Fayette County Georgia Online Genealogy Records

Fayette County was created as a result of the Land Lottery Draw of 1821 and is an original county. The land itself was ceded from the Creek Indian Nation. Since, the following counties have been taken from parts of Fayette, viz: Campbell (now Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, and Spalding. It was named after the Revolutionary War hero, Marquis de Lafayette, who fought with General George Washington. Fayetteville was named as the county seat in 1823 and the present-day courthouse in the town square was built in 1825. It remains the oldest surviving courthouse in Georgia.

Fayette County Wills 1828-1897 (abstracts)

  • Fayette Bonds 1830-1850 (abstracts)
  • Fayette Mixed Records 1837-1845 (abstracts)
  • Fayette Mixed Records 1851-1856 (abstracts)

1858 Fayette County Tax Digest

Traced Genealogies of Fayette County Families

  • Cook
  • Denson
  • Eason
  • Jones
  • King
  • Malone
  • Moore
  • McEachern
  • Murphy
  • Reeves
  • Thornton


  • Images of Book A, 1823-1832
  • Index of Book B, 1832-1849