Montgomery County Wills, Estates, Tax Digests

Montgomery County was created from Washington County by an Act of the General Assembly approved on Dec. 19, 1793, and was named after General Richard Montgomery (1736-1776) of the Continental Army, who was mortally wounded on Dec. 31, 1775, during the Battle of Quebec. Portions of Montgomery County were used to create the following counties: Tattnall (1801), Emanuel (1812), Dodge (1870), Toombs (1905), Wheeler (1912), and Treutlen (1918). The first court was held at the residence of William Neal until a courthouse and jail could be erected. An act of Feb. 8, 1797, provided that the courthouse, jail, and other county business be held at the plantation of Arthur Lott, which was designated the county seat of Montgomery County. Research Emanuel County with Montgomery County.

Images of Montgomery County Wills 1843-1863

  • Adams, Nathaniel
  • Cheney, James
  • Gillis, Roderick
  • Grimes, Hiram
  • Hamilton, Marissa
  • Hughes, Mary
  • McArthur, John
  • McIntire, Daniel
  • McIntire, Lucy
  • McMillan, Angus
  • McMillan, Archibald
  • McRae, John
  • Miller, Isabella
  • Miller, John Sr.
  • Phillips, Lucinda
  • Ryals, John B.
  • Ryals, Joseph
  • Smith, David
  • Troup, Robert
  • Wall, William D.
Montgomery County Wills 1808-1863 (abstracts)
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Index to Montgomery County Court of Ordinary Minutes 1837-1862.
  • Index to Montgomery County Minutes 1809-1818.
  • Index to Montgomery County Minutes 1809-1862.
  • Index to Montgomery County Minutes 1820-1846.
  • Index to Montgomery County Minutes 1821-1837.
  • Index to Montgomery County Inventories, Bk B, 1874-1906.
  • 1807-1850
Miscellaneous Records
  • Morrison, Elizabeth, estate (Digital Image).
  • Peterson, Alexander, estate (Digital Image).
  • Ryals, Joshua, estate (Digital Image).
  • 1805 Montgomery County Map
Tax Digests
  • Montgomery County 1811 Tax Digest.
  • Montgomery County 1794 Jury List.
Traced Genealogies:
Montgomery County Families