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Abbott, Benjamin F. of Fulton County
Adair, George of Fulton County
Adams, Hiram of Clayton and Fayette Counties
Alexander, William Felix of Wilkes County
Alford, Julius C. of La Grange
Allday of Decatur County
Allen, Grandma Fannie of Clayton County
Allen of Butts, Jasper and Clayton Counties
Allen, Benjamin Zachary of Heard County
Allen, Major Joseph of Richmond County
Almond, George L. of Elbert County
Amster, Dr. Ludwig of Fulton County
Anciaux, Nicholas of Bulloch County
Anderson, J. D. (farm auction) (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Andrews, Garnett of Wilkes County
Angier, Edgar A. of Fulton County
Angier, Nedom L. of Fulton County
Arnold, Colonel Reuben of Fulton County
Atkinson, Henry Murrell of Fulton County
Atwater, Henry L. of Fulton County
Austin, Turk of Muscogee and Chattahoochee Counties, GA to Pike Co., AL
Austin of Muscogee County, Research File, 17 pp.
Awtrey. Cobb County Times, 1919-1920
Bacon, Augustus Octavius of Liberty County
Bacon Newsletter, No. 1, Sept. 1997, Georgia Research Helper
Baird, James Bozeman
Ballard of VA, NC, Franklin County, GA, Research File, 9 pp.
Barnes, Jethro
Barnett, Daniel Webster of Floyd County
Barnett of Greene County
Barswell, Jesse of Powder Springs
Bass of Warren Co., GA, Franklin Co., AL and Bertie Co., NC
Bateman, William Jason
Baucom of Berrien County
Beattie, David A.
Beauchamp of DeKalb County
Beck, L. H.
Beerman, Charles
Bell, J. A. of Elbert County
Bellingrath, Albert
Benson, Dr. Charles F.
Benson, Enoch photo of Cobb County
Benson, T. M. (death). Cobb County Times 1919-1920
Bigby, John S.
Bishop, Thomas L.
Bizzle, Dr. Benjamin William
Blackshear of Thomas County
Blair, D. W.
Bleckley, Judge Logan E.
Bonnell-Holland, 5pp.
Bonner of Clarke and Carroll Counties
Borders of Jackson County
Bowie, Judge (place)(Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Bowling of Oglethorpe County
Boyd, Capt. W. W.
Boynton, H. A.
Bradley of Franklin County
Brandon, Morris
Bray, Wellborn Mitchell
Brewster, Colonel P. H.
Brock of Habersham and Decatur Counties
Brown, Charles C. of Acworth
Brown, Joseph E. (Mrs.)
Bulloch, Archibald
Bulloch, James Dunwody
Burks of Clayton and Jasper Counties
Burks of Jasper County; and Alabama
Butler, Robert E.
Butrill of Heard County
Butt, William
Cagle of Cherokee and Pickens Counties
Cahoun, Andrew W. of Coweta County
Cain Digest
Cain, James of Jefferson County. United Daughters of Confederacy Lineage Chart
Cain, Jonathan of Early County
Cain, Lemuel of Franklin County
Calhon, Susie. School Certificate
Calhoun of Montgomery County
Caldwell, Matthew Tanner of Jasper County
Calhoun, Malcolm of Talbot and Muscogee Counties
Calhoun, Mary of Atlanta, obituary
Calhoun, Samuel Hargroves of Montgomery County (photo)
Callaway. Baptist Preacher
Callaway, John A., Dr.
Callaway, John H. of Stewart County
Callaway, John of Newton County
Callaway, John of Wilkes County
Callaway, Joshua of Wilkes County
Cameron, John W., M. D. of Meriwether County
Camp Bulletin
Camp-Leigh Family of Coweta County; John Arthur Camp of Coweta County; Hiram Camp of Gwinnett County; and Descendants of Thomas Camp of Virginia
Camp, Micager
Camp, Nathan. Campbell County, deed
Campbell of Wilkes County
Candler of Atlanta. Chart.
Candler, Asa Griggs of Carroll County and Atlanta
Candler, Allen Daniel. Obituary
Candler, Daniel of Columbia County
Candler, Samuel Charles Obituary
Candler, Warren Akin of Carroll County
Cantrell, Justus A. of Gordon County
Carlton of Elbert and Paulding Counties
Carmichael, John Vinson, Marietta Store
Carmichael of Jones and Baldwin Counties
, Research File, 6 pp.
