Ancestor Tracer by County

Discover where your ancestors resided! These names are all found in records (especially wills and estates of Georgia Pioneers The original wills of most of Georgia’s 156 counties is available to members.

Genealogical Resources (Last Wills and Testaments)

ALERT: This database is copyrighted (2006) by Jeannette Holland Austin

This sample of names is by no means complete.

Aaron – Virginia and Franklin Co., GA
Aaron, J. Pink -Jackson Co., GA
Aaron, William RWS-Franklin Co., GA
Aarons, Abraham RWS-Adair Co. KY
Abar, Sergt. T. -Bibb Co., GA
Abbe, Joseph RWS-Delaware, NY
Abbe, Mason RWS-Hampshire Co., MA
Abbott, George -Glynn, Co. GA
Abbott, James Jordan -Warren Co., GA
Abbott, James O. -Effingham Co., GA
Abbott, Peter G. -Effingham Co., GA
Abbott, William, Rev., Jr. -Warren Co., GA
Abercrombie – Hancock Co., Greene Co., GA
Abercrombie – Orange Co., N. C.; Hancock Co., GA & Greene Co., GA
Abercrombie, Charles-NC, Hancock Co., Greene Co., GA
Ables, Anson -Paulding Co., GA
Abrahams, Abraham D. -Chatham Co., GA
Acree, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Adair – Paulding Co., GA
Adair, Adeline(obituary) GA
Adair, Adeline-Paulding Co., GA
Adair, Bozeman-Jackson Co., GA
Adair, Bozeman-Paulding Co., GA
Adair, James K. Mrs.(obituary) GA
Adair, James K. Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Adair, James Sanders -Paulding Co., GA
Adair, Robert-Jackson Co., GA
Adair, Thomas .(obituary) GA
Adair, Thomas -Paulding Co., GA
Adair, Whitmell-Paulding Co., GA
Adair, William-Paulding Co., GA
Adams – NC , Washington Co., GA
Adams – North Carolina and Washington Co., GA
Adams – Richland, SC; Twiggs Co., GA, Chattahoochee, Hall Co., GA
Adams – Stewart Co., GA
Adams, Twiggs Co., GA
Adams – Warren Co., GA
Adams, Benjamin-Warren Co., GA
Adams, Edward-Jackson Co., GA
Adams, Francis RWS-Henry Co., GA
Adams, Hopewell-Edgefield Co.,NC, Washington Co., GA
Adams, J. Madison Co., GA
-Madison Co., GA
Adams, James A. -Elbert Co., GA
Adams, James(obituary) GA
Adams, James-Paulding Co., GA
Adams, Richard-Richland Co., SC, Jones Co., Muscogee Co., GA, Twiggs Co. and Chattahoochee Co., GA
Adams, Samuel-Stewart Co., GA
Adare, Robert-Jackson Co., GA
Adkins – VA, Warren Co., GA
Adkins – Virginia & Warren Co., GA
Adkins, Daniel-Warren Co., GA
Agle – Paulding Co., GA
Agle, William-Paulding Co., GA
Akens – Greene Co., GA
Akens, James-Greene Co., GA
Akin – Cass Co., GA
Akin, James-Jackson Co., GA
Akin, Peter-Jackson Co., GA
Akin, Warren- Cass Co., GA
Akins, James-Greene Co., GA
Albritton, John RWS-Henry Co., GA
Albritton, John-Franklin Co., GA
Alden, John Adams RWS-Chenango Co. NY
Alder, James L. RWS-Prince Geo. Co. MD
Aldredge, William RWS-Wilkes Co., GA
Aldridge William Ryall -Appling Co., GA
Aldridge Willie Edgar 23 Apr 1893 21 Dec 1935, Miles Chapel -Appling Co., GA
Aldridge, Abner-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Alexander, Abel-York Co., S. C.
Alexander, Adam L. -Wilkes Co., GA
Alexander, Asa RWS-Dale Co. AL
Alexander, Charles Wood -Wilkes Co., GA
Alexander, Edmond-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Alexander, Elias RWS-NC
Alexander, George RWS-Jasper Co., GA
Alexander, James RWS- Spartanburg Co. SC
Alexander, John Locke -Monroe Co., GA
Alexander, Thomas Williamson of Floyd Co., GA
Alford, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Alfred, John of Franklin and Bartow Co. GA
Alfriend, Edward-Greene Co., GA
Allen – Virginia & Morgan Co., GA
Allen, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Allen, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Allen, Daniel-Jackson Co., GA
Allen, David-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Allen, David-Wilkes Co., GA
Allen, Dorcas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Allen, Elizabeth-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Allen, Jack -Franklin Co., GA
Allen, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Allen, John-Baldwin Co., GA
Allen, John-Fauquier Co., VA, Morgan Co.., GA
Allen, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Allen, Nancy-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Allen, Thomas
Allen, William-Jackson Co., GA
Alley, P. A. C.(obituary) GA
Alley, P. A. C.-Paulding Co., GA
Allgood – ChattooGA
Allgood, Deforrest-ChattooGA
Allgood, John. Mrs. (obituary) GA
Allgood, John. Mrs. -Paulding Co., GA
Allgood, P. P. (obituary) GA
Allgood, P. P. -Paulding Co., GA
Allin, David-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Allison – Florida & Georgia Allison – Greene Co., GA
Allison, James-FL, GA
Allison, John-Greene Co., GA, Wilkes Co., GA
Allison, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Allison, Theophilus-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Alred – Bartow Co., GA
Alston, Philip-Hancock Co., GA
Ammons, Joshua -Walton Co., GA
Anchors, Samuel M. -Jones Co., GA
Anderson – Cobb Co., GA
Anderson – Virginia, South Carolina & Telfair Co., GA
Anderson, Charlotte-Jackson Co., GA
Anderson, Hannah-Richmond Co., GA
Anderson, Harvey-Banks Co., GA
Anderson, J. A. (obituary) GA
Anderson, J. A. -Paulding Co., GA
Anderson, Jackson-Jackson Co., GA
Anderson, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Anderson, Mathew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Anderson, Miles-Jackson Co., GA
Anderson, Nathaniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Anderson, Nathan-Jackson Co., GA
Anderson, Nelson-Jackson Co., GA
Anderson, Noah(obituary) GA

Baggett, Steeve-Paulding Co., GA
Baggett, Stephen -Douglas Co., GA
Bagwell – Gwinnett Co., GA
Bagwell – Virginia and Gwinnett Co., GA
Bagwell, John Daniel RWS-Gwinnett Co., GA
Bailey – Bibb Co., GA
Bailey – North Carolina and Bibb Co., GA
Bailey, Henry,-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bailey, Isaiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bailey, John-Bibb Co., GA
Bailey, Jonathan-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bailey, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bailey, Robert-Jackson Co., GA
Bailey, Stephen-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bailey, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Baillie – Liberty Co., GA
Baillie, Kenneth-Liberty Co., GA
Baker – Liberty Co., GA
Baker, Benjamin -Liberty Co., GA
Baker, Benjamin-Liberty Co., GA
Baker, Christopher-Liberty Co., GA
Baker, Elijah-Liberty Co., GA
Baker, Gideon -Liberty Co., GA
Baker, J. O. (obituary) GA
Baker, J. O. -Paulding Co., GA
Baker, Jack(obituary) GA
Baker, Jack-Paulding Co., GA
Baker, John Osgood -Liberty Co., GA
Baker, Joseph-Baldwin Co., GA
Baker, Joseph-Liberty Co., GA
Baker, Nathaniel-Liberty Co., GA
Baker, Richard -Liberty Co., GA
Baker, Samuel -Liberty Co., GA
Baker, Thomas -Liberty Co., GA
Baker, William B. -Liberty Co., GA
Baker, William R., 15 May 1788, Midway -Liberty Co., GA
Baker, William-Liberty Co., GA
Baldree, Isaac K. RWS-Tattnall Co., GA
Baldwin, Benjamin, Major-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Baldwin, Ephraim-Columbia Co., GA
Baldwin, George Scott-Upson Co., GA
Baldwin, George-Amelia Co. VA
Baldwin , Howel Flewellyn -Putnam Co., GA
Baldwin , Joseph-Upson Co., GA
Baldwin , Moses-Bibb Co., GA
Baldwin , Owen-Columbia Co., GA
Baldwin , Thomas -Greene Co., GA
Baldwin,, Thomas-Greene Co., GA
Baldwin, William-Greene Co., GA
Ball – Monroe Co., GA
Ball, Joel-Monroe Co., GA
Ball, Jonathan-Monroe Co., GA
Ball, Robert-Monroe Co., GA
Ball, Sampson -Liberty Co., GA
Ballagh-Charleston Co., SC
Ballard, Reuben-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ballard, Sarah-Richmond Co., GA
Ballew, Francis-Banks Co., GA
Banks, Dunston-Granville Co., NC
Banks, Dunston-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Banks, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Banks, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Banks, Joseph RWS-Pasquotank Co. NC
Banks, Ralph-Elbert Co., GA
Banks, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Banks, Solomon-Baldwin Co., GA
Banks, Thomas RWS-Ulster Co. NY
Banks, Thomas -Wilkes Co., GA, Elbert Co., GA, Monroe Co., GA
Banks, William Randolph-Elbert Co., GA
Banks, William-Kg & Qn Co. VA
Bankston, Abner-Jackson Co., GA
Bankston, Daniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bankston, Thomas, RWS-Randolph Co., GA
Banta, Barnet RWS-Fulton Co., GA, NY
Barber, Allen-Polk Co., GA
Barber, George W. -Banks Co., GA
Barber, Gray-St. Clair Co. AL Barber, Griffin-Clarke Co., GA
Barber, James-Clarke Co., GA
Barber, Jonathan RWS-RI Barber, Matthew -Banks Co., GA
