Quitman County Genealogy Records

Quitman County was created on December 10, 1858, and was named after General John A. Quitman, the leader in the Mexican-American War, and once Governor of Mississippi. The county seat is Georgetown.


  • Index to Quitman County Marriages 1875 to 1885
  • Index to Quitman County Marriages 1885-91
Putnam County was created from Baldwin County on Dec. 10, 1807, by an Act of the General Assembly and was named for American Revolutionary War General Israel Putnam.

Abstracts of Putnam County Wills

  • 1822-1857
  • Wills 1808-1822

Images of Wills 1822 to 1831

Names of Testators: Abercrombie, Wilie Allen, John Allen, John (2) Allen, William Ashurst, Robert Averea, Arthur Bailey, Green Bigbee, James Bird, Pue Blunt, Edward Bradley, Charles Burt, Jesse Cooper, Martha Copeland, Richard Crews, Etheldred Crouch, Shadrach Cullafer, Henry Curry, Polly Denham, Charles Dickey, Patrick Dixon, Nicholas Duncan, Mathew Edmondson, Patience Espey, James Fretwell, John Gaither, Brice Gant, Brittain Gee, Peter Gray, Thomas Harris, Eli Harris, Stephen Harwell, John Hearn, Jonathan Hearn, Phoebe Hill, John Holland, Elizabeth Holt, Singleton Hudson, Charles James, Elias Johnson, Martha Keaton, Jesse Kendrick, Martha Killebrew, Robert Kimbrough, Thomas Little, Jesse Lunsford, Nancy Maddox, Joseph Manning, Adam McCoy, Archibald McGhee, James McGhee, James Jr. Moreland, John Napier, Tabatha Dixon Pace, Stephen Park, Thomas Perry, Green Posey, John Hamilton Price, Zemulia Read, Asa Rees, Eliner Rees, William Richards, William Robey, Timothy Rosser, David Scott, Francis Singleton, Hezekiah Skaggs, Charles Smith, Dorothy Smith, Joel Spivey, Henry Stembridge, William Stephens, Abraham> Stewart, James Stone, William Sturdivant, John Turner, Henry Turner, John Watkins, Charity Welborn, Thomas White, Micajah Williams, Mabel Williams, Stephen Wooldridge, Martha

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Annual Returns, Appraisements, Vouchers 1808 to 1820
  • Annual Returns, Appraisements, Vouchers 1820 to 1825
  • Annual Returns, Appraisements, Vouchers 1824 to 1833
  • Annual Returns, Appraisements, Vouchers 1836 to 1848
  • Annual Returns, Appraisements, Vouchers 1849 to 1859
  • Annual Returns, Appraisements, Vouchers 1857 to 1874
  • Will Bk C, 1857-1888.


  • Clements, Jesse, estate (1822).
  • Head, Thomas, LWT (1848), transcript.

Church Records

Crooked Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Members 1807, 1820, 1824-1826.

Marriage Records

  • Licenses, Book D, 1823 to 1842
  • Licenses, Index, 1822 to 1952

Military Records

  • Putnam County Muster Roll of Brown Rifles, C. S. A.

Traced Genealogies:
Putnam County Families


Tax Digests

  • 1813
  • 1830