Early County Wills, Estates, Marriages

Early County was created in 1818 containing 3,750 square miles in Southwest Georgia. The original occupants of this land were the Creeks who were removed under the Treaty of Ft Jackson on August 9, 1814. This treaty settled all of the claims to the South Georgia land. It was named for Governor Peter Early, a native of Virginia; Congressional delegate, and Governor from 1813 to 1815. The first settlers came in 1817, settling on Harrod’s Creek (now Old Factory Creek) on the Chattahoochee River. Earliest Settlers: L. B. Avirett, Thomas Avera, M. H. Alexander, Alexander W. Bealer, Woodson F. Davis, George Colley, Joseph Lane, L. D. Gay, A. J. Lewis, W. R. Puckett, Loren Russell, R. H. Sheffield, and L. C. Ward. The first court was not held until 1820. The county seat is Blakely.


  • Index to 1823-1834
  • Index to Marriages 1868-1889

Online Images of Wills 1822-1832

Testators: Broom, Thomas;Cole, Mark; Curry, Samuel; Gilley, John; Griffith, John; Holmes, Nathaniel; Jackson, Robert; Jackson, Samuel; Kelly, William; Liverman, Brown; McCulloh, Anthony; McCulloh, Leonard; Porter, Benjamin; Sheffield, Isham; Smith, Laden; Watson, Alexander

Online Images of Wills 1839-1895

Testators: Alexander, James; Alexander, Martin ;Averitt, Abner; Averitt, Ephaly ;Bailey, William ;Bird, James ;Bryan, Sylvanus ;Bryan, William ;Calhoun, James; Calhoun, William ;Chivers, Larkin ;Coley, Philip ;Collier, Benjamin ;Collier, John ;Cook, W. C. ;Crawford, Joel ;Deal, John ;Dill, Job ;Dixon, Jeremiah ;Douglass, Elisha ;Ford, William ;Freeman, James ;Gilbert, John ;Glenn, James ;Goocher, Milton ;Grier, Moses ;Griffin, William ;Grimsley, Joseph ;Grimsley, Lewis ;Grimsley, Sarah ;Grist, Martha ;Harrell, Jane ;Harris, Joshua ;Haynes, Thomas ;Hays, Mary ; Hightower, Joel ;Holmes, Richard ;Howell, Edward ;Hutchins, Anthony ;Hutchins, Henry ;Hutchins, Jefferson ;Johnson, Joshua ;Jones, Thomas ;Knight, William ;Lee, Clem; Lee, Zadock ;Lewis, Mathew ;Lundy, Mary ;Mercier, Elizabeth ;Mercier, George ;Odum, Charity ;Parramore, Susannah ;Perry, Elizabeth ;Perry, Joel; Pirkle, Richard ;Powell, Coleman ;Powell, Hiram ;Powers, Sarah ;Reese, Hillman ;Ritchie, James ;Robertson, James ;Sammons, William ;Sanders, Mark ;Shackelford, Harriet ;Shackelford, James ;Taylor, James Jones ;Temples, Frederick; Thompson, Robert; Wade, William ;Wilson, Solomon; Yeldell, Robert

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Index to Early County Will Bk B, 1839-1895
  • Index to Early County Will Bk 2, 1896-1941

    Miscellaneous Wills

    • Estate of Bealer, Alex W. (1919) (image).

Military Records

1863 Reconstructed Georgia Militia in Early County. This was taken during the heart of the Civil War, so lists the names of soldiers, where born, and ages from 16 to 50+ years. It is quite helpful in locating the names of those listed (as children) on the 1820-1840 Georgia Census Records. A careful study of the Militia will assist the genealogist in unscrambling family groups from the census records, and more.

Confederate Pension Rolls

Pension Rolls assist the genealogist in learning family details, such as marriage dates, names of children, and where enlisted. The application and attached affidavits from friends and relatives relate to the details of service during the war. The pension rolls list soldiers who were disabled and indigent, plus the names of their surviving widows.

  • Disabled Soldiers 1890-1920
  • Indigent Soldiers Pension Roll 1890-1910; 1919
  • Indigent Widows Pension Roll