Carnes, Allen, Plantation in Jonesboro
Carnes, Joseph, one of the founders of Harmony Grove Church in Cobb County
Carnes of Randolph and Clay Counties, Georgia and Crenshaw County, Alabama
Carr of Wilkinson County
Carter-Hays Marriage of Coweta County
Castleberry of Orange Co., NC, Chattahoochee, Greene, Putnam, Warren, Cherokee and Walker Counties, Georgia
Castleberry, Henry
Castleberry, Jeptha
Causey of Randolph County
Causey, Alexander of Upson County
Causey, Leamon of Crawford County
Causey, Levin of Bibb County
Causey, Levin of Talbot County
Causey, Littleton L., Sumter County, deed
Chaffin - Abstracts from all GA Census Records, 60 pp.
Chambers, James of Fayette County
Chambers, Joseph of Clayton and Fayette Counties
Chamblers. History of Inman, Georgia
Chamblee of Cherokee County
Chambley/Chamlee of Cherokee County
Chambliss, Benjamin Franklin of Monroe County
Chambliss, Jeptha
Chambless, Jeptha (Bible)
Chambliss, William of Terrell County
Chandler. Descendants of Richard Chandler of Carroll and Franklin Counties
Chappell, Joseph J., Sumter County, Deed
Cheek of Elbert County, a handwritten booklet
Cheek of Franklin County
Cheney of Greene and Morgan Counties
Childers of Bibb, Elbert, Twiggs and Washington Counties
Childers of Twiggs and Washington Counties
Clark, Elijah
Clement, Andrew Y. of Monticello
Clements, James of Carroll County and Alabama
Clements, Judson O. of Walker County
Clements, Judson, Men of Mark
Clements, Thomas of Greene County
Cleveland, A. J.
Cleveland, John. Application of Children of Revolutionary War Soldier
Cline, Mary
Cleveland, Reuben Weston of Elbert County
Cobb of Wilkinson County, Georgia Research Helper, No. 1, 9/1997, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Cobbs of Georgia
Cochran of Paulding County
Cogburn, John C., Cobb County Times 1919-1920
Coggin of Pike County
Cohen, C. Henry of Richmond County
Cole, William of Wilkes County
Coleman, Dr. Thomas D.of Richmond County
Collier of DeKalb County, Research File, 27 pp.
Collyers/Colliers of Virginia and Crawford County
Collins, Moses of Richmond County
Collins Newsletter, Georgia Research Helper, No. 1, 9/1997, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Cone, William, Captain of Bulloch County
Conner, Tilden J. Cobb County Times 1919-1920
Cook of Wilkinson County, Family Group Sheet, 4 pp.
Corley, Jamie. Cobb County Times 1919-1920
Cortelyou. Photo of Home in Marietta
Couper of Glynn County, 4 pp.
Cox, William R. of Bibb County
Crawford, C. P.
Crawford, Martha Ann
Cree, Dr. Arch of Cobb County. Cobb County Times 1919-1920
Dabbs. Bride named for Thomas Dabbs, 7 pp.
Daugharty, John of Bulloch County
Davidson, William Treat of Richmond County
Davis, Jonas S. of Decatur County; Indian War Pension
Davis, Matilda W.. Sumter County, deed
Davis, William of Bibb County
Day, descendants of Zachariah
Delegal (1668-1830) of Charleston, South Carolina, St. Simons Island, Georgia, etc.
Denman, J. L. of Smyrna. Cobb County Times 1919-1920
Derry, Joseph T. of Bibb County
Dessau Washington of Bibb County
Dewberry of Monroe County
Dixon, Erwin of Jackson County
Dobbs of DeKalb, Newton, Henry Counties
Dorr, Augustus of Richmond County
Dorsey, John T. (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Doughty, Joshua of Richmond County
Doughty, Dr. William H., Jr. of Richmond County
Dozier of Columbia County, Georgia Research Helper, No. 8, 3/1998, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Dunbar, William M. of Richmond County
Dunn, Benjamin of Ricmond County
Dunn, Nehemiah of Jones County
Dunn of Richmond County
Edenfield, Joseph J. of Jenkins County
Elliott, Richard of Richmond County
English, Captain James W.
Ennis, Marion
Evans Newsletter, No. 1, 9/1997, 10 pp. published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Evans, Clement A.
Evans, Clement A. of Stewart County
Evans, John J. of Augusta
Evans, Lawton Bryan
Evans, Samuel C. of Jefferson County
Eve, Dr. Joseph of Richmond County
Eve, Joseph Adams of Augusta
Faust, William
Flewellen of Jasper County
Fortson, S. H. of Elbert County
Foster, William H. of Richmond County
Frey, B. T. Farm Plat (auction)
Fulbright of Franklin Co.
Gairdner, Henry G. of Elbert County
George of Laurens County
Gibbs, Virginia (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Gignilliat, Leigh R. of Savannah
Gignilliat, Ravenel of Darien
Glenn, Gustavus of Bibb County
Glover. Family Photo. Cobb County
Goode, Samuel Watkins
Goodson of Walker County, Georgia Research Helper, No. 6, 2/1997, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Grady, Henry W.
