Georgia Pioneers has accumulated a list of persons declared insane or otherwise a lunatic. Most of this information came from the county court system.

When a person was declared insane by the court, a record was made of it and some old newspapers published the names of those sent to the state asylum, known as Milledgeville. This listing is alphabetical, and ever-growing.

On 26 December 1837, an Act to authorize the building of a state sanitarium was passed. Then, in 1838, an Act was passed which authorized the arrest and confinement of lunatic or insane persons in the common jails of the county, or, their being placed in custody. They could be released from such confinement when they were placed under the control of suitable individuals. On 1 December 1841, an Act to organize the Lunatic Asylum of the State of Georgia and to provide for governing the same was passed, which included appropriations to complete and furnish housing. $10,000 was appropriated to erect a building in Baldwin County, but the Act was not approved until 1850. Three trustees were appointed (Board of Trustees), which were to be appointed bi-annually and to be commissioned by the governor. This board had the authority to appoint all officers, and to prescribe rules and regulations. The officers — Superintendent, Assistant Physician, Treasurer, Steward, Assistant Steward, Matron, and assistant. The building was constructed at Midway, near Milledgeville, in Baldwin County, and was known as “Georgia’s greatest charity”