Barber, Richard, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Barber, Richard, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Barber, Wiley-Polk Co., GA
Barkwell, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Barkwell, Julius Willis-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Barkwell, Polly-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Barlow, Richard -Butts
Barnard – Chatham Co., GA
Barnard, Edward-Richmond Co., GA
Barnard, James Frashier-Richmond Co., GA
Barnard, Timothy-Macon
Barnes, George-Richmond Co., GA
Barnes, George-Richmond Co., GA
Barnes, James-Richmond Co., GA
Barnes, John Beale -Meriwether Co., GA
Barnes, John Beale-Richmond Co., GA
Barnes, Sarah Hudson-Richmond Co., GA
Barnett – Greene Co., GA
Barnett, Elizabeth-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Barnett, Jesse-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Barnett, Joel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Barnett, John, RWS-Elbert Co., GA
Barnett, John.(obituary) GA
Barnett, John.-Paulding Co., GA
Barnett, John-Jackson Co., GA
Barnett, Louisa-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Barnett, Nathan-Greene Co., GA
Barnett, Patrick Jack -Wilkes Co., GA
Barnett, William RWS-Greene Co., GA
Barnett, William-Columbia Co., GA
Barnett, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Barnett, Zadock-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Barnwell, John RWS-Allegheny Co. PA
Barnwell, Robert RWS-Hall Co., GA
Barnwell, William-Banks Co., GA
Barr, Isaac RWS-Stokes Co. NC
Barr, William-Rowan Co., NC
Barrett – Richmond Co., GA
Barrett, Lewis RWS-Hanover Co. VA
Barrett, Thomas Glascock -Richmond Co., GA
Barron – Jones Co., GA
Barron, Abington-Jones Co., GA
Barron, Green-Jones Co., GA
Barron, Henry–Jones Co., GA
Barron, Hiram-Jones Co., GA
Barron, Jacob-Jones Co., GA
Barron, James -Meriwether Co., GA
Barron, James-Jones Co., GA
Barron, Jarrel-Jones Co., GA
Barron, John-Jackson Co., GA
Barron, John-Jones Co., GA
Barron, Milton-Jones Co., GA
Barron, Nancy-Jackson Co., GA
Barron, Samuel RWS-Jones Co., GA
Barron, Wiley-Jones Co., GA
Barron, William RWS-Warren Co., GA
Barrow, James-Baldwin Co., GA
Barry, George -Chatham Co., GA
Barwick – Bibb Co., GA
Barwick – Clarke Co., GA

Barwick, John-Washington Co., GA
Barwick, Joseph Johnson-Washington Co., GA
Barwick, Nathan-Washington Co., GA
Barwick, Stancel – Bartow Co., GA
Barwick -Washington Co., GA
Bass – Chesterfield and Brunswick Co , VA
Bass – Virginia and Hancock Co., GA
Bass, Elijah RWS-Halifax Co. NC
Bass, Martha-Baldwin Co., GA
Bass, Thomas; Chesterfield Co., VA
Bassett, Abraham RWS-New Haven Co. CT
Batchellor, Cornelius RWS-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bates, David-Wilkes Co., GA
Batte – Charles City, VA
Batte, Henry Co., GA; Charles City Co., VA
Batte, John-Charles City Co., VA
Batte, Thomas; Charles City Co., VA
Battle – Greene Co. and Taliaferro Co., GA
Battle, Greene Co., Taliaferro Co., GA
Battle – Monroe Co., GA
Battle – Monroe Co., GA
Battle – North Carolina and Hancock Co., GA
Battle, Calvin Williams-Monroe Co., GA
Battle, George-Monroe Co., GA
Battle, Henry Luther-Monroe Co., GA
Battle, James Branham-Monroe Co., GA
Battle, Jesse RWS-Hancock Co., GA
Battle, John-NC
Battle, Nicholas Williams-Monroe Co., GA
Battle, Niklas-Monroe Co., GA
Battle, Robert-Monroe Co., GA
Battle, Rev. Thomas-Monroe Co., GA
Battle, Thomas Co.; Monroe Co., GA
Battle, William Summer-Taliaferro Co., GA
Battle, William-Monroe Co., GA
Battle, William-VA, Edgecombe Co., NC
Battlesbey, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Baty, daughter – Mr.-Paulding Co., GA
Baty, daughter of Mr.(obituary) GA
Baun, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Baxter, Andrew-Greene Co., GA
Baxter, Nat, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Baxter, Nat, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Baxter, Nathaniel Mrs.(obituary) GA
Baxter, Nathaniel Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Baxter, Orena(obituary) GA
Baxter, Orena-Paulding Co., GA
Bayless – Columbia Co., GA
Bayless – Columbia Co., GA
Bayless, Isham-Columbia Co., GA
Bayless, John-Columbia Co., GA
Bayless, Thomas; Columbia Co., GA
Bazemore – Jones Co., GA
Bazemore, James Marion-Jones Co., GA
Bazemore, Reddick-Jones Co., GA
Bazemore, Thomas-Jones Co., GA
Bazemore, Thomas-Richmond Co., GA
Bazemore, Turner of Madison-Jones Co., GA
Beach, Charles-Richmond Co., GA
Beadles, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Beady, John-Baldwin Co., GA
Beall, Hezekiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Beall, John RWS-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bealle – Columbia Co., GA
Bealle – Maryland and Columbia Co., GA
Bealle, Charles-Columbia Co., GA
Bealle, Gazaway-Columbia Co., GA
Bealle, Hezekiah-Columbia Co., GA
Bealle, James-Columbia Co., GA
Bealle, Jeremiah-Columbia Co., GA
Bealle, Jesse-Columbia Co., GA
Bealle, John-Columbia Co., GA
Bealle, William-Montgomery Co., MD, Columbia Co., GA, Richmond Co., GA
Bearden, Richard -Dawson Co., GA
Beasley, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Beasley, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Beavers, James RWS-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Beckcome, Charlotte-Baldwin Co., GA
Beckham – Columbia Co., GA
Beckham – Essex , Virginia and Columbia Co., GA
Beckham, Demsey-Columbia Co., GA
Beckham, Henry -Columbia Co., GA
Beckham, John-Columbia Co., GA
Beckham, Russell-Columbia Co., GA
Beckham, Sherwood-Columbia Co., GA
Beckham, Simon-Essex Co. VA
Beckham, Simon-Orange Co., NC
Beckham, Solomon-Columbia Co., GA
Beckham, Stephen-Columbia Co., GA
Beckham, Thomas,-Columbia Co., GA
Beckham, William (Capt)-Columbia Co., GA
Beckham, William-Granville Co. NC
Beckham, William-Orange Co., NC
Beckham, Young-Columbia Co., GA
Beckwith, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Beckwith, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Beddingfield – Bibb Co., GA
Beddingfield – North Carolina & Bibb Co., GA
Beddingfield, George-Bibb Co., GA
Beddingfield, William-Bibb Co., GA
Beddingham, Allen-Bibb Co., GA
Beddingham, Lewis-Bibb Co., GA
Bedell – Camden Co., GA
Bedell – Camden Co., GA
Bedell, Absalom-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bedell, Absalom-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bedell, Absalom-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bedell, David RWS-Morris Co., NJ
Bedell, Isaac-Greene Co., GA
Bedell, Isaac-Greene Co., GA
Bedell, James King-Camden Co., GA
Bedell, Mahlan (Rev.)-Camden Co., GA
Bedingfield, John-Baldwin Co., GA
Belcher, Allen -Twiggs Co., GA
Bell, Andrew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bell, Fielden-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bell, Walter-Jackson Co., GA
Bellah – Morgan Co., GA
Bellah, James-Morgan Co., GA
Bellah, Moses-Berkley Co. SC
Bellah, Robert-Morgan Co., GA
Bellah, Samuel RWS-Morgan Co., GA
Bellah, Steele-Morgan Co., GA
Bellah, Walter-Morgan Co., GA
Bellah-Morgan Co., GA
Bellamy, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bellamy, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bellamy, William RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Benafield, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Benge, Micajah-Jackson Co., GA
Bennett, Hugh -Liberty Co., GA
Bennett, Michael-Wilkes Co., GA
Bentley, Isaac-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bentley, Jacob-Lincoln Co., GA
Bentley, James of Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bently, Baluam-Wilkes Co., GA
Benton – Montgomery Co., GA , Maryland and Jackson Co., GA
Benton, Archibald-Jackson Co., GA

Benton, Benjamin-Montgomery Co., MD
Benton, Erasmus-Scott Co., KY
Benton, George-Jackson Co., GA
Benton, James-Jackson Co., GA
Benton, John-Monroe Co., GA
Benton, Joseph-Frederick Co., MD
Benton, Joseph-Jackson Co., GA
Benton, Joseph-Montgomery Co., GA, MD
Benton, Levi-Jackson Co., GA
Benton, Mordecai-Jackson Co., GA
Benton, Nathan-Montgomery Co., GA, MD
Benton, Reason-Jackson Co., GA
Benton, Stephen-Jackson Co., GA
Benton, Thomas – Jackson Co., GA
Benton, William-Jackson Co., GA
Berkner – Bibb Co., GA
Berkner, Henry – Jefferson Co., Bibb Co., GA
Berkner, John-Bibb Co., GA
Berrien, John William-Richmond Co., GA
Berrien, John-Jefferson Co., GA
Berry – Effingham Co., GA
Berry – Effingham Co., GA
Berry, Bonanza-Effingham Co., GA
Berry, Elizabeth-Jackson Co., GA
Berry, Isham-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Berry, James-Effingham Co., GA
