Clay County Families Named in Wills, Estates, Marriages

Clay County was formed in 1854 from Early and Randolph Counties. County History: Clay County was created from portions of Early and Randolph counties It was named for Secretary of State, and U.S. Senator Henry Clay of Kentucky. Clay died in June 1852. The county seat is Ft. Gaines, Georgia, and the courthouse building was constructed around 1871 or 1872. The earliest settlers were: William Ford, David Runnels, Joseph McMichael, John Davis, William M. Pratt, Cullen Alexander, and John H. Jones. Find your Ancestors in the Georgia Bible Records

Indexes to Probate Records
Online Images of Wills (1852 to 1870)

Testators: Bennett, James;Boyt, Leroy;Chambers, James;Davis, Esau;Davis, John; Dill, Elizabeth;Ford, William;Gray, Joshua; Harrison, Henry;Henderson, Mary;Holmes, James;Holmes, Richard;Hudwell, Robert;Ingram, James;Jones, John;McMichael, Joseph; Morris, John;Naramore, Sylvester;Pratt, William; Suttini, John;Thompson, Susan;Toney, William;Towson, Thomas;Wakefield, Orren

  • Index to Will Book A, 1852 to 1922.
  • Index to Inventories, Appraisements, Sales, Book A, 1859 to 1873.
  • Index to Clay County Annual Returns, 1875 to 1902.


  • Marriages 1842 to 1892.
  • Index 1871 to 1877.
  • Index 1877 to 1888.

Confederate Survivors Records

  • 1889-1902
There are certain standardized references that we have lost. I am thinking of the family bible. When I was growing up during the 1940s it seemed as though everyone had a large family bible displayed in their home. In addition to the recording of Births, Deaths, and Marriages there were cut-outs from old newspapers, usually pertaining to funerals of relatives. I managed to collect a fair number of bible records (copied them) from persons who kept them during the 1930s and published them as follows: North Carolina-South Carolina Bible Records; Virginia Bible Records; Alabama Bible Records and Georgia Bible Records. All of these have been converted to databases and are available to members of GeorgiaPioneers.