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Effingham County Georgia Genealogy Records Available to Members

Effingham County Wills

  • Effingham County Wills 1826-1845 (abstracts)

Effingham County Probate Records

  • Index to Effingham County Wills, Vol. 3, 1829 to 1858
  • Index to Effingham County Wills, Vol. 4, 1866 to 1898
  • Index to Effingham County Wills, Vol. 5, 1897 to 1935
  • Index to Effingham County Inventories and Appraisements, Vol. 3, 1827-1865.


  • Effingham County Marriages 1757-1845.
  • Marriages found in Estate Records, 1790 to 1796.
  • Saltzburgher Marriages 1754-1769, New Jerusalem Church (Images in the original handwriting).
  • Saltzburgher Marriages 1769-1778, New Jerusalem Church (Images in the original handwriting).

Births, Baptisms

  • Saltzburgher Births and Baptisms 1756-1761, New Jerusalem Church (Images in the original handwriting).
  • Saltzburgher Births and Baptisms 1761-1766, New Jerusalem Church (Images in the original handwriting).
  • Saltzburgher Births and Baptisms 1766-1770, New Jerusalem Church (Images in the original handwriting).
  • Saltzburgher Births and Baptisms 1768-1787, New Jerusalem Church (Images in the original handwriting).
  • Saltzburgher Births and Baptisms 1773-1777, New Jerusalem Church (Images in the original handwriting).

Colonial Records

  • Ebenezer Town Map.
  • Auspurg Emigrants.
  • Kaufbeuern Emigrants.
  • Kemten Emigrants.
  • Leutkirch Emigrants.
  • Liebrach Emigrants.
  • Lindau Emigrants.
  • Lindaus Emigrants.
  • Memmingen Emigrants.
  • Nordlinger Emigrants.
  • Immigrants from Great Britain to Georgia
  • Georgia and Georgians by Lucian Lamar Knight

Images of Estates, Wills, Gift Deeds, Marriages Book B, 1791 to 1796

Biddenbock, Andrew; Biddenbock, Mathias; Biddenbock, Mary; Bostick, Samuel; Buntz, Henry Lewis; Campbell, Thomas; Craft, David;Cramer, Christopher; Cramer, John Christopher; Crawford, Alexander; Davis, Elizabeth;Davis, Jinkin; Davis, Elizabeth (will); Davis, John; Douglas, James; Dykes, Levi; Frazer, Dyer;Goldwire, John; Guin, Richard ; Hardaman, Thomas;Helvenstine, John Frederick; Hudson, Christopher;Hudson, Christopher, Sr; Hudson, Rhoda;King, Henry; Kirkland, Richard ;Kremer, Christopher; Lane, John;Lane, Thomas;Liemberger, Christian Israel;Lines, David Sr.;Loatt, Nathaniel;Lunday, Jane;Lyon, Joseph; McCall, Sarah;McCall, Thomas;McDonald, Alexander;Mills, William; Mixon vs. Kelly;Moor (Moore), John;Nelson, Malcom;Nevel, John; Niess, George;Patit, Joseph;Porter, Susannah;Porter, William ; Ravot, Abraham; Rogers, Henry; Rossberger, Johanna; Shealey, John; Shealey, Mary; Sheraus, James; Shorter, Rachel;Stiner, Christian; Stiner, David; Summerall, Jesse; Webb, Henry ;Webb, Wintworth Wertch, John Gasper;Wilson, John; Wilson, William; Wylly, Thomas;Ziegler, George; Zettler, Daniel

Images of Estates and Wills, Book B, 1797

Bilbo, John; Bush, Martin; Campbell, Thomas; Cox, Jasper; Flieger, John P.; Grindrat, Dorcas; Hangleiter, John; Herssen, Hergan; Hunold, John; Kieffer, Christian; Langley, Samuel; Lunday, Abraham; Mingledorff, Jacob and George; Moore, John; Ravot, Abraham; Rieser, Martin; Stockman, John; Webb, James; Wertsch, Casper; Wertsch, John Casper; Wisenbaker, Jacob; Ziegler, George; Zeigler, John George

Images of Estates and Wills, Book B, 1798 to 1802


  • Constitution and By-Laws of The Georgia Saltzburger Society 1734-1925.
  • Exley, James J., deceased, Partition of Lands (1899).
  • Index of Plat Books A, 1783 to 1798 and B, 1791 to 1800
  • Plat of Henry Wells, 1793
  • Deed Gifts 1790 to 1796

Traced Genealogies of Effingham County Families

  • Arnsdorf
  • Berry
  • Edwards
  • Elkins
  • Gruber
  • Rahn
  • Zitterauer

Militia Records

  • 1794 Effingham Militia
  • 1774-1838 Georgia Militia Records
  • 1863 Reconstructed Georgia Militia

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Effingham County Marriages, Baptisms, Immigrants, Births, Colonial Records, Wills, Estates

Effingham was created on February 5, 1777, from the colonial parishes of St. Matthew and St. Phillip. The county was named after Lord Effingham, an English champion of colonial rights. Its first settlers were from Austria who had suffered religious persecution under the Catholic Church and was given two weeks to remove themselves from the country. They spent two or three years trying to obtain passage from England to America and succeeded when General Oglethorpe heard of their plight and had them brought to the colony of Georgia. Many of the original records at the Effingham County Court House remain intact. When tracing families in this county please refer to the Colonial Records of Georgia by Candler as well as the Saltzburgher books found in most regional libraries.

Goshen Methodist Church

Goshen Methodist Church The first settlement after Savannah was Ebenezer, a village founded by Saltzburgers who came to America to escape persecution by the Catholic Church. Mr. Van Zant from Switzerland was the founder of the first site of the village which proved to be unsuitable; the site was later removed further north. Effingham County was created in 1777 from the parishes of St. Matthew and St. Philip which were established in 1758. Effingham County was named after Lord Effingham who resigned from his position of Colonel. in the British Army to serve in America. Earliest Settlers: David Ambrose, Henry Cook, Samuel Dasher, William Downs, Emanuel Dugger, John W. Exley, Micajah Futrell, John K. Heidt, Joshua Glover, Jesse Hurst, John Ihly, Christopher Bailey, Thomas Blitch, and others.

Gruber (Groover) Family from Austria

17th century shoes

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