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  • Will Book No. 1, 1821-1864
  • Annual Returns, Appraisements, Sales, Minutes, 1822-1855
  • Annual Returns, Appraisements, Sales, Minutes, 1863-1875


  • Marriages 1827 to 1872
  • Irwin County Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886.

Images of Wills Book 1, 1821-1864

Testators: Branch, David;Brown, Phillip;Dormany, John; Gideon, Katherine;James, Charles;Marsh, Reibin;Millen, George; Ross, William D; Tomberlin, John;Willcox, George;Young, Isaac M.

Map of Irwin County

Trading Observations between South Carolina and Georgia

Indian Traders From the earliest settlement, there existed a link between the Indian Traders of Georgia and South Carolina. The trading posts near Augusta reached far into the Carolina trade. If your family tradition is that an ancestor married an Indian from the Creeks or Cherokees (or any tribe), forget about attempting to locate a marriage record. It was mostly white Indian traders who married squaws and they moved about in the world of the Indians. When the Cherokees and Creeks were removed from Georgia, the old traders went with them. The names of some of the traders with the Creeks may be found in Letters of Benjamin Hawkins 1796-1806; The Collected Works of Benjamin Hawkins 1796-1810; and Creek Confederacy and a Sketch of the Creek Country

Are your Connections "Problematic?"

1918 dress Do you know the name of a wife on a family group sheet whom you believe to be a family connection? Does logic point that way, but nothing can be proven? However, if you add it to the family tree (and it is wrong), then countless hours (even years) have been wasted upon tracing the continuation of that lineage. That supposition is probably the focus of many genealogies. I recently reviewed Family Search and discovered that someone had connected to my lineage at the point where I thought the name of the wife was justified. However, the continuation of the husband's lineage was nothing like I had proven through the records. The answer to accepting an unproven name is resoundingly "No!"

Pioneers and Peanuts

peanuts The risks of venturing across untamed territories could be daunting. Especially, if it was in South Georgia among the Creeks. The division of Irwin County was the result of Treaties made with local Indians, but before those lands were opened for settlement, white people were not welcome. Yet, there were trading posts around Augusta and middle Georgia near Fort Hawkins and the Indian Agency. The territories of Appling, Irwin, and Early counties were ceded in 1814 and 1818. Irwin was created by an Act of the Legislature in 1818 and later on the five adjacent counties were taken from Irwin. It was offered in the land lottery in units of 490 acres. During 1820 each lot was priced at $18, but by 1831 the price had been reduced to $5 per lot. Its sandy, loamy soil produces peanut crops for which it is known today. In other words, peanuts are no small item in Ocilla.

Documenting Existence

It is noteworthy while tramping through old graveyards that while there are broken and unreadable tombstones, many graves went unmarked.Perhaps you noticed some impressions in the soil which appeared to be graves of children? A great deal of work is required to ascertain who the missing children were of a particular family. From one census 10-year span to the next, all small children should reappear. Yet, they do not. We are aware of these children, but do not know happened to them? Are there common dates in families or in the cemetery which suggest measles or typhoid fever? The cemetery tells its own story, if one examines it closely by viewing all of the tombstones. In past eras when the keeping of the family bible was important, a family register was maintained. Such bibles (if you can find one) fill in the blanks left out by cemeteries. Perhaps someone posted an obituary an old newspapers, however, such a notice could appear in a regional newspaper, or even one in another State where the person had relatives. There is one thing for certain. The search requires many long hours of tedium. How many people, do you suppose, were lost to history?

Names of Families in Irwin County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Marriages

Irwin County

Irwin County was on Dec. 15, 1818 from Creek lands acquired in 1814 by the Treaty of Fort Jackson. Therefore, genealogists should acquire a little history and determine the trail. Generally, the places to search are Irwin, Early and Appling. The 1821 Land Lottery attracted settlers to draw 490 acres.

Discoveries of Persons in Old Photos Might Occur in Dreams

1941 Ford Most genealogists have worked for years and years upon their family tree. It is no easy task and requires dedicated attention. Also, our memories of the past are part of the engine which assists in discovering the hidden information concerning our ancestors. Most people do not recall their childhood memories. Perhaps a friend or two. But it seems as though the childhood is a hidden era of our existence so far as recall is concerned. Forgotten memories sometimes appear in dreams while we sleep or emerge suddenly. It happened to me while looking at old b&w photos of some familiar people. The setting was early 1900s on an old farm. Judging by the costumes, my best guess was 1930 or 1940. (Now, if they had an old car or buggy, that would have told me the year). Although the faces were vaguely familiar, their surroundings were not. I knew that my father's people were from the country, but I suspected these persons were on my mother's side of the family. Is there a process for identifying old photos? I do not know, other than the use of common sense. Meanwhile, I stashed that photo inside my head somewhere with the caution to "remember." And it happened. One morning I awoke with the name of my great-grandmother upon my lips. Of course! I was almost eight years of age when she died and this memory found its way to the present! That confirms that our memories are all stashed somewhere waiting for us.