Berry, John Bonajah-Effingham Co., GA
Berry, John RWS-Effingham Co., GA
Berry, John-Greene Co., GA
Berry, John-Jackson Co., GA
Berry, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Berry, Joshua-Jackson Co., GA
Berry, Mary-Jackson Co., GA
Berry, Obediah-Effingham Co., GA
Berry, Robert-Jackson Co., GA
Betts, Joshua-Jackson Co., GA
Bidell, Absalom-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bigbie, James N. RWS-Harris Co., GA
Bigbie, James N.-Harris Co., GA
Bignon – Richmond Co., GA
Bignon, Bernard-Richmond Co., GA
Bignon, Christopher-Glynn, Co. GA Georgia Pioneers
Bignon, Henry Co., Glynn, Co. GA Georgia Pioneers
Bignon, John-Glynn, Co. GA Georgia Pioneers
Bignon, Joseph-Chatham Co., GA
Bignon, Joseph-Richmond Co., GA
Bignon, Poulain-Glynn, Co. GA Georgia Pioneers
Billingslea, Samuel-Wilkes Co., GA
Billingslea – England, Virginia, Maryland; Harris Co., Jones Co., Wilkes Co., GA
Billingslea of Harris Co., Jones Co., Wilkes Co., GA
Billingslea, James-Wilkes Co., GA
Billingsley, Clement-Baltimore Co., MD
Billingsley, Clinton-Baltimore Co., MD
Billingsley, Cyrus-Baltimore Co. MD
Billingsley, Francis-Calvert Co., MD
Billingsley, Howell-Wilkes Co., GA
Billingsley, John-Nansemond Co., VA
Billingsley, Francis-Wilkes Co., GA
Billingsley, Samuel-Wilkes Co., GA
Billingsley, Walter-Baltimore Co., MD
Billingsley, Winston-Wilkes Co., GA
Billups, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bird – Effingham Co., Liberty Co., GA
Bird – Hall Co., GA
Bird – PA; Effingham Co. and Liberty Co., GA
Bird – Taliaferro Co., Wilkes Co., GA
Bird – Virginia & Hall Co., GA
Bird – VA; Taliaferro Co., GA; Wilkes Co., GA
Bird, Buford-Taliaferro Co., GA
Bird, George L. (Dr.)-Taliaferro Co., GA
Bird, Homer V.-Hall Co., GA
Bird, James-Lincoln Co., GA
Bird, Job-Wilkes Co., GA
Bird, John S.-Hall Co., GA
Bird, John-Hall Co., GA
Bird, Joseph-Hall Co., GA
Bird, Nathan-Johnson CO. AR
Bird, Philemon-Wilkes Co., GA
Bird, Price-Wilkes Co., GA
Bird, Terral-Hall Co., GA
Bird, William -Effingham Co., GA
Bird, Williamson-Wilkes Co., GA
Bird, Zachariah-Hall Co., GA
Birdsong, Freeman-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Birdsong, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bishop, William(obituary) GA
Bishop, William-Paulding Co., GA
Bittick – Monroe Co., GA
Bittick – Monroe Co., GA
Bittick, Corr-Monroe Co., GA
Bittick, John Goodrum-Monroe Co., GA
Bittick, Lawson Cary-Monroe Co., GA
Bittick, Robert Cyrus-Monroe Co., GA
Bivins – Bartow Co., GA
Bivins – Bartow Co., GA
Bivins – Wilkinson Co., GA
Bivins – Wilkinson Co., GA
Bivins, Appleton-Carroll Co., GA
Bivins, Martha Luther of Marion Co.
Bivins, William RWS-Hancock Co., Wilkinson Co., GA
Black, Catherine(obituary) GA
Black, Catherine-Paulding Co., GA
Black, John-Jackson Co., GA
Black, Lemuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Black, Thomas Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Blackburn, Augustine-Jackson Co., GA
Blackburn, Austin-Jackson Co., GA
Blackburn, Nancy-Jackson Co., GA
Blackburn, William-Jackson Co., GA
Blackshear – Laurens Co., GA
Blackshear, David-Laurens Co., GA
Blackshear, Edward of Thomas Blackshear, Elijah-Laurens Co., GA
Blackshear, James-Laurens Co., GA
Blackshear, Joseph-Laurens Co., GA
Blackstock – Ireland, South Carolina; DeKalb Co., GA & Fulton Co., GA
Blackwell – Culpepper , Virginia and Jackson Co., GA
Blackwell, Ambrose-Jackson Co., GA
Blackwell, Jesse-Hickman Co., TN
Blackwell, Jesse-Jackson Co., GA
Blackwell, John-Hickman Co., TN
Blackwell, Joseph-AR
Blackwell, William-Franklin Co., GA
Blair, Alexander-Richmond Co., GA
Blair, Alexander-Richmond Co., GA
Blair, James-Richmond Co., GA
Blair, ThomasBair, Alexander-Richmond Co., GA
Blake, Henry Co., ; Oglethorpe Co., GA
Blake, Sarah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Blake, Sessoms-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Blalock, J. R., Mrs.(obituary) GA
Blalock, J. R., Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Blanchard, Benjamin-Burke Co., GA
Blanchard, James-Burke Co., GA
Blanchard, Jeremiah-Burke Co., GA
Blanchard, Reuben-Burke Co., GA
Blanchard, Robert-Burke Co., GA
Blandford, Clark RWS-Early
Blandford, Clark-Early
Blauvelt, James-Bergen Co. NJ
Bleckley – Fulton Co., GA
Bleckley – Fulton Co., GA
Bleckley, Logan of DeKalb Co., Fulton Co., GA
Bledsoe, Benjamin-Columbia Co., GA
Bledsoe, Peachy-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bledsoe, Robert, Gen. -Putnam Co., GA
Bloodworth – Wilkinson Co., GA
Bloodworth, Augustus-Wilkinson Co., GA
Bloodworth, Henry Co., Wilkinson Co., GA
Bloodworth, James-Wilkinson Co., GA
Bloodworth, Miles-Wilkinson Co., GA
Blount, Richard-Baldwin Co., GA
Blue – Camden Co. & Glynn, Co. GA Georgia Pioneers
Blue – Glynn, Co. GA Georgia Pioneers
Blue – Wilcox Co., GA
Blue, Charles Edwin-Wilcox Co., GA
Blue, Daniel-Camden Co., GA
Blue, Daniel-Wilcox Co., GA
Blue, Francis Archibald-Wilcox Co., GA
Blue, John-Wilcox Co., GA
Blue, Norman Mitchell-Wilcox Co., GA
Blue, Stephen Augustus-Wilcox Co., GA
Boatright, Daniel-Emanuel Co., GA
Boatright, John-Emanuel Co., GA
Boatright, Reubin-Emanuel Co., GA
Boatright, William-Emanuel Co., GA
Boggess, Jeremiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Boggs, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Boggs, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Boggs, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Boggs, Sherwood RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Boggus, Jeremiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bohanan, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bohanan, John-Greene Co., GA
Bohannon – Georgia Bohannon, Alexander-Lincoln Co., GA
Bohannon, Duncan of Wilkes Co., Lincoln Co., GA
Bohannon, John-Greene Co., GA
Bohannon, Joseph-Lincoln Co., GA
Bohannon, Mary-Lincoln Co., GA
Bohanon, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bohanon, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Boling, Thornberry-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Boling, Thornbury-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bolton, Leonard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bolton, Luke-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bolton, Mary-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bonall, Anthony-Screven Co., GA
Bond – Bibb Co., GA
Bond – Elbert Co., Wilkes Co., GA
Bond – Virginia, Elbert Co., Wilkes Co., GA
Bond, Edward-Lincoln Co., GA
Bond, Joseph (Col.)-Bibb Co., GA
Bondurant, Josiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bone – PA, SC, GA
Bone, George-Chesterfield Co. SC
Bone, John. Jr.(obituary) GA
Bone, John. Jr.-Paulding Co., GA
Bone, John-Jackson Co., GA
Bone, John-Paulding Co., GA
Bone, Lewis RWS-Chesterfield Co., SC
Bone, Henry Co., GA and Chesterfield Co., SC
Bone, John-Jackson Co., GA
Bonnell – Burke Co., GA, Screven Co., GA
Bonnell – Virginia; Burke Co., GA & Screven Co., GA
Bonnell, Anthony-Screven Co., GA
Bonner, James-Baldwin Co., GA
Bonner, Zadok, Jr. -Carroll Co., GA
Booker, William F.-Taliaferro Co., GA
Bostick, John RWS-Muscogee Co., GA
Boswell, Jr. (obituary) GA
Boswell, Jr. -Paulding Co., GA
Boswell, William RWS-Perquimans Co. NC
Boswell, William-Banks Co., GA
Bowdoin – Massachusetts, Virginia, Edgefield Dist., SC; Monroe Co., Putnam Co., GA
Bowdoin – Monroe Co., Putnam Co., GA
Bowdoin, Daniel-Putnam Co., GA
Bowdoin, Francis Marion-Putnam Co., GA
Bowdoin, James-Monroe Co., GA
Bowdoin, James-Putnam Co., GA
Bowdoin, John-Monroe Co., GA
Bowdoin, John-Northampton Co., VA
Bowdoin, Joshua-Gordon Co., GA
Bowdoin, Pierre-Boston, MA Bowdoin, Thomas Co., Putnam Co., GA
Bowdoin, Travis-Monroe Co., GA

Bowdoin, William-Monroe Co., GA
Bowen, Benjamin RWS-Anderson Dist. SC
Bowen, Benjamin RWS-Shaftsbury, VT
Bowen, Charles RWS-Blount Co. TN
Bowen, Elijah RWS-Tattnall Co., GA
Bowen, James RWS-Bennington Co. VT
Bowen, Oliver (Commodore)-Richmond Co., GA
Bowen, R. M. (obituary) GA
Bowen, R. M. -Paulding Co., GA
Bowen, Samuel RWS-Elbert Co., GA
Bowen, Stephen RWS-Tattnall Co., GA
Bowers, Daniel-Baldwin Co., GA
Bowie, Rose-Richmond Co., GA
Bowler, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bowling – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bowling – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bowling, James Thornberry-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bowling, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bowling, John Newton Co.,Oglethorpe
