Jefferson County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Deeds, Marriages, Tax Digests

The territory was acquired from the Creek Land cessions of 1733 and 1788. Jefferson County was created in 1796 and named after Thomas Jefferson. Louisville was the former State Capitol of Georgia. Burke County is linked to Jefferson County research; however, Burke County records were destroyed.The earliest settlers were: Thomas Alexander, William Askew, Joseph Beatty, John Cahoon, Elisha Campbell, Elijah Grout, John Hargrove, Blassingame Harvey, William Junkin, Isaac Lamb, and Edward Palmer.

Index to Probate Records

  • Will Book A.
  • Wills (1796-1887).
  • Will Book 3 (1864-1884).
  • Annual Returns (1815-1827).

Wills and Deeds

  • 1777-1893 (abstracts).
  • Deeds 1797-1799 (abstracts).

Images of Wills 1796 to 1827

Testators: Alexander, Thomas; Cooper, Robert; McNeeley, Samuel; Osborne, John; Palmer, Edward; Townshend, Jacob

Miscellaneous Wills and Estates

  • Alexander, Thomas
  • Causey, Elizabeth LWT (1832)
  • Livingston, Joseph M., LWT (1872)
  • Livingston, Joseph, receipt
  • Livingston, William, deceased, estate of (1843)
  • Whitehead, Reason
  • Wimberly, Martha A., Minor
  • Wright, Nancy, deceased,the estate of


  • 1806-1856
  • Newspapers 1885-1886.
  • Jefferson County Marriage Contracts found in Deeds and Other Documents.


  • Jefferson County Grand Jurors of 1797
  • Jefferson County Petit Jurors of 1799


  • 1879 Tax Plat of Central Railroad and Bank Company
  • 1869 Tax Digest (partial)
  • 1774 Land Grant to William Alexander in Queensboro
  • Jefferson County Petit Jurors of 1799
  • Jefferson County Grand Jurors of 1797
  • 1869 Tax Digest (partial)
  • 1879 Plat of Central Railroad and Bank Company

Traced Genealogies:
Jefferson County Families