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Macon County Georgia Genealogy Records Available to Members

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Annual Returns and Vouchers, Book A, 1857-1858.
  • Annual Returns and Vouchers, Book B, 1858-1860.
  • Wills 1839 to 1862


  • 1857-1879
  • Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886.

Images of Macon County Wills (1839 to 1862)

Testators: Adams, Ezekiel; Algiers, Elizabeth; Allen, Egbert; Barfield, Jesse; Barrow, Wilie; Carsen, James; Childs, Benjamin; Cox, John; Ellis, William; Felton, John; Hambrick, Tarpley;Harvey, Eleanor; Higgins, Wiley; Hiley, John; Hill, Slaughter; Holston, Stephen; Lamar, John; Lowe, George; Massie, Needham; McKinney, Benjamin; McKenzie, John; McMillan, John; Meeks, Shadrack; Mitchell, John; Read, William; Shealy, Andrew; Slappey, Jacob;Smith, John Henry;Smith, John;Spurlin, John;Strickland, John;Warren, Dread;Warren, Jackson;White, William; Wiggins, Allen

The First White Settler to Macon County, Georgia

Colonel John Barnard was the son of Sir John Barnard, an English Baronet, Lord Mayor of London. He was married in London and migrated to Georgia where he settled on a land grant located on Wilmington Island. His son, Timothy Barnard, married a Euchee Indian woman and was the first white settler to Macon County and established " Barnard's Settlement" on the Flint River.

Macon County Genealogy Resources, Wills, Estates

Macon County was created in 1837 by Houston and Marian Counties. Early Settlers: Bryant Batton, Nathen Bryan, J. R. N. Berry, William Burnam, John R. Cook, T. H. B. Fleming, L. M. Felton, Burwell Green, Davis Gammage, S. J. Holston, William H. Hollingshead, John James, L. D. Law, J. F. Lofley, Wm Mitchell, Thomas Mott, William T. Taylor, John D. Wilkes, William W. Wiggins, John F. Williams, Robert Wright, C. H. Young.


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