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Digital Images of Pickens County Wills 1854-1887


Pickens County
Pickens County Court House
Online Images of Old Wills and Estates Talking Rock Pickens County was created in 1853 and named for South Carolina military leader and politician Andrew Pickens, who fought the Cherokees in 1760 and 1782. During the Revolution he was awarded a sword for the victory at Cowpens. He also served in the state house. The Cherokees had a large village on Long Swamp Branch at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains These American Indians were forced to cede land further east as punishment for siding with the British during the Revolutionary War for which Colonel Pickens hung six loyalists in 1782 near present-day Nelson.

An Entrepreneur of Georgia Marble

Marble is a metamorphosed limestone prized for its hardness and variety and is quarried in north Georgia near Tate, in Pickens County. This marble has been used extensively for gravestones and in buildings throughout the United States, including the U.S. Capitol. Sixty percent of the monuments in Washington, D.C., is Georgia marble. Actually, the use of marble dates back to ca 1400, when it was used to carve effigies, bowls, projectile points, and other necessities. These early artifacts were found in Pickens County and are now part of the permanent exhibit at the Etowah Mounds near Cartersville. Colonel Samuel Tate, a grandson of Colonel Samuel Tate who had foreseen the possibilities of marble being mined in Pickens County. For that reason, he secured large tracts of the precious marble-stocked land. Also, during 1834 he purchased many lots from the original drawers in the land lottery just four years before the departure of the Indians from the area. Everyone did not take up their land from the 1832 lottery of North Georgia. Ultimately, Colonel Tate became president of the Georgia Marble Company of Pickens County. Ref: The Constitution, Atlanta 12/13/1886.

Georgia Marble Quarry
1907 Quarry in Pickens County.