Bowling, Matthews-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bowling, Thornberry Jackson Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bowling, Thornberry-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bowling, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bowman, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Boyd, David RWS-Culpepper Co. VA
Boyd, William RWS-Chester Dist. SC
Boyette – VA, NC, SC
Boyette, James-Screven Co., GA
Boyette, Thomas and Nansemond Co., VA
Boykin – Burke Co., GA
Boykin – VA, Burke Co., GA
Boykin, Edward-Isle of Wight Co., VA
Boykin, Francis-Burke Co., GA
Boykin, Hardy-Burke Co., GA
Boykin, Jesse-Burke Co., GA
Boykin, John-Screven Co., GA
Boykin, Solomon-Burke Co., GA
Boykin, Tobias-Sampson Co., NC
Boykin, William-Burke Co., GA
Brackenridge, Jane-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bradley Daniel RWS-Pitts Co. NC
Bradley, John A.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bradley, John-Jackson Co., GA
Bradley, John-Jackson Co., GA
Bradley, John-Jackson Co., GA
Bradley, Johnson-Jackson Co., GA
Bradley, Joseph RWS-Owen Co. IN
Bradley, Josiah-Jackson Co., GA
Bradshaw, Henry Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bradshaw, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bradshaw, Jane-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bradshaw, John RWS-Goochland Co. VA
Bradshaw, John-Jackson Co., GA
Bradshaw, Thomas Co., Jackson Co., GA
Bragg, Dozer-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Brailsfield, William-McIntosh Co., GA
Brailsford – McIntosh Co., GA
Brailsford – Charleston, South Carolina & McIntosh Co., GA
Brand, William RWS-Walton Co., GA
Brandon, John-Iredell Co., N. C.
Brandon, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Brandon, William RWS-Smith Co. TN
Branham, S.-Wilkes Co., GA
Brank, Robert RWS-Garrard Co. KY
Brantley – Chatham Co., GA
Brantley – Virginia and Chatham Co., GA
Brantley, Amos RWS-Hancock Co., GA
Brantley, Amos RWS-Hancock Co., GA
Brantley, Benjamin-Chatham Co., GA
Brantley, Edward-Isle of Wight Co., VA
Brantley, John-Chatham Co., GA
Brantley, Joshua-Morgan Co., GA
Brantley, Philip-Warren Co., GA
Brantly, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Braswell – Bibb Co., GA
Braswell – Bibb Co., GA
Braswell, Davis-Bibb Co., GA
Braswell, John.(obituary) GA
Braswell, John.-Paulding Co., GA
Braswell, Richard RWS-Anson Co. NC
Bray, James T.-Madison Co., GA
Breedlove – Jones Co.,Greene Co., GA
Breedlove – VA; Greene Co., and Jones Co., GA
Breedlove, Benjamin-Greene Co., GA
Brent – Monroe Co., GA
Brent – Monroe Co., GA
Brent, Thomas Young-Monroe Co., GA
Brewer, Burrel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Brewer, Joel-Paulding Co., GA
Brewer, Randal-Cobb Co., GA
Brewitt, Micajah RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Briant, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Briants, Benjamin-Jackson Co., GA
Briants, Sarah-Jackson Co., GA
Bridgeman, B. W. RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Bridger, Nathaniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bridges, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bridges, Jeremiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bridges, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bridges, Nathaniel-Oglethorpe Co., Wilkes Co., GA
Bridges, Wiseman-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Briers, Laurence-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Brincefield – Bibb Co., GA
Brincefield – Bibb Co., GA
Brincefield, Thomas Co., Bibb Co., GA
Brock – Habersham Co.,Decatur Cp/ GA
Brock – Habersham Co., GA and Decatur
Brock, Elias-Habersham Co., GA
Brock, John-Decatur, Habersham Co., GA
Bromley, Theodore-McIntosh Co., GA
Brooking – Middlesex VA
Brooking – Middlesex , Virginia
Brooking, Francis Vivion (Col.) RWS-Amelia Co., VA
Brooking, Robert-Middlesex Co., VA
Brooks – Franklin Co., GA
Brooks – Franklin Co., GA
Brooks – Jones Co., and Paulding Co., GA
Brooks – Jones Co. and Paulding Co., GA
Brooks – VA, NC, TN
Brooks, Dr. (obituary) GA
Brooks, Dr. -Paulding Co., GA
Brooks, Gilbert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Brooks, James RWS-Jasper Co., GA
Brooks, Joab-Warren Co., GA
Brooks, John Wesley-Paulding Co., GA
Brooks, John-Bladen Co., NC
Brooks, John-Jones Co., GA
Brooks, Jonathan-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Brooks, Lavinn-Paulding Co., GA
Brooks, Matilda-Paulding Co., GA
Brooks, Micajah RWS-Paulding Co., GA
Brooks, Micajah RWS-Paulding Co., GA
Brooks, Middleton-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Brooks, Middleton-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Brooks, Nelson RWS-Campbell Co. VA
Brooks, Obediah-Paulding Co., GA
Brooks, Peter-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Brooks, Preston-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Brooks, Stanmore B.-Paulding Co., GA
Brooks, Stephen-Jackson Co., GA
Brooks, William Butler-Paulding Co., GA
Brooks, William RWS-Wilkes Co., GA
Brotherton, Thomas, RWS-Iredell Co. NC
Brotherton, William RWS-Greene Co., GA, TN
Brotherton, William-Fulton Co., GA
Brown, George-Baldwin Co., GA
Brown, George-Pendleton Co., S. C.
Brown, Jacob RWS-Washington Co., GA, TN
Brown, James RWS-Wake Co. NC
Brown, John E.-Banks Co., GA
Brown, John RWS-Greene Co., GA
Brown, John.(obituary) GA
Brown, John.-Paulding Co., GA
Brown, John-Baldwin Co., GA
Brown, John-Jackson Co., GA
Brown, Joseph RWS-Lumpkin Co., GA
Brown, T. J.(obituary) GA
Brown, T. J.-Paulding Co., GA
Brown, Thomas R.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Brown, Thomas Co., – Jackson Co., GA
Brown, William-Greene Co., GA
Brown, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Brown-Franklin Co., GA
Browning – Monroe Co., GA
Browning, Benjamin-Monroe Co., GA
Browning, Eli-Monroe Co., GA
Browning, Solomon-Monroe Co., GA
Bruce, Arnold-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bruce, Eliza, Mrs.-Cobb Co., GA
Brumby, Ellen-Cobb Co., GA
Brumfield, James-Baldwin Co., GA
Bryan, John RWS-SC
Bryan, Norman-Monroe Co., GA
Bryant, Jesse RWS-Wake Co. NC
Bryant, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bryant, Rachel.(obituary) GA
Bryant, Rachel.-Paulding Co., GA
Bryant, William-Clarke Co., GA
Buchanan – Baldwin Co., GA
Buchanan, Benjamin-Baldwin Co., GA
Buchanan, Robert-Baldwin Co., GA
Buchanan, Robert-Hancock Co., GA
Buchanan, Samuel-Baldwin Co., GA
Buckhanon, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Buckhanon, John-Greene Co., GA
Buckhanon-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Buckher, Hiram-Putnam Co., GA
Buckle, John W.-Richmond Co., GA
Buckner – VA, Putnam Co., GA
Buckner – VA, NC; Baldwin Co., GA; Monroe Co., GA and & Putnam Co., GA
Buckner, Benjamin-Putnam Co., GA
Buckner, Charles-Putnam Co., GA
Buckner, Don-Putnam Co., GA
Buckner, Lorenzo-Putnam Co., GA
Buckner, Tillman-Putnam Co., GA
Bugg – Columbia Co., GA
Bugg, Nicholas-Columbia Co., GA
Bull – Coweta Co., GA
Bull, David-Richmond Co., GA
Bull, James-Coweta Co., GA
Bull, Milton-Coweta Co., GA
Bull, Walter-Coweta Co., GA
Bullard – Cobb Co., GA
Bullard, Gibson-Cobb Co., GA
Bullard, Robert-Cobb Co., GA, Bulloch Co., GA
Bullard, Archibald of Chatham Co., GA
Bulloch, Hawkins RWS-Madison Co., GA; Bulloch Co., GA
Bulloch, William Bellinger -Chatham Co., GA
Bullock – VA, NC
Bullock – VA, NC, GA
Bullock, Hawkins-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bullock, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bullock, Juda Mrs.(obituary) GA
Bullock, Juda Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Bullock, Mary-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bullock, Nathaniel RWS-Wilkes Co., GA
Bullock, Nathaniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bullock, Nathaniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bullock, Nathaniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Bullock, Richard RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Bunderant, Josiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Burch , Thomas RWS-Wilkes Co., GA
Burdine, John-Wilkes Co., GA
Burford – Greene Co., GA
Burford, Mitchell-Clarke Co., GA
Burford, Sarah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Burford-Greene Co., GA
Burgess, Josiah RWS-Jasper Co., GA
Burhan, A. W. (obituary) GA
Burhan, A. W. -Paulding Co., GA
Burk, Thornton Rev.(obituary) GA
Burk, Thornton Rev.-Paulding Co., GA
Burkhalter, J. T., Judge-Cobb Co., GA

Burkhalter, John-Wilkes Co., GA
Burks – Georgia and Alabama
Burks, James Madison Co., Jasper Co., Houston Co.
