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Old Georgia City Directories

Brunswick City Directory
City Directories are an excellent resource for the researcher of family history and genealogy. They help to locate the exact address where persons lived, which frequently include the names of spouses and children, as well as the occupation. Many old directories did not survive, and so it is always a real thrill when one is found.
  • 1888 Georgia Gazatteer and Planters Directory
  • 1898-1899 Chatham
  • 1890 Brunswick
  • 1898 Brunswick
  • 1892 Darien
  • 1888 Rome
  • 1890-1891 Macon
  • 1892 St. Marys
  • 1892 St. Simons Island
  • 1898 St. Simons Island
  • 1941 Atlanta (partial district)