Grambing, Charles and John of Cobb County. Photo
Griffin of Emanuel County, Research File, 4 pp.
Griggs, A. A. (wedding anniversary) Cobb County Times 1919-1920
Grogan, Rev. J. H. of Elbert County
Gruber of Effingham County
Hagin, Edward. Monument in Paulding County
Hall of Hancock, Clarke and Wilkinson Counties, Georgia Research Helper, No. 5, 9/1997, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Hames, C. P. (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Hammond, Nathaniel Job of Atlanta
Hancock, J. W. (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Harden, J. M. (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Harden, John Henry (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Hay House
Heard, Stephen
Heard, 13 Families, 10 pp.
Hearn of Putnam County, Georgia Research Helper, No. 8, 3/1998, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Henderson of Newton County, Research File, 15 pp.
Hetrick, G. F. (Cobb County Times 1919-1920
Hill, J. J. Hill, W. A. Hill and W. E. Hill of Powder Springs (Cobb County Times
Hill of Randolph County, Georgia Research Helper, No. 4, 6/1997, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Hoge, Samuel C. of Bibb County
Holland, Archibald. Dedication of Naming the Bridge over Pumpkinvine Creek in Paulding County
Holland, 5 pp.
Holland of Cherokee County
Holland, John Sidney Sr. and Moses of Atlanta
Holliman, David of Wilkes County
Holmes of Elbert County. Research File, 53 pp.
Holt, Colonel William A. of Bibb County
Holt, Dr. William Flewellen of Bibb County
Holt, W. K.
Horne, Henry of Bibb County
Hughes, Daniel G. of Bibb County
Huie of Jackson County, 6 pp.
Hull, Dr. James Meriwether
Huzza, Dr. Thomas Henry
Inman, Samuel Guy (Cobb County Times 1919-1920
Jackson, William Elbert
Jenkins of Elbert County. Research File, 5 pp.
Jeter, William A. of Bibb County
Jobe House in Ringgold
Johnson, Marshall of Bibb County
Johnson, William B. of Bibb County
Johnson, William McEwen of Bibb County
Jones of Elbert and Henry Counties; Georgia Research Helper, No. 2, 12/1996, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Jones of Elbert County; Georgia Research Helper, No. 6, 2/1997, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Jones, Jack
Jones, Colonel Charles Colcock
Jones, J. B. Sr. of Elbert County
Jones, J. H., Major of Elbert County
Jones, William C.
Jordan of North Carolina to Georgia; Georgia Research Helper, No. 1, 9/1996, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Kemp, Ardell (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Kermikle, 1820 Georgia Census Kibbee, Charles of Bibb County
Lamar, Henry J. of Bibb County
Lamar, Joseph Rucker Lamar, Lucius Q. C. of Bibb County
Lane, Berry Tillman of Paulding County, Georgia and Texas; Madison County Families, 10 pp.
Lanier, Sidney, Georgia Poet
Lee, Gordon (Cobb County Times
Lee of Bulloch County; Georgia Research Helper, No. 1, 9/1996, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Legg, J. W. (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Lester of Baldwin County; Georgia Research Helper, No. 1, 9/1996, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Levy, Lt. Colonel Clarence
Lewis, Frances
Long, Crawford W. (Dr.)
Long, N. G. (Dr.) of Elbert County
Lowndes, William
Massey, J. A. (Cobb County Times
Massey, John A., Sr. (obituary) Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Mattox, Clark
McAdoo, William G. Home in Powder Springs (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
McCalla, John W.
McCox, William
McDonald, James, Rev.
McGarrah of Marion County. Research File, 9 pp.
McIntosh, 15 pp.
McIntosh, history of, to A. D. 1000
McIntosh Coat of Arms
McIntosh. Georgia family
McMillan, George H., bridge in Paulding County
McMullan, John of Elbert Co., Revolutionary War Soldier
McNulty of Columbia County
Mercer Family Genealogy
Mettaner, Henry Archer of Bibb County
Miller, Alexander L. of Bibb County
Miller, Frank H.
Miller, William K.
Mills of Elbert and Cherokee Counties
Mims, Dr. Frank (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Montgomery Family of Cobb County. Photo
Moon Family, history of
Moore, Hugh (Cobb County Times
Morris, Judge (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Murphy, Thomas A.- Sumter County Deed.
Murray Home in Cobb County. Photo
Murray, Ralph of Cobb County. Photo
Myrick, J. W. of Bibb County
Newson of Marion County
Nichols, John B., LWT, Whitfield County
Nisbet, Eugenius of Bibb County
Nisbet, Robert A. of Bibb County
Norment of Chatham County: Research File, 31 pp.