Burks, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Burnett, John-Lincoln Co., GA
Burney – Morgan Co., GA
Burney – Morgan Co., GA
Burney, Thomas Jefferson Co., Greene Co., GA
Burnley, Samuel-Liberty Co., GA
Burns, John-Wilkes Co., GA
Burns, William-Banks Co., GA
Burnsides – Columbia Co., GA
Burnsides – Columbia Co., GA
Burnsides, Martin-Columbia Co., GA
Burrell, John-McIntosh Co., GA
Burroughs – Madison Co., GA
Burroughs, Rozel-Madison Co., GA
Burson, Mary-Baldwin Co., GA
Bush, Thomas Co., Franklin Co., GA
Bussey, David-Lincoln Co., GA
Butler – Wilkes Co., GA
Butler – Wilkes Co., GA
Butler, Edward RWS-Wilkes Co., GA
Butler, H. W. babe(obituary) GA
Butler, H. W. babe-Paulding Co., GA
Butler, James RWS-Elbert Co., GA
Buttrill – Coweta Co., Heard , Jasper Co., GA
Buttrill – VA, NC, GA
Buttrill-Coweta Co., Heard, Jasper Co., GA
Bynum – Randolph Co., GA
Bynum, Reuben-Randolph Co., GA
Caddenhead, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cade, Drury-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cade, Drury-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cadenhead, Alexander-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cadenhead, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cagle, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Cagle, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Cain, Widow-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cairns, Alexander RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Caldwell – Richmond Co., GA
Caldwell, Andrew(obituary) GA
Caldwell, Andrew-Paulding Co., GA
Caldwell, Susan(obituary) GA
Caldwell, Susan-Paulding Co., GA
Calhoun, Phillip-Baldwin Co., GA
Call, Richard-Lincoln Co., GA
Callahan, Edward-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Callaway, Isaac-Wilkes Co., GA
Callaway, Job-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Callaway, Job-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Calloway, William-Wilkes Co., GA
Cameron, Ambrose-Jackson Co., GA
Camp, Mary.(obituary) GA
Camp, Mary.-Paulding Co., GA
Camp, Nathan-Jackson Co., GA
Campbell, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Campbell, Duncan-Jackson Co., GA
Campbell, Edward Fenwick-Richmond Co., GA
Campbell, Edward Genwick -Richmond Co., GA
Campbell, James-Richmond Co., GA
Campbell, Levi-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Campbell, Maria-Richmond Co., GA
Campbell, Robert-Jackson Co., GA
Campbell, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Campell, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Candler – Fulton Co., GA
Candler, William-Wilkes Co., GA
Cannon – Wilkinson Co., GA
Cannon – Wilkinson Co., GA
Cantrell, James(obituary) GA
Cantrell, James-Paulding Co., GA
Caradine, Thomas, RWS-Rowan Co. NC
Carden, Charles-Lincoln Co., GA
Cardoza, David N. RWS-Charleston Co. SC
Cargile, John RWS-Haywood Co. NC
Cargile, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cargile, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cargile, John-Wilkes Co., GA
Cargile, Thomas, RWS-Jackson Co., GA
Cargile, William RWS-Hall Co., GA; AL
Carithers, Robert RWS-Madison Co., GA
Carlisle, W., Greene Co., Troup Co., GA
Carlton – Greene Co., GA
Carlton – Greene Co., GA
Carmichael – North Carolina; Cherokee and Morgan Co., GA
Carmichael, Jo.-Jackson Co., GA
Carr – Bibb Co., GA
Carr – Columbia Co., GA
Carr, Josiah-Greene Co., GA
Carr, Sherman-Fulton Co., GA
Carr, Sherman-Fulton Co., GA
Carr, William J.-Fulton Co., GA
Carr, William J.-Fulton Co., GA
Carragan, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Carruth, Doctor-Cobb Co., GA
Carruth, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Carruth, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Carsley – Virginia
Carson, David-Greene Co., GA
Carson, Jane-Jackson Co., GA
Carson, Joseph-Jackson Co., GA
Carter, Francis-Baldwin Co., GA
Carter, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Carter, Green infant(obituary) GA
Carter, Green infant-Paulding Co., GA
Carter, Jasper Co., GA
Carter, Jasper Co., GA
Carter, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Carter, Jesse.(obituary) GA
Carter, Jesse.-Paulding Co., GA
Carter, Robert.(obituary) GA
Carter, Robert.-Paulding Co., GA
Carter, Silas RWS-Washington Co., GA
Carter, Solomon, Jr.-Jackson Co., GA
Carter, Solomon, Sr.-Jackson Co., GA
Carter, Solomon-Jackson Co., GA
Carter, William(obituary) GA
Carter, William-Jackson Co., GA
Carter, William-Paulding Co., GA
Cash, Nelson-Banks Co., GA
Cash, Patrick-Jackson Co., GA
Cash, Reuben-Banks Co., GA
Cason, G. W., Mrs.(obituary) GA
Cason, G. W., Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA; Cass Co., Liberty Co., GA
Castleberry – Monroe Co., GA
Castleberry, David-Jackson Co., GA
Castleberry, Thomas-Jackson Co., GA
Castlin – Monroe Co., GA
Catching, Seymour-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Catchings – Wilkes Co., GA
Cates, William-Jackson Co., GA
Catlett, Henry Co., Greene Co., GA
Cawley, G. W. Mrs.(obituary) GA
Cawley, G. W. Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Cessna, Charles-Greene Co., GA
Cessna, John-Greene Co., GA
Chaffin – Virginia; Morgan Co., & Wilkes Co., GA
Chambers, Will-Paulding Co., GA
Chambliss – VA
Chambliss – Virginia & Georgia
Chandler, Parks-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Chapeau – Chatham Co., Fulton Co., GA
Chapeau – South Carolina, Chatham Co., and Fulton Co., GA
Chapel, Robert-Lincoln Co., GA
Chapman – Liberty Co., GA
Chapman – Liberty Co., GA
Chapman, Benjamin-Wilkes Co., GA
Chapman, Milly-Baldwin Co., GA
Chappell – Hancock Co., GA
Charlton, Robert Milledge -Chatham Co., GA
Charlton, Thomas Usher Pulaski and Chatham Co., GA
Chatfield, Hill-Lincoln Co., GA
Chattin, Robert A. -Dawson Co.
