Cherokees and Creeks

Cherokee and Creek Indian Records

Cherokees from Georgia who Applied for Land in Oklahoma Based on Their Blood Lineage : A few Cherokee genealogies have been traced and are available to view onĀ Georgia Pioneers. The old census records and Indian Rolls were used, as well as various other information. After 1900, the United States Government established the Dawes Commission for the sole purpose of locating persons with Cherokee ancestry and giving them title to the old reservation lands of Oklahoma and other States. Interviews were given and extensive research performed into the statements of the applicants. These applications mentioned various relatives. There were many families who did not depart on the Trail of Tears, but remained in Georgia to farm their lands, etc. Some of them were known to the Indians, while others were not.

  • Beard’s Creek Church, Glenville, Tattnall County – Members 1804
  • Crooked Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Putnam County – Members 1807, 1820, 1824, 1825, 1826
  • Church of Purification of Blessed Virgin Mary (Taliaferro County
  • Harmony church, Richland, Stewart County – Members 1839
  • Midway Church (Liberty County), burials in cemetery dating from 1752
  • Nancy Creek Church Minutes and Membership 1824-1833 (abstracts), old DeKalb County (now Fulton County)
  • New Hope Primitive Baptist Church, Yatesville, Upson County – Members 1824
  • Oakey Grove Church, near Wrightsville, Johnson County – Members 1818
  • Providence Church, Luthersville, Meriwether County – Members 1832
  • Upper Black Creek Church, Brooklet, Bulloch County – Members 1802
  • Shiloh Baptist Church (Minutes) – Walker County
  • Narroway Church Book, Paulding County
  • Quaker Records
  • Wrightsboro Meeting Minutes and Marriages….Names : Angely, Anglin, Atkinson, Barns, Batton, Beck, Benson, Brooks, Brown, Buffington, Bunting, Butler, Carl, Carson, Cloud Conner, Cooper, Cox, Crew, Davis, Day, Dixon, Dunn, Edwards, Embree, Farmer, Galbreath, Green, Guest, Haines, Hall, Hart, Hathborn, Hickson, Hodgin, Hoge, Holliman, Hollingsworth, Jackson, King, Lacy Lay, McCowen, McGinty, McMun, Maddock, Mendenhall, Middleton, Mooney, Moore, Moorman, Morgan, Mote, Nipper, Nordyke, Pattan, Phelan, Pinson, Pugh, Rickeson, Sanders, Schofield, Sell, Sidwell, Sims, Stanley, Stuart, Stubbs.
  • Quaker Records, Births, Deaths, Marriages. Wrightsboro was located in Columbia (also see Richmond) County, later in McDuffie County, in present-day Thomson, Georgia. Nothing remains of the site. These records were preserved by Hinshaw’s Encyclopedia of Quaker Records in the North Carolina volume.
  • First Baptist Church of Atlanta
  • Druid Hills Baptist Church of Atlanta
  • Trinity Methodist Church of Atlanta
  • Utoy Baptist Church, Ft. McPherson
  • Concord Baptist Church Membership Roll, Cobb County
  • Lumpkin County: Minutes of the Wahoo Baptist Church, Book I, 1833 to 1873
  • Lumpkin County: Membership Roll of the Wahoo Baptist Church
  • Wrightsboro Map