reid, Solomon Rich, James Satterfield, John Southern, and William Sullivan.

The Key to Finding your Ancestors in the Collections of Today

Things have certainly changed since the days of searching through dusty libraries and reading unindexed books and microfilm! But with the launching of the Internet and establishing genealogical records thereon, the task has just begun! What with burned county records and immigration records yet to be translated and published, there is so much more to be discovered. While searching for my ancestors in the field, I discovered that county clerk frequently took those big ledger books home with them to work on. Sometimes, a person produces a county ledger found stored in the attic. Clerks used to take their work home with them. Sometimes county ledgers find their way to antique shops. There are other avenues of discovery, viz: church records. One has to visit the neighborhood where families resided, old churches, and graveyards. State Archives also receive church records from donors and place them on microfilm. The records of Pioneer Families contains mostly images of old wills, estates, marriages, some 10,000 traced families, cemeteries, and my own vast collection of obituaries, notes, and books in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Virginia, are all growing collections.