Cheatham, Charity Loverd -Randolph Co., GA
Cheney – Monroe Co., GA
Cheney – Morgan Co., GA
Chewing, Samuel-Baldwin Co., GA
Chewning, Samuel-Greene Co., GA
Childs – Jones Co., GA
Childs – Monroe Co., GA
Chivers, Robert-Taliaferro Co., GA
Chivers, Thomas H., -Taliaferro Co., GA
Christopher, Johann-McIntosh Co., GA
Cimbul, Peterson-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Clark – Bibb Co., GA
Clark – Camden Co., GA
Clark, Absalom-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Clark, Archibald-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Clark, F. B.(obituary) GA
Clark, F. B.-Paulding Co., GA
Clark, Jacob RWS-Camden Co., GA
Clark, James-Burke Co., GA, NC
Clark, James-Jackson Co., GA
Clark, James-McIntosh Co., GA
Clark, John-Jackson Co., GA
Clark, Johnson-Jackson Co., GA
Clark, Johnson-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Clark, Micajah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Clark, Patsy-Jackson Co., GA
Clark-Camden Co., Clarke Co., Greene Co., GA
Clark, Anthony Johnson-Oglethorpe Co., Clarke Co., GA
Clark, James-Richmond Co., Clarke Co., GA
Clark, James-Richmond Co., Clarke Co., GA
Clark, Sophie Greene Co., Richmond Co., Clarke Co., GA
Clark, William H.-Richmond Co., GA
Clarkston, Joseph-Jackson Co., GA
Clay – Chatham Co., GA
Clay from Chatham Co., GA
Clay, Jesse of Oglethorpe Co., GA
Clay, Jessey of Oglethorpe Co., GA
Clay, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Clay, Sony(obituary) GA
Clay, Sony-Paulding Co., GA
Clay, Thomas Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Clayton, George-Baldwin Co., GA
Clements – Bibb Co., GA
Clements – Carroll Co., GA
Clements – Virginia & Bibb Co., GA
Clements, Stephen-Baldwin Co., GA
Clemons, John-Greene Co., GA
Clendenning, Matthew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cleveland – Elbert Co., Monroe Co., GA
Cleveland – Elbert Co., GA & Monroe Co., GA
Cleveland- Greenville, SC;Cobb Co., GA
Clift, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Clifton, George RWS-Clarke Co., GA
Clindining, Mathew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cloud, Ezekiel RWS-Henry Co., GA
Cloud, Jeremiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cloud, John-Elbert Co., GA
Clower – Jones Co., Morgan Co., GA
Clower – PA; Jones Co., & Morgan Co., GA
Coalson, Ida Mary.(obituary) GA
Coalson, Ida Mary.-Paulding Co., GA
Coats – Wilkes Co., Cobb Co., Wilkinson Co., Cobb Co., GA
Coats, Ollie(obituary) Cobb Co., Paulding Co., Cobb Co., Columbia Co., GA
Cock, Shem RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Cocke – Monroe Co., GA
Cody – Ireland, Virginia & Warren Co., GA
Coffee/Coffey – Ireland, Virginia, North Carolina; Hancock Co., Telfair Co., GA
Coglan-McIntosh Co., GA
Cohen, Rachel -Mrs., w/o Moses -Chatham Co., GA

Cohron, Jonathan-Wilkes Co., GA
Colbert, Nicholas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Colbert, Nicodemus-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Colbert, Philip-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Colbert, Philpot-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Coldwell, A.(obituary) GA
Coldwell, A.-Paulding Co., GA
Cole – Wilkes Co., & Monroe Co., GA
Cole Jacob.(obituary) GA
Cole Jacob.-Paulding Co., GA
Cole, Henry Co., GA
Cole,(baby)(obituary) GA
Cole, Henry Co., GA
Cole (baby)-Paulding Co., GA
Cole, James D.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cole, John, Jr.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cole, John-Greene Co., GA
Cole, Joseph(obituary) GA
Cole, Joseph-Paulding Co., GA
Cole, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Coleman, Elliott-Baldwin Co., GA
Coleman, John-Jackson Co., GA
Coleman, Robert -Chatham Co., GA
Colley – Elbert Co., & Madison Co., GA
Colley, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Colley, Thomas Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Colley, Thomas Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Collier – DeKalb Co., GA
Collier – Oglethorpe Co., & Monroe Co., GA
Collier – Oglethorpe Co., Monroe Co., GA
Collier – Virginia; Oglethorpe Co., & Wilkes Co., GA
Collier John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Collier, Cuthbert -Monroe Co., GA
Collier, Isaac-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Collier, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Collier, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Collins – Isle of Wight, King & Queen & Spotsylvania , VA; Granville , NC & Kershaw & Lancaster, SC; and Amite, MS
Collins – Paulding Co., GA
Collins – Richmond Co., GA
Collins, Humphrey -Paulding Co., GA
Collins, Jeremiah RWS-Stokes Co. NC
Collins, John RWS-Hall Co., GA
Collins, Joseph RWS-Upson Co., GA
Collins, Robert-Baldwin Co., GA
Collins, Thomas Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Collum, Thomas -Oglethorpe Co., GA
Colquett, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Colquett, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Colquit, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Colquit, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Colquitt, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Colquitt, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Colquitt, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Colquitt-John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Colwell, William-Greene Co., GA
Combs, John RWS-Wilkes Co., GA
Combs, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Comer – Jones Co., GA
Comer – VA, Jones Co., GA
Compton, D. C.(obituary) GA
Compton, D. C.-Paulding Co., GA
Compton, E. W.(obituary) GA
Compton, E. W.-Paulding Co., GA
Compton, George(obituary) GA
Compton, George-Paulding Co., GA
Cone, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cone, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Conger – England, Massachusetts, South Carolina & GA
Connally, Abner -Fulton Co., GA
Connel, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Connel, Thomas Co., Greene Co., GA
Conner – Bibb Co., GA
Conner – Maryland; Montgomery Co., & Tattnall Co., GA
Conner – VA, Bibb Co., GA
Conner – Virginia & Bibb Co., GA
Conway, George-Jackson Co., GA
Coody, Edith-Lincoln Co., GA
Cook – Clarke Co., GA
Cook – Jefferson Co., GA and Fayette Co., GA
Cook – Wilkinson Co., GA
Cook, Elizabeth-Jackson Co., GA
Cook, Jonathan-Jackson Co., GA
Cook, William-Richmond Co., GA
Cooke, William-McIntosh Co., GA
Cooks, Henry -Baldwin Co., GA
Coomber, James-Hancock Co., GA
Cooper – Columbia Co., GA
Cooper – Madison Co., GA
Cooper – Paulding Co., GA
Cooper, Edmund-Baldwin Co., GA
Cooper, James-Baldwin Co., GA
Cooper, James-Greene Co., GA
Cooper, Katie(obituary) GA
Cooper, Katie-Paulding Co., GA
Cooper, Lewis-Richmond Co., GA
Cooper, Mildred-Jackson Co., GA
Cooper, Mollie(obituary) GA
Cooper, Mollie-Paulding Co., GA
Cooper, Sallie(obituary) GA
Cooper, Sallie-Paulding Co., GA
Cooper, T. J.(obituary) GA
Cooper, T. J.-Paulding Co., GA
Cooper, William D.(obituary) GA
Cooper, William D.-Paulding Co., GA
Copeland, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Copeland, Richard-Greene Co., GA
Copland, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Coquillon, John Baptiste Francis-Richmond Co., GA
Cordone, Frank-McIntosh
Corithers, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cormick, Joseph George-Richmond Co., GA
Cornwall/Cornwell – North Carolina; Jasper Co., GA and Jefferson Co., GA
Cornwell – Jasper Co., GA
Cornwell – Virginia & Jasper Co., GA
Cotton – Monroe Co., GA
Cotton – Monroe Co., GA
Cotton, P. F., Mrs.(obituary) GA
Cotton, P. F., Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Couper – Glynn, Co. GA Georgia Pioneers
Cowan of Cobb Co., Jackson Co., Wilkes Co., GA
Cowan – PA, North Carolina; Cobb Co., Jackson Co., and Wilkes Co., GA
Cowan, George of Jackson Co., GA
Cowan, Isaac-Jackson Co., GA
Cowan, James-Jackson Co., GA
Cowan, Joseph-Jackson Co., GA
Cowan, Moses-Jackson Co., GA
Cowan, Sherod-Jackson Co., GA
Cowan, William-Jackson Co., GA
Cowan, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cowan,Thomas of Jackson Co., GA
Cowart of Emanuel Co., Burke Co., GA
Cowen, Joseph-Jackson Co., GA
Cowling, Benjamin-Jackson Co., GA
Cowling, Joseph-Jackson Co., GA
Cox – Harris Co., Putnam Co., GA
Cox, Cynthia-DeKalb Co., GA
Cox, Jesse-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Crabb, Asa RWS of Lincoln Co., GA
Crain, Spencer-Wilkes Co., GA
Craton – Paulding Co., GA
Craton – North Carolina & Paulding Co., GA
Crawford – Columbia Co., Richmond Co., GA
Crawford – VA & Columbia Co., Richmond Co., GA
Crawford, Arthur-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Crawford, Joel-Columbia Co., GA
Crawford, Joel-Hancock Co., GA
Creemor, William RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Crenshaw – Taliaferro Co., and Warren Co., GA
Creswell, David-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Creswell, David-Wilkes Co., GA
