Cass County Genealogy and Probate Records

Cass County was created in 1832, first called Cass County, originally Cherokee County renamed Bartow County. See Bartow County for further records

The Case of Hog Smith

The case of James ” Hog” Smith concerned a Cherokee accused who was convicted for the killing of James Graves in Walker County. Graves was the sheriff of Walker County, and fearing that a mob might overpower his small force, asked Cass County to house the Cherokee. In October of 1834, the death sentence of &Hog” Smith was upheld by the Georgia Supreme Court. Thus, the Indian was removed from the Cassville jail under heavy guard to Murray County, where he was executed. There are a number of cases that may be read about in the Georgia Reports and an assortment of books.


  • Index to Marriages 1837 to 1843

Cass County Marriages and Minutes of the Court

  • Cass County Minutes of the Court 1839-1853
  • Lackey, Robert, LWT, transcription (1839)

    Traced Genealogies: Cass County Families


The Cherokee Indian Two Runs

On February 9, 1833, William Hicks (Two Runs) wrote a letter to Governor Lumpkin as follows:

” I now consider myself a citizen of this country and take pleasure in introducing you to your acquaintance Mr. William Hicks, a native of the Cherokee Nation, who wishes to see you respecting some of the affairs or situation of the Nation, and bring an entire stranger to you and every person in Milledgeville. I have thought proper to direct you these few lines, being you will be pleased to become acquainted with him as he is a gentleman and will give you any information