McIntosh County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Cemeteries, Land Grants, City Directories

It was during January of 1736 that the first group of immigrants arrived in the British Colony of Georgia to settle along the Altamaha River in a town christened New Inverness after their home in the Isle of Skye later called Darien. On 19 December 1793, the county of McIntosh was formally created from parts of Liberty and was named in honor of one of the early immigrant families, the John Mohr MacIntosh, Chieftan. The early records were burned by General Sherman, and do not begin until ca 1848.

Digital Images of McIntosh County McIntosh Wills 1848-1915

This is the oldest Will Book for McIntosh County. General Sherman destroyed all of the earlier records. Most of these wills were submitted for probate during the early 1870s.


  • Atkinson, George
  • Atkinson, Phebe
  • Clark, James M.
  • Clark, Julia H.
  • Coglan, Mollie
  • Cooke, William
  • Cordone, Frank
  • Daily, Georgia
  • Dunham, John
  • Faries, Ann Francis
  • Gignilliat, Robert
  • Handy, Jacob
  • Hawes, Dysander
  • Hilton, Thomas
  • Holmes, Lee
  • Hopkins, H.
  • Jackson, Hamilton
  • Johnson, William
  • Konetyko, William
  • Lassence, M.
  • McDonald, William
  • McIntosh, Lachlan
  • Miller, Rosanna
  • Morison, George S.
  • Morris, Richard L.
  • Patterson, Jane
  • Pease, T. P.
  • Pullen, Charlotte
  • Riley, William
  • Rostic, David
  • Ryals, Jabez D.
  • Ryals, Ruth
  • Sams, Lewis
  • Schenk, William
  • Sims, Lewis E. P.
  • Spalding, Queer
  • Spaulding, Thomas
  • Stewart, Andrew
  • Strain, Adam
  • Thomas, William Madison
  • Todd, Henry
  • Todd, Mary Ann
  • Tyson, Anna R.
  • Wallace, Martha D.
  • Wallace, William J.
  • Wilson, Samuel W.
  • Wilson, W. A.
  • Young, James M.

Digital images of McIntosh County Estates 1887-1914

This is the oldest Estate Record available for McIntosh County. General Sherman destroyed all of the earlier records. Testators:

    Brown, John
  • Burrel, John H.
  • Christopher, Johann
  • Clark, Julia
  • Clark, Mary
  • Davis, Irvin
  • Dean, James
  • Delegal, Hamilton
  • Dunham, John
  • Faries, Ann Francis
  • Fennell, C. E.
  • Gronovald, R. T.
  • Hawes, Lysander
  • Holmes, James
  • Holmes, Lee
  • Holmes, Susan
  • Hunter, James
  • Hopkins, H.
  • Jackson, Janne
  • Jossley, John D.
  • Long, George W.
  • Malcolm, John
  • McDonald, Elisha
  • Moye, C. B.
  • Muller, John
  • O’Brien, James
  • Parnell, Frank
  • Payne, W. H.
  • Pinkney, Emma
  • Poppell, E. R.
  • Ryals, Jabez D.
  • Reid, Cato
  • Sinclair, E. C., Mrs.
  • Singleton, Richmond
  • Thompson, M. B.
  • Thorpe, Josiah
  • Todd, Mary Ann
  • Townsend, Joseph E.
  • Walker, Joseph A.
  • Wilcox, John D.
  • Wing, D. B.
  • Wooten, F. M.
  • Wylly, Sarah
  • Darien. Earliest Settlers.
Land Records
  • Darien Land Grants.
  • Darien 1871 Coast Survey Chart.
Tax Digests
  • McIntosh County 1862 Tax Digest.
  • 1875-1893
  • Map of Sapelo Island.
City Directories
  • 1892 Darien City Directory.
  • McIntosh County Cemeteries.
  • McIntosh County Cemetery Locator.
McIntosh County Colonial Records
  • 1738 Petition of Darien.
  • Darien Town Plot.
  • 1776 Map of McIntosh County.
  • Fort King George near Darien.
  • Saw Mills in Darien.
  • 1735-1743 Residents of Darien.
  • Bailiff Officers of Darien.
  • Darien Town Constables.
  • Darien Town Merchants.
  • Overseers of Servants, Darien.
Miscellaneous Images of Deeds, Plats, Land Grants
  • Clay, Ralph to James Nephew
  • Cooper, John, Plat
  • Darien Land Grants
  • Map of Darien, 1871 Coast Survey Chart
  • McKay, Roderick to Robert Donaldson
  • McKenzie, Donald
  • McKinnons, 1820 Survey of Land
  • Palmer, Samuel to Henry Atwood
  • Snow, Isaac to Thomas and William King
Traced Genealogies: McIntosh County Families

McIntosh County was Settled by Highlanders

In 1733 General James Oglethorpe transported over one hundred settlers from the highlands of Scotland. The Scots had suffered persecution at the hands of the British since their first hero, Charles Stuart sought the throne in 1689. And during the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, history a young prince known affectionately as ” bonnie Prince Charles” came on the scene and attempted to claim the throne for himself. Charles Edward Stuart believed that it was his birthright and he planned an invasion of Great Britain with his Jacobite following and removed the Hanoverian usurper, George II. When the plan failed, the Scottish clans first began to immigrate. By 1733, however, with poor circumstances influencing the highlanders, they opted to depart. Oglethorpe set aside the location of an old British fort in America, between Savannah and Darien, to protect the new colonists in Savannah from the Spanish armada in St. Augustine. If the truth is told, it was the highlanders who, using guerrilla warfare against an attack of Spanish conquistadors during the War of Jenkins Ear (1742) convinced Spain to surrender and relinquish its claim to land in the Americas.