Northcutt, Ralph W. (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
O'Brien, Rev. James
O'Connor, Eugene
O'Connor, Patrick Joseph
Oglesby, D. P. of Elbert County
Olds of England, Connecticut, Vermont, New York and Elbert County, Georgia
Olivier, Ray
Palmer, A. M. (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Palmer, Mitchell (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Park, Capt. Robert E. of Bibb County
Parke, Lucinda
Perkins of Warren, Columbia and Greene Counties;Georgia Research Helper, No. 5, 9/1997, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Perkins of Morgan County; Georgia Research Helper, No. 8, 9/1998, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Phinizy, Leonard
Plant, J. C.
Platt, Edward of Richmond County
Prather and Prince Families of Fannin County
Prewitt, Nora (Miss) (Cobb County Times
Price, Sylvester Bibb County
Rains, Colonel of the Confederate Powder Works Ransone, Julien of Bibb County
Redwine, included in Henderson Research File, 15 pp.
Robbs, Charles A. of Richmond County
Roberts, Isaac, LWT, Whitfield County
Roney, Henry C. of Richmond County
Ross, Dr. James Thweatt of Bibb County
Ross, John
Ross, Major William H. of Bibb County
Rucker, Joseph
Sallee, J. O.
Salter of Chatham County
Sanders, J. G., Cobb County Times 1919-1920
Satrap, Lacy vs. Anna (Atlanta Divorce) (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Schofield, Alonzo of Bibb County
Shiflet of Elbert County; Georgia Research Helper, No. 1, 9/1996, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Shoemake, Burke of Richmond County
Shoemake, Judge John of Richmond County
Sibley, George R. of Richmond County
Sibley, William C. of Richmond County
Smith brothers - Needham, Willis and George Washington Smith of Columbia County
Smith, Davis of Monroe County
Smith, Dred from Georgia to Conecuh County, AL, 9 pp.
Smith Hoke
Smith Hoke (Cobb County Times 1919-1920)
Smith, Jeremiah, Captain of Richmond County
Smith. Marriages in Monroe County
Smith of Houston County; Georgia Research Helper, No. 6, 2/1997, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Smith. Marriages in Jones County
Smith, George Cleveland Family
Smith Deeds. Marion County
Smith, William W.
Smith, Wily
Speaks, Dr. Joseph H. of Richmond County
Speer, Emory of Bibb County
Stanley Home of Marietta (Cobb County Times
Starke, S. C. of Elbert County
Starnes, Daniel of Paulding County
Steele of Wilkes, Gwinnett, Cobb and DeKalb Counties; Georgia Research Helper, No. 6, 2/1997, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Stetson, James of Bibb County
Stevens, W. P. of Bibb County
Stewart, Prof. J. S. of Cobb County
Stovall, A. C. of Elbert County
Stovall, Pleasant and Cecilia
Strong of Oglethorpe, Clarke, Coweta and Newton Counties; Georgia Research Helper, No. 5, 9/1997, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Sturges of Fayette County
Tate, Judge Edmund B.
Teague, Dr. Newton of Richmond County
Thomas, Jesse A.- Sumter County, deed
Thompson of Jackson County and Alabama; Georgia Research Helper, No. 5, 9/1997, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Thompson, Thornton, Thrasher, Tidwell, Timms and Tinsley Marriages in Forsyth County
Thornton of Virginia to Georgia; Georgia Research Helper, No. 1, 9/1996, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Tindall, H. C. of Bibb County
Tinsley, Dr. Austin
S. of Richmond County
Tolbert of Bartow and Floyd Counties, Research File, 11 pp.
Tool, William T.- Sumter County, Deed
Travis of Fulton County
Trout of SC, Carroll Jackson, Hall Counties, Research File, 11 pp.
Turk of Ireland, VA, SC, GA, Research File, 26 pp.
Underwood, J. R. (farm plat) (Cobb County Times
Underwood, John William Henderson
Upshaw Family of Cobb County. Photo
Verdery, James P. of Richmond County
Walker, Clifford (Cobb County Times
Walker, George of Bleckley County
Walker of Bleckley County
Wall, J. N. of Elbert County
Waller of Hancock County
Walsh, Patrick of Richmond County
Ware Lineage
Warren of Emanuel and Laurens Counties; Georgia Research Helper, No. 4, 6/1997, published by Jeannette Holland Austin
Williams, Peter J.
Williams, Walter B. (Mrs.)
Williams, William Washington
Williams of Meriwether County and Abbeville County, SC. Research Notes (large file)
Williams of Sampson County, NC - Research Notes by Robert Hatcher
Wimberly, Henry of Houston County
Wooster, George of Elbert County
Wooster, George
Wright, Dr. Thomas R. of Richmond County
Youngblood, Peter
Zattag, C. M. (Mrs.)