Randolph County Wills, Estates, Marriages

Randolph County was created in 1828 from County and was named after John Randolph. The first Randolph County was located in north Georgia and was renamed Jasper County.

Early settlers: John Asbury, G. D. Adams, Pike Adams, Nat Arthur, Richard Brooklyn, J. R. Brooks, B. H. Canterbury, John Gregory, John George, Harry Hawk, John Ingraham, Susan Jenkins, Clark Jackson, Wilson Key, Jacob Knighton, William Lindsey, W. F. Oxley, R. S. Quattlebaum, Wesley Ragen. County Seat: Cuthbert, Georgia.

  • 1837-1839
  • Births 1875-1877
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Will Bk A 1835-1840.
  • Will Bk B 1870-1916.
  • Misc. Wills 1837-1845
  • Misc. Estates 1845-1856
  • Annual Returns 1861-1867
  • Annual Returns 1867-1872
  • Annual Returns 1872-1882

Images of Randolph County Wills 1835-1840

Testators: * Alexander, John * Baker, William * Baldwin, Adeline * Barefield, Solomon * Beard, William * Bell, Jeremiah * Boon, John * Bryan, Clement * Bryan, Thomas * Camp, William * Caraway, Thomas * Carter, James * Davis, Thomas * Elliot, Robert * Gandrach, Henry * Green, Elizabeth * Guilford, John * Hobbs, Henry * Jeffries, Lee * Joyce, Martha * Leslie, orphans * Leslie, Charles * Maynard, John * McCook, Alexander * Oliver, Joseph * Pierce, Lovett * Pittman, Philip * Porter, Noble * Presnel, John * Salisbury, James * Scott, William * Smith, Coleman * Smith, orphans * Snelgrove, D. D. * Standford, Thomas * Stapleton, Thomas * Stubbs, George * Tucker, Robert * Walton, Bryan * Warren, Josiah * Washam, John * Weaver, Hiram * Wethersby, Gideon * Wilburn, Jack
Miscellaneous Wills
  • McEwen, James, LWT (1844) image
Traced Genealogies:
Randolph County Families

Clues into Military Names, Ranks, and Naming Children

Family Legends are interesting, but they rarely provide accurate information. I have a friend who insisted that he was related to ” General Robert E. Lee.” However, proper genealogical research into census and county records revealed that to be impossible. However, he did have a Lee ancestor born in North Carolina in 1787 by the name of ” Jeneral” Lee. First names such as “Majer” and “Jeneral” were commonly used to name children in some regions of the country. However, these names had nothing to do with rank. Yet, the title of ” Colonel” was frequently used, probably by residents who served in local militias and achieved some sort of rank. A senior resident, for example, may have earned the rank of Captain or Major in the Militia, might be respectfully addressed as ” Colonel.” Although the peculiarity of names might present some issues to the researcher, it best serves as clues of generations past. State Archives catalog the names of persons who served in the militia and this source should be exhausted in order to clarify who held rank and where they served.
Georgia Rifles 1861, Clinch Militia