Hart County Genealogy Records; Wills, Estates, Marriages

Hartwell, Georgia is near Lake Hartwell, near the South Carolina border of Anderson County. Originally, this area was a series of creeks and branches, however, was flooded to create Lake Hartwell. Therefore, genealogists seeking Georgia ancestors in this vicinity need to keep this in mind and research all of the surrounding counties as well as the bordering counties of South Carolina. Hart County was created by Elbert and Fannin Counties in 1853. When researching this county, also search the records in Jackson, Franklin, and Elbert Counties.

Early Settlers: Joe Buffington, John Bowers, D. S. P. Caldwell, R. A. Cobb, George Cauthon, Joseph Ellis, Moses Davis, N. A. Fleetwood, B. S. Higginbotham, John Johnson, Joseph Jackson, William Maxwell, Wyatt McMillan, B. B. Parker, James Reid, Thomas Sanders, Reubin Tyler, John G. Watson, and Thomas C. H. White.

  • Index to Licenses 1854-1869
  • Index to Licenses 1854=1869
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Indexes to Wills (1847-1894)
  • Inventories, Book B (1862-1890)
  • Annual Returns, Inventories, Sales, Estates, 1859-1863
  • Annual Returns, Inventories, Sales, Estates, 1866-1872
  • Annual Returns, Inventories, Sales, Estates, 1872-1883
Online Images of Hart County Wills (1862-1866)

Note: All of the images in Will Book A were not included because they were too faded to read. Testators: Barr, William;; Black, Robert; Bobo, Burrell; Bowen, Thomas; Bowers, William; Brewer, John; Bruce, Robert; Carnes, Hallway; Carnes, Wells; Clark, John; Cunningham, Franklin; Cunningham, Joseph; Dickinson, John; Dooly, William; Turkey, Malinda; Fleming, Peter; Gaines, William; Goss, Amos; Hendrick, Jesse; Hickman, Middleton; Holland, Thomas; McCurry, John; McMullers, William; Misch, John; Pinson, Sterling; Ray, Thomas; Rice, Francis; Shiflet, John; Smith, Jessie; Teasley, Braly; Tyner, Tollman; Walden, William; White, Essie or Eppy.

Finding Marriage Records in Georgia

The best resources for locating marriage records are found at (1) the county courthousenewspapers and (3) bible records. Georgia Pioneers has all three collections.