Creswell, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Crockett, John-Jackson Co., GA
Crockett, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Croft, David(obituary) GA
Croft, David-Paulding Co., GA
Croll, James-Jackson Co., GA
Cross, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Crosson – Lincoln Co., GA
Crosson – Virginia & Lincoln Co., GA
Crosson, John RWS-Lincoln Co., GA
Crow, Jacob-Jackson Co., GA
Crow, Lewis-Jackson Co., GA
Crow, William-Banks Co., GA
Crowder, Frederick-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Crowder, Thomas Co., Baldwin Co., GA
Crowley – VA & Oglethorpe Co., GA
Crowley, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Crowley, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Crump – Richmond Co., GA
Crutchfield – Wilkes Co., & Greene Co., GA
Crutchfield – Wilkes Co., Greene Co., GA
Culbertson, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Culbreath – Columbia Co., & Greene Co., GA
Culbreath – Greene Co., GA and Columbia Co., GA
Culbreath, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Culliver, Henry Co., Lincoln Co., GA
Cullum, Thomas of Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cumming – Richmond Co., GA
Cunningham, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Cunningham, Patrick-Greene Co., GA
Cunningham, Robert Moore RWS-Tuscaloosa Co., AL
Cunningham, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Curls – Montgomery Co., GA
Curry, Cary-Baldwin Co., GA
Curry, Thomas -Lincoln Co., GA
Dabbs, Joseph-Franklin Co., GA
Dacus, Alexander-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dale, William-Jackson Co., GA
Dameron, George RWS of Lincoln Co., GA, NC
Dampier, Daniel RWS-Effingham Co., GA
Dancer of Dougherty, Houston and Muscogee Co., GA
Dancer of Dougherty,Houston, Muscogee Co., GA
Danford, Nicholas-Richmond Co., GA
Danforth, Anderson-Richmond Co., GA
Danforth, Rachel-Richmond Co., GA
Daniel, Elizabeth-Walton Co., GA
Daniel, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Daniel, John Osborne RWS-Elbert Co., GA
Daniel, John RWS-Elbert Co., GA
Daniel, William Powell RWS-Coffee Co., TN
Daniel, William RWS-Campbell Co. KY
Daniel, William-Jackson Co., GA
Daniell, James, Jr.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Daniell, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Danielly – Hancock Co., GA
Danielly, Daniel RWS-Burlington Co. NJ
D’Antignac – Richmond Co., GA
Darcey, Joel RWS-Decatur Darden – Emanuel Co. & Monroe Co., GA
Darden – Emanuel Co., Monroe Co., GA
Darden, George RWS-Tuscaloosa Co. AL
Darracott – Wilkes Co., GA
Darsey – Liberty Co., GA
Daugherty, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Davenport, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Davenport, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Daves, Samuel-Lincoln Co., GA
David, Henry of Banks Co., GA
David, Isaac-Banks Co., GA
Davidson, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Davie, James-Jackson Co., GA
Davis – Greene Co., GA
Davis – Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina & Franklin Co., GA

Davis, Absalom-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Davis, Baldwin Co., Washington Co., GA
Davis, Benjamin RWS-Walton Co., GA
Davis, Benjamin-Walton Co., GA
Davis, Diocletian-Washington Co., GA
Davis, Emeliann-Walton Co., GA
Davis, Ephraim(obituary) GA
Davis, Ephraim-Paulding Co., GA
Davis, Henry -Baldwin Co., GA
Davis, Irvin-McIntosh Co., GA
Davis, James(obituary) GA
Davis, James-Paulding Co., GA
Davis, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Davis, Nancy-Walton Co., GA
Davis, Samuel-Lincoln Co., GA
Davis, Susan(obituary) GA
Davis, Susan-Paulding Co., GA
Davis, William-Chatham Co., GA
Davis, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dawsey, Walter-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dawson – Greene Co., GA
Dawson – Greene Co., GA
Day – Clarke Co., GA
Day – Clarke Co., GA and MS
Days, Gill-Baldwin Co., GA
Dean – Dallas Texas
Dean, James-McInsosh
Dean, Obediah -Franklin Co., GA
Deen, Thomas of GA,KY
Deen, Thomas of Lincoln Co., GA
DeFrese, Mollie, Mrs.(obituary) GA
DeFrese, Mollie, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Delaunay, Maria-Baldwin Co., GA
Delauney, James-Baldwin Co., GA
Delegal, Hamilton-McIntosh Co., GA
Delk – Liberty Co., GA
Deloach, Joseph B. -Putnam Co., GA
Demere, Capt. Joseph -Glynn, Co. GA Georgia Pioneers
Dennis – Jones Co., GA
Dennis, William RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Dent – Bibb Co., GA
Dent – Columbia Co., GA
Dent, James-McIntosh Co., GA
Denton, James-Baldwin Co., GA
Devereaux, Archibald-Baldwin Co., GA
Devereux – Baldwin Co., Columbia Co., Hancock Co., GA
Devereux – England, VA; Baldwin Co., Columbia Co., & Hancock Co., GA
Dewberry – Monroe Co., GA
Dewberry – Monroe Co., GA
Dewberry, Irby-Warren Co., GA
Dewberry, John-Taliaferro Co., GA
Dewberry, William(obituary) GA
Dewberry, William-Paulding Co., GA
Dickens, Richard-Wilkes Co., GA
Dickins, Jeremiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dickins, Richard-Wilkes Co., GA
Dickson – Hancock Co., GA
Dickson – Pendleton District, South Carolina & Clayton
Dickson – Virginia, North Carolina; Hancock Co., GA
Digby, Joseph-Baldwin Co., GA
Diggens, Jeremiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dill, Daniel-Richmond Co., GA
Dillard, Fielding-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dimond, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dingley – Massachusetts
Dinslett, Samuel-Greene Co., GA
Dixon – Putnam Co., GA
Dixon, Grissel-DeKalb Co., GA
Dixon, Robert RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Dixon, William RWS-Pittsylvania Co. VA
Dobbins, William-Greene Co., GA
Dobbs, Nathan RWS-Gwinnett Co., GA
Dodd, Patterson-Banks Co., GA
Dodd, Robert RWS-Wake Co. NC
Dodd, William-Banks Co., GA
Dodson – Dinwiddie Co., Virginia; Clayton & Henry Co., GA
Doles, Jesse-Baldwin Co., GA
Doles, Thomas Co., Baldwin Co., GA
Dolton, Thomas-Lincoln Co., Dooly Co., GA
Dolton, John M.-Lincoln Co., GA
Dorsett – Columbia Co., GA
Dorsey, Thomas Doss, Clayborn-Jackson Co., GA
Dossey, Elias-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dossey, Suckey-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dossey, Walter-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dougherty, Charles-Jackson Co., GA
Dougherty, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., Douglas Co., GA
Dougherty, Alexander-Ware Co.
Douglas Eaton of Ware, Douglas, Henry Co. GA
Douglas, Hezekiah-Ware Co., Appling Co.
Douglass, George RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Dove, William RWS-Pittsylvania Co. VA
Dover, Francis J. RWS-Habersham Co., GA
Dowdy – Dodge Co., GA
Doyle, Dennis-Baldwin Co., GA
Dozier – Columbia Co., GA
Dozier – France, VA & GA
Drake, B. S., Mrs.(obituary) GA
Drake, B. S., Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Drake, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Drane – Columbia Co., GA
Drawhorn – Jones Co., GA
Driggers/Dregors – Liberty Co., GA
Dubignon – Jekyll Island & Glynn, Co. GA Georgia Pioneers
Duborg, Anderson-Baldwin Co., GA
Dubose – South Carolina Dubose, Peter-Baldwin Co., GA
Dubourg, Virginia-Baldwin Co., GA
Duffey, John.(obituary) GA
Duffey, John.-Paulding Co., GA
M. Duke, Ransom-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Duke, Ransom-Price
Duke, Thomas Co., Bullock Co.
Duke, Thomas Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dukes – Tattnalll Co., GA
Dumas – Monroe Co., GA
Duncan, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Duncan, Robert-Wilkes Co., GA
Dunham, John-McIntosh Co., GA
Dunham, William -Liberty Co., GA
Dunn of Columbia Co., Franklin Co., Greene Co., GA
Dunn – Virginia, South Carolina; Columbia Co., GA, Franklin Co., GA & Greene Co., GA
Dunn, George RWS-Rowan Co. NC
Dunn, Nehemiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dunn, Nehemiah-Wilkes Co., GA
Dupree, Daniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dupree, Lewis J.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dupree, Lewis Jarrel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dupree, Lewis-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Dupree, William(obituary) GA
Dupree, William-Paulding Co., GA
Durbin, Luke-Jackson Co., GA
Durbin, Sarah-Jackson Co., GA
Durden – Washington Co., GA
Durham – Monroe Co., DeKalb Co., Randolph Co., GA and Stewart Co., GA
Durham, Jacob.(obituary) GA
Durham, Jacob.-Paulding Co., GA
Dyer – Virginia, South Carolina & Coweta Co., GA
Dyer, Elisha RWS-Granville Co. NC
Dyer, Thomas Co., Baldwin Co., GA
Ealey, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Earley, Jeffrey-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Earley, Jeffery-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Early – Wilkes Co., Greene Co.
