Berrien County Wills, Estates, Marriages

Berrien County was created in 1856 from Coffee, Irwin, and Lowndes counties. The county was named for US Senator, John McPherson Berrien, who also served as Andrew Jackson’s Attorney General. The old Coffee Road was one of the State’s earliest post roads and was used as early as 1823 to transport crops into Florida. Earliest Settlers: Amos Bullard, Wilie Clements, Henry Hutchinson, James Goodman, Dr. William Harrell, John Lee, Thomas Mobley, John McDermit, and Thomas Ray.
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Images in Berrien County Will Book A (1855-1909)

Testators: Boyt, William;Brinn, J. W.;Brown, John;Carroll, Jessie;Clyatt, Martin;Connell, James;Connell, John;Connell, John E.; Cudney, George;Everet, Phoebe;Garrett, Frances;Giddens, William;Griner, Daniel;Hall, John;Harrell, William;Henderson, Susan;Hester, Jane;Hutchinson, Henry;Kenny, Mary;Lamb, William;Lovitt, Joshua;Lovitt, W. B.;McDermit, John;McMillan, John;Mobley, Thomas;Myers, Susanna;Nicholson, J. L.;Peeples, Lewis;Powell, Mary;Powel, T. W.;Ray, John;Ray, Thomas;Shaw, Jeremiah;Sinach, William;Sirmons, Charlotte;Sutton, John;Tucker, Richard;Tygart, William;Watson, Moses; Williams, E. J.;Williams, James;Williams, Sampson.

Images of Will Book B (1909-1956)

Testators: Berrien County Will Book B, 1910 to 1856: Albritton, Edwin; Albritton, M. E.; Alexander, Jean, and Marian; Brown, John; Brown, Sarulue; Buckholts, Peter; Buie, W. D.; Burkhalter, Mattie; Bussey, Eugene; Coombs, Richard; Darsey, J. D.; Duane, Millard; Futch, Malissa; Gaskins, Bart; Askins, Bates; Gaskins, Fannie; Gaskins, Mattie; Gaskins, Marcus; Gaskins, Wycliffe; Gray, Annie; Guthrie, Hariet Ann; Hand, J. M.; Harrell, Daniel; Harrell (Joint Will); Harris, H.; Heath, William; Hendley, J. A.; Knowles, Steve; Major, D. S.; Moore, James; Murry, John; Paulk, John; Parrish, A. J; Rabun, C. G.; Ray, J. S.; Register, William; Rowan, James; Shockley, E. T.; Robinson, David; Sirmans, Benjamin; Sirmans, T. H.; Smith, Mary Jane; Watson, W. H.

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Will Book A (1855-1909)
  • Will Book B (1910-1956)
  • Administrator and Guardian Bonds 1880-1894; 1894-1910
  • Estates, Inventories, Appraisements (1862-1896)
  • Estates, Inventories, Appraisements (1862-1896)
  • Estates, Divisions of 1862-1912
  • Estates, Divisions of Estates of Widows 1862-1912
  • Widows and Divisions of Estates (1862-1912)
  • Bills of Sale (1863-1896)
  • Annual Returns and Vouchers (1882-1901)
  • Appraisements and Inventories 1896-1910
  • Homestead Records (1873-1897)
  • 12-months Support 1897-1925
  • Ordinary Court House Minutes 1856-1885;1885-1893
  • Poor School 1858-1863


  • 1856-1900

Military Records

  • 1863 Georgia Mililia (Reconstructed) lists names, age, where born, of all men over 21 years of age. They enlisted at age 16 and served for 50+ years.
  • CSA Pension Rolls of Soldiers 1891-1912
  • CSA Pension Roll of Disabled Soldier 1891-1912
  • CSA Pension Roll of Widows of Soldiers 1912-1922

Miscellaneous Estates etc.

  • J. D. Jackson
  • J. H. King
  • John H. King
  • M. Griffin
  • W. D. King
  • W. T. King

Porch Climbing

” Ten to twelve years ago, when I was on a detective force of Cincinnati, two or three rascals hung up the town for three to four weeks in a way that annoyed us not a little. There were chaps known as porch climbers and the way they did business was simply slick. Porch climbing was then in its infancy. A sneak thief might be ready to take advantage of an open door or window on the upper floor up shimmering up a column to reach a balcony or using a light ladder to enter a chamber. The very first job done by a gang resulted in $600 worth of jewelry, and they hastened off to a pawnshop.” Source: The Washington Gazette. July 17, 1887.