Bartow County Online Wills, Estates, Marriages, Homesteads

Bartow County was formed in 1832 from the original Cherokee County. It was first called Cass County. The county seat is Cartersville.
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Online Images of Bartow County Wills 1836-1856

Testators: Adair, Samuel;Alexander, Thomas;Bailey, Joshua;Baker, Charles;Bowman, Vincent;Brogden, Wiley;Carpenter, Thomas;Chandler, Abraham;Durham, William;Ellis, Standford;Furr, James;Gordon, William;Gray, William;Guyton, John;Harber, John;Hardin, John;Hardin, John, Sr.; Hargrove, Zachariah;Harris, Thomas;Harrison, Benoni;Hawks, Chester;Hipps, Joseph;Hood, Caleb;Jackson, James;Jackson, Mark;Johnson, Mark;Kerr, Lucy;Lackey, Robert;Lewis, John; Lyon, Nathaniel;McAdams, Thomas;McBrayer, Martin;McReynolds, Ferdinand;Millican, John; Moore, Gabriel;Murphey, Roger;Oglesby, Lindsay;Pinson, Charles;Reynolds, Benjamin;Robinson, Mary (deed);Russell, George;Smith, John;Smith, Nancy;Smith, Thomas Spencer, Levi;Spriggs, Gilead;Stallings, James;Steelman, William;Stevens, Thomas;Stidham, Martin;Stovall, James;Stovall, William;Talbert, James;Underwood, George;Upshaw, James;Upshaw, John;Wallraven, John;Williams, Margaret

Indexes of Probate Records

  • Will Book A (1836-1885)
  • Will Book B (1885-1922)
  • Inventories, Appraisements, Distributions, Sale Bills, Vol. A (1853-1866)
  • Inventories, Appraisements, Distributions, Sale Bills, Vol. B (1866-1895)
  • Annual Returns, Guardians, Executors, Administrators, Book H (1853-1856
  • Annual Returns, Guardians, Executors, Administrators, Book I (1856-1862(
  • Annual Returns, Guardians, Executors, Administrators, Book K (1860-1863)
  • Index to Bartow County Annual Returns, Guardians, Executors, Administrators, Book M (1867-1870)
  • Inventories, Appraisements, Distributions,Sale Bills, Vol. A (1853-1866)
  • Homesteads (1874-1885)


  • Index to 1869 to 1876
  • Index to 1874 to 1882

Miscellaneous Records

Grisham, Joseph (LWT)

The True Identity of the Cherokee Indians

There has been much speculation on the origin of the Cherokee Indians in Georgia and Tennessee. A widely accepted book ” James Adair: His Life and History.” published by the University of Alabama Press (2005) states that James Adair (1709 to 1775) is widely believed to have been born in County Antrim, Ireland, in 1709, although no evidence to support the contention exists. My own studies of the Adair families in America corroborate this data. As a matter of fact, I have traced it back to Robert Adair b. ca 1360 at Galloway, Scotland, Sheriff in 1426 m. Arabella Campbell, a dau. of the noblest house in Scotland, the house of Argyle. This genealogy is available to members of Georgia Pioneers. The Georgia branch of the family immigrated from County Antrim, Ireland, and arrived in Pennsylvania during the early 1700s. James Adair was an Indian Trader, traded with the Catawbas, Cherokees, and Chickasaws. The Cherokees settled in the North Georgia Counties of Lumpkin, Paulding, Gilmer, Forsyth, Cherokee, Murray, Union, and Walker Counties. Cherokee Rolls are available on Georgia Pioneers, viz: 1835 Henderson Roll; Cherokee Oaths of 1833; Cherokees who Took the Oath to Remain Georgia; 1835 New Echota Residents who Requested a Militia Unit to Keep Order Among the Cherokees; 1909 Cherokee Enrollees to be Stricken from the Roll; 1910 Cherokee Roll East of the Mississippi; and General Index to Eastern Cherokee Applications; 1920 Cherokee Judgment Roll Fund. About 1903 the Federal Government, wanting to distribute lands in Oklahoma to persons who were at least 1/32nd Cherokee blood, invited applicants to prove their lineages. Index to The Final Rolls: of Citizens and Freedmen of the Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory. U.S. Department of the Interior. The Final Rolls: of Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory ] Some 32,000 applications were received and casually referred to as the Dawes Rolls.