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Images of Wills 1846 to 1864

Testators: Carr, William ; Conway, Charles ; Ennis, Mary ; Johnson, Willis ; Martin, Green ; Mixon, William ; Norris, Isaac ; Powell, Sylus ; Pullen, Henry ; Rawls, Arthur ; Roland, Nathan ; Ryner, Wilson ; Smith, William D.; Smith, William T.; Snell, Cenith ; Tapley, John ; Tison, Stephen ; Walters, Richard ; Wheeler, Edward ; Willson, James; Wilson, Archibald ; Wright, Holland

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  • Wills 1859-1923.
  • Warrants of Appraisement 1859-1888
  • Division of Estates 1860-1929
  • Annual Returns 1858-1879
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Church Records
  • Members of Oakey Grove Church, 10 miles from Wrightsville (1818).
  • Major James Hicks

    Map of Johnson CountyMajor James Hicks, architect, artist, surveyor, educator, mathematician, landowner and pioneer citizen of Johnson County, came to Georgia from Virginia. He fought in the War of 1812 as a Major in the U. S. Army. Those who enlisted in this particular war were asked to do so for five years. If they did, they would be entitled to land in Georgia of 486-1/2 acres. After the war, he requested that a grant of land be given him in Georgia (now Johnson County). His father was Nathaniel Hicks who served in the Revolutionary War as a courier on the staff of Generals Nathaniel Greene and Whitaker. James Hicks settled on a road about 2-1/2 miles from Wrightsville on Pullen Hill on what is now Camp Reed Road. James Hicks, James M. Tapley and Daniel Tison chose the site for a court house for the new county of Johnson. It was a piney ridge and sage brush field where two wagon roads crossed. William P. Hicks gave over 78 acres for the town.

    Names of Families in Johnson County Wills and Estates

    Johnson County Court House Johnson County was created in 1853 from Emanuel, Laurens, and Washington counties. Therefore, genealogists should research all of these counties when searching for ancestors It was named after Herschel Johnson, the Governor of Georgia between 1853 and 1857. County seat is Wrightsville, Georgia. Early Settlers: J. N. Blount, J. W. Brinson Sr., A. M. Curry, Amos Douglas, Mary Ennis, F. W. Flanders, Benjamin Griner, William B. Hall, Henry Hicks, W. F. Johnson, B. S. Kittrell, David Lindsey, B. A. Mayo, Will Norris, John Outlaw, Nathan Rowland, Jordan R. Smith, W. T. Taylor, Richard Walker and Jethro Arline.