Appling County Georgia Wills, Estates, Vouchers, Marriages

Appling County was created in 1818 by the Georgia State Legislature from land owned by the Creek Indians (1814 Treaty of Fort Jackson) and was named for Colonel Daniel Appling of Columbian County, a hero of the War of 1812. The original boundary extended from the Altamaha River to the St. Marys River. The genealogists should note the fact that Appling was the parent county of all or part of Atkinson, Bacon, Brantley, Charlton, Clinch, Coffee, Echols, Jeff Davis, Pierce, Telfair, Ware, and Wayne counties. The county seat is Holmesville.
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Images of Estates, Guardianships, Vouchers, etc. 1856-1879

Testators: Abbott, John S.; Bell, Sarah A., minor; Bell, Mary A., minor;Bennett, Martha; John S.; Boatright, C.; Burns, A.; Carnes, John; Carter, Daniel; Carter, George; Carter, Isaac; Carter, Jacob; Carter, James; Carter, Jesse; Carter, John, minor; Carter, Nancy; Carter, Rutha; Carter, Stephen; Carter, Wiley;Caswell, F. N., heirs of; Colby, Abraham; Comas; Crosby, Silas;Curtis, Paul; Deen, minors; Dodge, C. W.; Douglas, Alexander;Dunkin, John; Dyal, D. Washington; Eason, George; Ellis, John; Floyd, Lewis, minors of; Frawley, William T.; Graham, John; Graham, Mary;Hollers, Thomas; Holton, John G.; Hunter, N. H.; Johnson, Archibald;Johnson, Daniel; Johnson, Malcolm; Johnson (settlement); Ketterson, Phillip; Lee, Warren, minors of; McGans, Nicholas; McGaully, Henry;McGaully, James, heirs of; Mobley, Jesse; Mobley, Solomon; Nail, Rubin; Nettles, William; Nicholas, Jonathan; Nunez, Hugh; Paterson, William; Quirk, William;Reddick, Isham; Robinson, John; Robinson minors; Sellers,Drucilla, minor;Summerall,David;Surrency,Allen P.;Surrency,H.W.;Surrency,Wealthy;Taylor,Burrell;Taylor,Isaiah;homas,John;Thomas,Sarah;Tillman,James;Touchstone, William;Weatherly,Isaac; Williams, Lewis;Yawn,David

Names: Abbott, John S.; Bell, Sarah A., minor;Bell, Mary A., minor;Bennett, Martha, John S.;Boatright, C.; Burns, A.;Carter, George; Carter, Isaac. ;Carter, Jacob ;Carter, James ;Carter, Jesse ;Carter, John ;Carter, Nancy ;Carter, Paul ;Carter, Rutha ;Carter, Stephen ;Carter, Wiley ;Caswell, F. N., heirs of ;Colby, Abraham ;Cook, Savannah ;Courson, minor ;Crosby, Silas ;Curtis, Paul ;Dean, M. M. ;Deen, minors ;Dodge, C. W. ;Douglas, Alexander ;Dunkin, John ;Dunn, H. C. ;Dyal, D. W. ;Eason, George ;Ellis, John ;Floyd minors ;Frawley, William T. ;Graham minors ;Hall, John S. ;Hall, Leary Ann ;Hearndon, James ;Holton, J. G. ;Johnson, Daniel ;Johnson, Malcolm ;Ketterson, Phillip ;Lee minors ;McGans, Nicholas ;McGaully, James, heirs of ;Milikin, Joseph ;Mims, Joseph ;Mincham ;Mobley, Solomon ;More, Samuel ;Nelson, George W., guardian ;Nettles, William ;Nicholas, Jonathan ;Nunez, Hugh ;Paterson, William ;Quirk, William ;Reddick, Isham ;Roberts, John, minor ;Robinson, Frank ;Robinson, George ;Robinson, John ;Robinson minors ;Sellers, Drucilla, minor ;Skidwood, Nancy ;Spence, Joshua ;Surrency, Allen P.;Surrency, H. W. ;Taylor, Burrell ;Taylor, Isaiah ;Teeter, Charles ;Thomas, Sarah ;Tillman, James ;Tomberlin, Elizabeth Ann ;Touchstone, William ;Weatherly, Isaac ;Westfield, R. ;Williams, Lewis ;Williams, Noah ;Yawn, David

Images of Estates (Annual Returns) Book C, 1877 to 1880

Names: Abbott, J. H.; Boatright,Caroline; Carter, Nellie; Carter, Paul; Carter, Stephen;Courson,minors;Crosby, minors;Deen,H. C.;Graham, M.;Hearndon, John ;Hollan, John R.;Holton,John R.;Johnson, Seaborn;Robinson, F.M.;Robinson, George W.;Sellers,Lemuel;Sullivan,minors; Surrency, A.P.;Tyer,William;Waters,Dicey;Williams, Lewis

Images of Wills 1877 to 1900

Testators: Aaron Brantley, Alexander Douglas, Amanda Weatherly, Brosilla Taylor, Daniel McEachin, Elizabeth Thomas, Elizabeth Turner, Ezekiel Cothren, Florence Virginia Day, Hampton Quinn, Harriett Carter, Instance Hall, Jesse Alderege, John Comas, John Holton, John J. Carter, John Moody, Samantha Prescott, Sarah Nelson, Sarah Sapp, Seaborn Hall, Theophilus Simmons, William Bennett, William Mims

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