Bryan County Georgia Genealogy Records Available Online to Members

Names of Families in Bryan County Wills and Letters of Testamentary (1870-1891)

Names of Testators: Arnold, Richard; Banks, Simeon; Brailsford, William; Butler, James; Butler, Jefferson; Davis, John; DeSaussure, Wilmot; Duggan, Hershall;Duggar, Nathaniel;Geiger,David;Grovensteen, Shadrach; Guger, D. H.;Harris, London; Hart, Marshall;Heery, Isaac;Mann, Margret;Pate, W. J.;Phillips, Burrell; Schafer, John;Shuman, Elijah; Shuman, John;Simes, Martha; Smith, Eleanor; Smith, Joshua; Vashee, Isaac

General Index to Bryan County Wills and Estates(1866-1939)
Index to Bryan County Wills (1891-1933)
Index to Bryan County Wills, Book A (1870-1891)
Index to Bryan County Wills, Book B (1891-1933)
Bryan County Marriages 1868-1889


  • Topo Map of Bryan County and Savannah


  • 1868-1889

Scooping out Ancestors Teaches History Not Found in Schools

If you really want to find your ancestors, a diligent and dedicated study is indicated in census and county records, bearing in mind the timeline. There are all sorts of clues out there. For instance, City Directories offer street addresses, names of family members, and occupations. However, visiting the old home place will open up a new world of information for the genealogist searching old graveyards. Names of neighbors are gleaned from those directories and perhaps some childhood memories.

Fort McAllister during Confederate War

Fort McAllister is a historic Georgia State Park near Keller and Richmond Hill in the southern portion of Bryan County, along the south bank of the Ogeechee River. This site was once Fort McAllister, used by the Confederates during the War Between the States. Earthworks of Fort McAllister, which was attacked seven times by the Union Army, however, did fall until it was taken by General Sherman in 1864 during his March to the Sea.