Georgia Pioneers
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Biographical Sketches of Georgia's Colonial Families from Europe

Colonial Savannah

These sketches trace the family history and genealogy of General Oglethorpe's first passengers to the Colony of Georgia as far as possible. In many instances, the place of origin is known and also whether or not certain individuals remained in the colony or quit it. This colony's history is perhaps the most interesting of all settlements because Oglethorpe colonized with poor persons and fLeeing persecuted protestants from all over Europe. These same persons soon found themself embroiled in the land war which England declared against Spain in 1739.

Because of religious persecution from all over Europe protestants from Scotland England Austria and Germany migrated to the Georgia Colony at the invitation of James Oglethorpe who also sought colonists from FLeet and Newgate Prisons in London. This individual who came on board the ships " The Ann" " The Purisburg" and " The Prince of Wales" settled in the towns of Savannah Ebenezer Darien (New Inverness) and Frederica. Many of the early settlers were traced by professional genealogist Jeannette Holland Austin and are included as part of this private collection of Georgia Pioneers

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