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Digital Images of Wills 1816 to 1842

Testators: Akins, James; Alexander, Samuel; Alford, Julius ;Allison, Alfred; Anderson, Clayborn ;Asbury, Martha; Astin, Robert; Baker, John; Baldwin, Henry; Baldwin, Samuel; Barnhart, Charles; Baugh, Peter; Beatie, John ;Bedell, Isaac; Bedell, John ;Bethune, Lauchlin ;Bishop, Stephen; Blasingame, Philip; Bobbet, Martha; Bookes, Permelia; Booles, Jesse ;Booles, William ;Bradshaw, Elijah; Brinkley, Joshua; Brown, Elizabeth; Bullock, Edward ;Bunch, Austin; Caldwell, Littleton; Chapman, Randa;l Cheney, John ;Chew, John ;Clifton, Curtis ;Cobb, Thomas ;Cochran, Abner; Cole, Duke; Cole, John; Coles, John ;Coleman, Eden; Coleman, John; Coleman, Matthew; Coleman, Nancy; Colt, John; Cone, Ezekie;l Cone, William; Corry, Alexander ;Corry, William; Coslin, Isaac; Cox, Francena; Crawford, Thomas; Crawford, William; Culp, David; Cummins, Francis; Daniel, Samuel ;Davenport, Burkett; Dawson, George Sr.; Deshazor, Martha; Dysart, Charity; Eason, Abner; Edwards, Harvey; Eley, Jesse; Edmundson, Samuel; Fambrough, Thomas; Fears, William ;Figgs, William; Findley, James ;Floyd, Shadrick; Foster, Arthur ;Fouche, Jonas ;Fretwell, William; Fuller, Elijah ;Furlow, David; Garrett, John; Gatlin, James ;Gilliam, Robert; Gooch, Nathan; Greene, Ruthy; Greene, William ;Greer, Thomas; Gresham, Archibald; Grier, Robert; Grimes, Thomas; Gwin, Lucy ;Haralson, Jonathan; Harris, Jordan ;Harris, William ;Hays, Hugh; Heard, Abraham ;Hill, John; Hodge, John; Houghton, Joshua; Houghton, Joshua Sr. ;Houghton, Matthew ;Houghton, Thomas ;Howell, Ann; Hubbard, Thomas ;Hunt, John; Hunter, Elisha ;Jackson, David; Jackson, Jeremiah ;Jenkins, James ;Jenkins, Lewis; Jett, Daniel; Johnson, Charles; Johnson, Thomas; Kenady, James; Kimbrough, Josiah; King, Drury ;Lancaster, Samuel; Lanier, Henry ;Lee, Elizabeth; Lee, William ;Leonard, Irbane; Lewis, Sarah; Lindsey, Clarissa ;Lindsey, Jeremiah; Maddox, Clayborn ;Maddox, Josiah; Martin, Benjamin; Martin, James; Martin, Lucretia; Martin, Mary; May, Major; McCombs, Andrew ;Merritt, John; Merritt, William ;Mitchell, Jacob; Moon, Jeremiah; Moore, Ransom ;Mosley, Lewis; Neal, Sarah; Nelson, Christiana ;Parks, Ezekiel; Parrish, Joel ;Parrott, Benjamin; Pattillo, John ;Payn, John; Perkins, Sarah ;Perkins,Walker ;Phillips, George; Phillips, Mark; Porter, Oliver; Reynolds, James; Rice, Mary ;Riley, Thomas; Roberts, Daniel; Robinson, James; Sayers, David Sr.; Scogin, Right; Seymour, Eralbton; Sherrill, David; Simonton, Joel ;Simonton, Robert; Slaughter, John; Smith, James; Smith, Nancy ;Smith, Peyton; Smith, Reuben ;Smith, William ;Stanley, Sherwood; Starkes, Thomas; Stepp, John; Stoutamin, Newell ;Stovall, George; Strangfellow, Amy ;Swinney, William; Talley, William; Terrell, David; Terrell, Elizabeth; Terrell, Thomas ;Thaxton, Nathaniel; Thompson, James ;Thornton, Redman ;Todd, Henry ;Veazey, Ezekiel; Vincent, Nancy ;Vincent, William ;Walker, Edwin ;Wallis, Nancy; Watson, Catharine ;Watson, Joseph ;Watson, William B. ;Watts, Jubal; Watts, William ;Welles, Matthew; West, Francis; West, John Jr. ;Williams, Jessie ;Wilson, John; Wilson, Thomas; Wilson, William;Woodard, Martha;Woodham, Edward ;Wright, Robert; Wright, Zacheus; Wright, Zebulon

