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Tattnall County Georgia Genealogy Records Available to Members


  • Index 1806 to 1873
  • 1805 to 1838
  • 1812 to 1842
  • 1831 to 1839

Tax Digest

  • 1811

Church Records

    li>Beard's Creek Church, Glenville, 1804 members

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Inferior Court Minutes 1867 to 1895
  • Annual Returns and Estates 1857 to 1884

Digital Images of Wills, Guardians, Administrations 1857-1862

This information was taken from the microfilm records of the Georgia State Archives and the copies are the best available.

Testators: Adamson, Dr. Henry W.
Bell, Joseph J.
Blaylock, L. M.
Brewton, Nathan J., died intestate
Burkhalter, Vaughn, deceased. Minors: John, Julia, Sarah, William, Vaughn, Cassey, Copey, Epsey, and Clesy.
Coleman, Wade W.
Cowen, George, Franklin and Joseph L., minor orphans of James Cowen, deceased
Floyd, William, Dilly, Stephen, Louisa, Albert, and Martha Floyd, children of Lewis Floyd, deceased
Green, Sarah
Holland, Dicy, deceased
Jones, Martha C., died intestate
Kennedy, Henry, deceased
Knight, James, died intestate
Lawrence, James F. minor child of William H. Lawrence
Lynn, Andrew W., Estate
Lynn, Andrew W., orphans
McCall, Charles W., nun-cupative LWT
McNabb, Rama J.?, orphan of Archibald McNabb, deceased
McNatt, Charles W.
Michael, James E., died intestate
Odom, Jane and Henry Odom, orphans of Robert Odom, deceased
Pymes, William, died intestate
Rogers, Joseph T., died intestate
Sharp, William M., nun-cupative LWT. Sons: John, Sulvan, Julian
Smart, Frances
Smith, Alexander L., died intestate
Stafford, E., deceased
Stafford, Elijah E. Stafford
Strickland, Henry, Estate. Orphans: Charles, Patrick, Aaron F., George H., Dempsey W., Lewis C., Henry, William C.
Strickland, James F., deceased
Strickland, James S., died intestate
Strickland, Martha, died intestate
Stubbs, James S.
Surrency, Samuel D., Martha, Virgil H., William H., Lincy, Ann Elizabeth, Emma, Jane, orphans
Thompson, Lucretia, orphan of Richard Thompson, deceased
Thompson, McDaniel, Margaret and Lucretia, minor orphans of Richard Thompson, deceased
Thompson, Richard A., James H., Maning N. and Nancy Thompson, orphans of Thomas B. Thompson, deceased
Thompson, Thomas B., died intestate
Toole, Louise, minor orphan of William Toole, deceased
Toole, William, nuncupative LWT. Enoch, Simon, Martha, minors of William Toole. Waters, John W., died intestate. Minor orphan: John W. Waters
Williams, William and Capel, minor orphan children of Frances Williams
Youman, Jane, deceased. James Hines, guardian of Katherine A. C. Coward.

Traced Genealogies:
Tattnall County Families

Conner Dukes Kennedy
Partin Stanley Todd

How Parts and Parcels of an Estate Help Find Ancestors

bits and pieces There are so many parts and parcels of an estate that one should be able to locate important genealogical data. When a person died intestate (without a will), an administrator was appointed. Then an inventory was taken of all the goods, notes, land parcels, etc. Next, they had a sale wherein the names of purchasers were listed. This is an important list because the widow and other relatives frequently purchased items. All of these names should be taken seriously. For instance, all of the male names should be researched in the marriage records for that county to learn who they married, because oftentimes they are relatives and this discloses marriages that could not be found elsewhere. Likewise, Annual Returns should be examined for each year that they are filed. The first Annual Return reflects burial costs and other necessities to support the immediate family. As each return is filed, it discloses who is paid what, and the names of the legatees. Generally speaking, one can recognize the names of heirs because of the similarity of sums or land parcel parcels listed. This is also a place where there is mention of parcels of land in other counties or States. Also, letters were written to probably heirs or former places of residence. The Final Return reflects the last of the payouts. Next, the Receipts filed with the estate should be carefully examined and those persons researched to learn how they were related to the family. This is also a great place to locate who daughters married simply because married women could not own property and their husbands took custody of all that they inherited. Married daughters usually inherited slaves, land and personal items such as bedsteads and furniture.

Cedar Grove Baptist Church

Tattnall County Court House


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Family Names in Tattnall County Probate Records

Twin Rivers Plantation Tattnall County was created from Montgomery County on Dec. 5, 1801, and was named for Josiah Tattnall, Jr. who gained popularity in helping to repeal the infamous Yazoo Act, later filling the term of U. S. Senator, James Jackson. Later, parts of Tattnall County were used to help create Toombs County (1905) and Candler and Evans counties (1914). The county seat is Reidsville.

Images of Court Minutes 1853 to 1859

Estates included: Bruckhalter, Vaughan; Camron, Daniel ;Canady, Jimerson ;Clifton, Ezekiel ;Clifton, Levin ;Cobb, Horatio; Collins, George W. ;Collins, Joab ;Collins, Mary ;Copeland orphans ;Coulter, Isaac ;Coursey, William ;Coward, John ;Dasher, Joshua ;Dubberly, Joseph ;Dukes, Albert ;Dyess, John ;Edwards, John Sr. ;Floyd, John ;Graham, James L. ;Hammock, Elizabeth ;Hodges, Ann ;Hodges, Marianna ;Holland, Dempsey; Joyce, William ;Kennedy, Edward ;Kennedy, John ;Knight, Seth ;Lewis, Syntha ;Lynn, James; Lynn orphans ;Mattock, Georgia ;Mattock, Stephen Sr. ;Mattox minors; Mattox, Michael ;McCall, Francis ;McRae, Alexander ;McNabb, Archibald ;Mincey orphans ;Pittman, John ;Rewis, John ;Rogers, Joseph T. ;Rogers, Sarah ;Rogers, William ;Sanders, Barkam ;Sharpe, David ;Sharpe, John ;Sharpe minor ;Sharpe, Rebecca ;Smith, Joseph W. ;Spears, John ;Stafford, Ezekiel ;Stanfield orphan ;Strickland, A. B. and Rebecca ;Strickland, Allen ;Strickland, Gabriel ;Strickland, James A. ;Strickland, Robert ;Thompson orphans ;Todd, William ;Stubbs, Abner ;Underwood, James ;Waters, William ;Waters, minor of ;Williams, Anson ;Youman's orphans

Pension Records Help to Educate about Historical Events

Ft. Morris John Sharp of Tattnall County was at the siege of Savannah under General McIntosh, and at Fort Morris when Colonel John McIntosh responded to a demand to surrender with the defiant words " Come and take it!" In his pension, Sharp stated that he was at the battle of White House in Liberty County. He must have meant that he was involved in the skirmish surrounding Fort Morris. The details of the battles of the Revolutionary War Pensions deserve to be researched in order to clarify the service of the soldier. Lewis Hall from North Carolina served as a Lieutenant in the North Carolina Troops during the Revolutionary War and was wounded during the siege of Charleston, captured by the British, and put in prison. At some point, he was released and rejoined the patriots and served until the end of the war. Afterward, he settled in Tattnall County.
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