Thomas County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Marriages, Maps

Thomas County was created from Decatur and Irwin Counties by an Act of the General Assembly on December 23, 1825. It was named for General Jett Thomas, a hero of the War of 1812. Portions of Thomas County later were used to form Colquitt County (1856), Brooks County (1858), and Grady County (1905). The county seat is Thomasville.

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Index to Thomas County Wills, Annual Returns, Inventories, Book A (1826-1836)
  • Index to Thomas County Wills, Annual Returns, Inventories, Book B (1837-1845)
  • Index to Thomas County Final Settlements, Book A (1855-1862)
  • Index to Thomas County Final Settlements, Book B (1863-1875)
  • Record of Thomas County Wills Filed Between 1826-1860
  • Thomas County Marriages from Newspapers 1885-1886
  • Map of Thomas County
Images of Thomas County Wills (1826-1836), Book A

Testators: Blackshear, Edward; Bryan, John; Bryan, Joseph; Crawford, Silas; McIntire, Archibald; Mitchel, Thomas; Sweetman, William

Images of Thomas County Wills, Book B, (1837-1845)

Testators: Anderson, Joseph (1849); Atkinson, Henry;Brinson, Jason; Bryson, Thomas;Colwell, John;Denson, Elizabeth; Hall, Ignatius;Hall, Kindred;Hays, George;Hurst, Thomas;Jones, John; LeRoy, Theophilis (1849) estate;Lovett, James;McKinnon, Murdock;McKinnon, Peter;Roddenberry, Martha, Estate (1897);Roddenbury, Robert (1849) estate;Roddenberry, Martha, Estate (1906), typed copy; Slater, Kerfee;Thomas, Richard

Traced Genealogies: Thomas County Families: Brandon and Bruce

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