Abstracts of Wills and Estates

  • Wills, Appraisements, Inventories 1787-1801
  • Wills 1796-1806

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Estates, Inventories, Bk A.
  • Estates, Inventories, Bk B.
  • General Index to all Wills 1798-1914.
  • General Index to all Estates 1790-1943.
  • General Index to all Guardian Bonds, etc. 1790-1943.
  • Administrator's and Guardian's Bonds, 1812-1858.
  • Wills and Appraisements, Book 1, 1786-1806.
  • Wills and Appraisements, Book 2, 1794-1810.
  • Wills and Appraisements, Book 3, 1806-1816.
  • Wills and Appraisements, Book 4, 1817-1842.
  • Wills and Appraisements, Book 5, 1840-1877.
  • Minutes of the Superior Court 1822-1827
  • Minutes of the Superior Court 1831-1839


  • Marriage Licenses
  • Marriages from newspapers 1885-1886.
  • Marriage Contracts found in Deeds and Other Documents.

Images of Tax Records

  • 1811 Tax Digest
  • 1814 Tax Digest
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Images of Miscellaneous Estates and Documents

  • Gilbert, Benjamin, LWT (1786-1795) (Digital Image).
  • Heard, Thomas, LWT (1807) (Digital Image).
  • Holland, Henry. (digital images of original estate papers).
  • Holland, Lawson S. (digital images of original estate papers).
  • Holland, Thomas. (digital images of original estate papers).
  • Kennedy, William, LWT (1793)(Digital Image).
  • McLane, William (1841) Estate, Loose Papers (Digital Image).

Images of Miscellaneous Inventories, Appraisements, Bk 1, 1786 to 1806

Alexander, James; Barnet, Abraham; Brazier, Anderson; Hall, James; Harrison, Gideon; Heard, John; Jones, Nathan; Owen, Thomas

Images of Newspapers (select issues)

  • The Weekly Bee

Traced Genealogies:
Greene County Families

Akens Akins Alfriend Allison
Armour Barnett Battle Breedlove
Burford Carlton Clarke Crutchfield
Culbreath Davis Dawson Dunn
Early Epps Fambrough Gray
Greene Greer Irby Kimbrough
Lindsey Moon Morris Overton
Parker Rainwater Stocks Veazey
Wade Warnock

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Origins of Settlers

  • Origins of Early Greene County Settlers


  • Images of Deed Book I, 1785-1791

Minute Books

  • 1822-1827 (images) includes index
  • 1831-1839 index only

True Irish Love

Samuel Harris was born in Ireland near Raphoe, County Donegal, and came to America to make his first residence in Virginia. He served in the American Revolutionary War and drew bounty lands in Greene County, Georgia. He purchased two tracts of land on Clear Creek in Greene County in 1785. During 1792 to 1794 he was listed as having 100 acres of land between the forks upward of Ogeechee including a spring pine tree marked "H. H." The tax digest revealed that he supported 6 slaves on 410 acres on the Ogeechee River in Wilkes County. Harris had served in the war in the Militia Company of Captain Adam Alexander. Tradition has it that Harris was a passenger onboard the same vessel with his wife and that they both died the same day were buried in the same grave upon the site of where they made their first camp in Greene County, near the headwaters of Ogeechee River.

An Oath of Allegiance is a Duty of Fidelity

Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

Oath of Allegiance John Kimbrough of Richland Creek took an Oath of Soldiers of War of 1812. "I, John Kimbrough, do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the State of Georgia and to the utmost power and ability observe, conform to, support and defend the Constitution thereof without any reservation or equivocation whatsoever and the Constitution of the United States. John Kimbrough, 179th district, Colonel Thomas Wootten Regiment."

Donating Genealogy to Local Libraries is a Wonderful Cause!

Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

Genealogy Books by Jeannette Holland Austin Sometimes I find genealogy books at library book sales. This is usually because it is a duplicate. It would be a shame to see such a book go to the trash. This is an excellent time to purchase it and pass it along to the local library or genealogical society. All of the genealogy books are far far away from being digitized and put online. I dare say, that we will lose a goodly number of valuable books to time and waste.

Greene County Map

Greene County

Greensboro, Georgia
Samuel Harris served in the American Revolutionary War

Names of Families in Greene County Marriages, Wills, Estates, Tax Digests

Greene County Greene County was created from Washington County in 1786 and was named after Revolutionary War hero Major-General Nathaniel Greene who issued many land grants to his veteran troops. After the war, Greene and wife Catharine built a home near Savannah called Mulberry Plantation but Greene soon died, on June 19, 1786. In 1825 parts of Greene County were used to help create Taliaferro County as well as Oglethorpe and Clarke Counties between 1794 and 1877. The County Seat is Greensboro [originally spelled Greensborough and named for Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene]. Early Settlers: John Adams, John Armor, Richard Bailey, James Blythe, Walker Brockman, Edward Cannon, Joseph Carmichael, James Fuller, Hugh Hall, John Jeter, Edward Lumpkin, Phillemon Martin, Landon Palmer, James Stewart, Thomas.

There is Good Reason to Visit State Archives and Regional Libraries

Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

Genealogy Books by Jeannette Holland Austin Regional Libraries and State Archives are still a good source for the researching genealogist. They have tons of information not available online. Certain public libraries are in the process of creating excellent web pages, they still operate under the budget system. Genealogists have always known this fact and donated materials when possible. You are likely to discover folder contributions inside filing cabinets as well as on microfilm. The old fiche system is going away. Yet, if you look around, libraries still have some fiche collections. People used to publish their books, then have the Mormon Church microfiche it. This is how such a vast collection of family genealogies amassed. Genealogists also took their genealogy to State Archives where it was microfilmed and then added to the general collection.

China Trees in White Plains

Chinese Privet If you are looking for details in family life, read the old newspapers! Most begin with the National News on the first several pages, followed by gossipy local information about its residents. In the notation below, one learns of an old China tree which was planted by one or more residents. A familiar tradition was for people to bring seeds and plants from their old homes abroad or in the colonies to a new home site. The Redlands District lies mostly within Greene County, with small areas in Oglethorpe and Oconee Counties. The Chinese privet, a forest-killing plant, is considered an invasive shrub and threatens to take over, but to choke out all other plants in the local forests in Greene County. It was removed from heavily infested riparian forests in the Georgia Piedmont in 2005 by mulching machine or chainsaw felling.

"In Mr. J. H. Hillman's yard there is an old China tree, which has been deprived of its branches and shows some signs of decary. Sprouting from one of the crevices near the top of the trunk is a small oak shoot. How the acorn which produced it ever became lodged there no one can say. Another curiousity in the tree line may be seen in Capt. A. H. Smith's yard. That also is an old China, which for several years has been covered from the bottom of the trunk to the top with ivy vines." Source: The Weekly Bee published Union Point, Greene County, Georgia Friday, June 21, 1889.

Researching Tax Digests

Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

Genealogy Books by Jeannette Holland Austin The best route to information is to first search the lottery records, then the tax digests in specific counties. In many instances, the names of waterways and creeks are provided, also the type of timber on the land, and the name of the adjoining landowner (if there was one). The digests were not indexed and are listed by districts. It is a good idea to search through the time period during which the families resided in that county. In the back of each book is a section of "Defaulters". That is important in discerning whether the family had moved on, or died. A good rule of thumb is that any person listed as a defaulter who was 60+ years of age, probably died in that county. A thorough study of the tax digests becomes essential especially if no other books survived for that county. This is where the tracts of land of each person having the same surname should be compared from one year to the next. For example, John Smith was listed for a number of years. Then, there was an administrator beside his name. (This is the approximate date of his death). Then, following through the years, another persons with the same surname has that exact acreage added to his accounting. This would be an heir, probably the oldest son. A good practice is to make copies of the digest for later comparisons between probable heirs, neighbors and friends. John Smith may appear many times, but how do you know if he is the same John Smith? The answer is to always take notes of the neighbors. Everyone listed in the same district are friends and relatives. It is the community as well as the history of the times!