Early, Jeffery-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Earnest – Carroll Co., Clarke Co., Jones Co., and Meriwether Co., GA
Easley, Daniel W. of Jackson Co., GA
Easley,Benjamin-Jackson Co., GA
Easly – Walton Co., GA
Easly, Daniel W.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Eason – Fayette Co., GA
Eason, Abraham-Oglethorpe Co., GA
East, Emily(obituary) GA
East, Emily-Paulding Co., GA
East, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Easter, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Easter, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Eaton, James-Jackson Co., GA
Eaton, Sally-Jackson Co., GA
Echols, Absalom-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Echols, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Echols, James-Wilkes Co., GA
Echols, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Echols, Joseph-Wilkes Co., GA
Ector, Hugh-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ector, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Edgar, Elisabeth-Lincoln Co., GA
Edge – Wilkes Co., GA and Monroe Co., GA
Edmonds, James-Lincoln Co., GA
Edmonds, John, Sr.-Lincoln Co., GA
Edmondson – VA, NC
Edmondson – VA, NC, GA
Edmondson, Humphrey, Capt.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Edmondson, James-Baldwin Co., GA
Edmondson, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Edmonson, Thomas Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Edmunds, Anthony-Taliaferro Co., GA
Edmunds, James P.-Taliaferro Co., GA
Edmundson, Patience-Columbia Co., GA
Edmundson, Thomas ofColumbia Co., GA
Edwards – Effingham Co., GA
Edwards, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Edwards, Edmund-Jackson Co., GA
Edwards, John-Lincoln Co., GA
Edwards, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Edwards, John-Wilkes Co., GA
Edwards, Mary-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Edwards, Nathan-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Edwards, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Eley, Hines-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Eley, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Elkins – Effingham Co., GA
Elkins, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ellington, H. F.-Taliaferro Co., GA
Elliott, Alexander-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Elliott, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Elliott, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ellis – Clayton & Henry Co., GA
Ellis, Radford, GA
Ellis, William-Baldwin Co., GA
Ellis, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ellison, Mathew-Jackson Co., GA
Ellison, Robert-Jackson Co., GA
Elrod, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Elsberry – Paulding Co., GA
Elsberry, Ann(obituary) GA
Elsberry, Ann-Paulding Co., GA
Elsberry, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Elsberry, Fletcher(obituary) GA
Elsberry, Fletcher-Paulding Co., GA
Elsberry, James(obituary) GA
Elsberry, James-Paulding Co., GA
Elsberry, Lindsey, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Elsberry, Lindsey, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Elsberry, Z. B. (obituary) GA
Elsberry, Z. B. -Paulding Co., GA
Elsbury, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Elsbury, Joseph-Jackson Co., GA
Elsbury, Michael-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ely of Isle of Wight & Nansemond Cos., VA
Ely – Isle of- Wight & Nansemond , Virginia Embey, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Embry, Enoch-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Emerson – Jones Co., GA
Emmon, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
English – Monroe Co., GA
Epperson, Littleberry-Jackson Co., GA
Epps – Greene Co., GA

Epsy, James-Greene Co., GA
Espey, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Espy, James-Lincoln Co., GA
Espy, Joseph-Greene Co., GA
Espy, Thomas -Greene Co., GA
Etheridge – Monroe Co., GA
Evans – Anderson, SC and GA (more than one family)
Evans – Madison Co., GA
Evans – Prince George , Maryland & Madison Co., GA
Evans, Daniel-Jackson Co., GA
Eve – Richmond Co., GA
Everett, Travis-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Everhart, Jacob-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ewing, Thomas of Jackson Co., GA
Ezzard, John-Jackson Co., GA
Ezzard, Lewis-Jackson Co., GA
Ezzard, Mason-Jackson Co., GA
Ezzard, Nancy-Jackson Co., GA
Faircloth – Emanuel Co., GA
Fambrough – Greene Co., GA
Fambrough – Greene Co., GA
Fannen, J. D.-Greene Co., GA
Faries, Ann Francis-McIntosh Co., GA
Farmer, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Farr – Warren Co., GA
Farrow, George Young-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Faulk, James G. -Twiggs Co., GA
Felton, Jobe-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Fennell-McIntosh Co., GA
Ferguson – Paulding Co., GA
Ferguson, James(obituary) GA
Ferguson, James-Paulding Co., GA
Few – Richmond Co., GA
Few, Ignatius-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Few, William, Jr.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Few, William-Richmond Co., GA
Ficklen, Fielding-Taliaferro Co., GA
Fielden, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Fielder, John-Jackson Co., GA
Fielder, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Fields, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Finch – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Finch – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Co. Finch, Burdit-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Finch, Burditt-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Finch, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Finch, Charles-Wilkes Co., GA
Finch, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Finch, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Fincher – PA, North Carolina; Forsyth & Whitfield
Findley, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Findley, Mathew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Findley, Thomas Co., Greene Co., GA
Finley, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Finley, Mathew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Finley, Matthew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Finney – Jones Co., GA
Fishbourne, Benjamin-Chatham Co., GA
Fisher – Muscogee Co., Twiggs Co., GA and Washington Co., GA
Fisher of Muscogee Co., Twiggs Co., Washington Co., GA
Fitzpatrick – Morgan Co., GA
Fitzpatrick – VA & Morgan Co., GA
Fitzpatrick, Rene-Greene Co., GA
Fleming – Lincoln Co.,Richmond Co., GA
Fleming, James-Camden Co., GA
Fleming, John-Columbia Co., GA
Fleming, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Fleming, Miller-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Fleming, Robert-Burke Co., GA
Fleming, Robert-Columbia Co., GA
Fleming, Robert-Franklin Co., GA
Fleming, Robert-Jefferson Co., GA
Fleming, Robert-Jones Co., GA
Fleming, Robert-Jones Co., Twiggs Co., Lincoln Co., Wilkes Co., GA
Fleming, Robert-Lincoln Co., GA
Flemming, Thomas Co., Chatham Co., GA
Fletcher, Daniel-Greene Co., GA
Fletcher, Jeremiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Fletcher, Thomas Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Flewellen – Baldwin Co., GA and Jones Co., GA
Flewellen – Baldwin Co., Jones Co., GA
Flewellen, Abner-Baldwin Co., GA
Flewellen, Abner-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Floud, William-Oglethorpe Co., Floyd Co., Madison Co., GA
Floyd, George R. C.-Oglethorpe Co., Floyd Co., GA
Floyd, George RT. C.-Oglethorpe Co., Floyd Co., GA
Floyd, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA, Floyd Co., GA
Floyd., John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Fluker, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Foard, Jane-Baldwin Co., GA
Foard, Thomas -Baldwin Co., GA
Foote, Amanda(obituary) GA
Foote, Amanda-Paulding Co., GA
Foote, J. B. (infant) -Paulding Co., GA
Foote, J. B. (infant of) (obituary) GA
Ford – Massachusetts, New Jersey
Ford, Baxton-Baldwin Co., GA
Ford, Edward Eugene-Richmond Co., GA
Formby, Nathan-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Formsby, Nathan-Oglethorpe
Forsyth, Robert-Richmond Co., GA
Forsyth, E. R. (obituary) GA
Forsyth, E. R. -Paulding Co., GA
Forsythe, Lizzie(obituary) GA
Forsythe, Lizzie-Paulding Co., GA
Foster, George W.-Greene Co., GA
Foster, John H.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Foster, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Foster, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Foster, Richard-Greene Co., GA
Foster, WIlliam-Jackson Co., Franklin Co., Warren Co., GA
Franklin, Zepheniah-Warren Co., Franklin Co., GA
Franklin, Zephaniah-Warren Co., GA
Fraser – Liberty Co., GA
Freeman – Clarke Co., GA
Freeman – Clarke Co., Wilkes Co., GA
Freeman – Essex , England
Freeman – Jasper Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Freeman, Frederick-Baldwin Co., GA
Freeman, Holeman-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Freeman, Holeman-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Freeman, Hugh-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Freeman, Jacob-Greene Co., GA
Freeman, Jacob-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Freeman, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Freeman, John-Hancock Co., GA
Freeman, John-Wilkes Co., GA
Freeman, Noah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Freeman, Thomas -Oglethorpe Co., GA
Freeman, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Freeney, Robert-Putnam Co., GA
Freman, John-Wilkes Co., GA
Freman, John-Wilkes Co., GA
Freman, William-Wilkes Co., GA
Freman, William-Wilkes Co., GA
Fry, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Fryer, Marlow-Baldwin Co., GA
Fuller, Ann, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Fuller, Ann, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Fullerton, Mary-Richmond Co., GA
Fullerton, Rebecca-Richmond Co., GA
Fullilove – Wilkes Co., GA and Henry Co., GA
Fullilove, Elizabeth-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Fullilove, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Fullilove, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Fullilove, Ludwell-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Funderburk – Floyd Co., GA
Futch – Bryan , Bulloch Co., GA
Futch – Germany, North Carolina; Bryan & Bulloch Co., GA
Gafford – Wilkes Co., GA
Gafford , Jones Co., GA
Gage, Mathew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gage, Mathew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gage, Mathew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gage, Matt-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Galloway, Mathew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gambel, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gamel/Gammell – Paulding Co., GA
Gamel\Gammel – Paulding Co., GA
Gammell, William(obituary) GA
Gammell, William-Paulding Co., GA
Gann, Millie(obituary) GA
Gann, Millie-Paulding Co., GA
Gardner – Monroe Co., GA
Gardner – Monroe Co., GA
Gardner, Samuuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gardner, Samuel-Jackson Co., GA
Gardner, Samuel-Jackson Co., GA
Gardner, Samuel-Jackson Co., GA
Gardner, Samuel-Jackson Co., GA
Gardner, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gardner, Sarah-Richmond Co., GA
Gardner, Susannah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Garner, George(obituary) GA
Garner, George-Paulding Co., GA
Garrett, Eli-Columbia Co., GA
Garrard – Putnam Co., GA
Garret, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Garrett, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Garrett, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Garrison, David-Baldwin Co., GA
Gater, Vachel of Lincoln Co., GA
Gates – Jefferson Co., GA
Gates – Virginia; Jefferson Co., GA
Gathright, Miles-Jackson Co., GA
Gathright, Miles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gay – Hancock Co.,
Gay – Virginia, North Carolina & Hancock Co., GA
Gay, William -Clayton
Geddes, Ann-Baldwin Co., GA
Gennings, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gentry, G. W. (obituary) GA
Gentry, G. W. -Paulding Co., GA
George, J. L. (infant) (obituary) GA
George, J. L. (infant) -Paulding Co., GA
George, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
George, William-Greene Co., GA
George, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Germany – Richmond Co., GA
Germany – Richmond Co., GA
Germany, James-Columbia Co., GA
Germany, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Germany, William-Columbia Co., GA
Germany, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gerrard, Jacob-Jackson Co., GA
Gerrard, John-Jackson Co., GA
Geter, Thomas Co., Lincoln Co., GA
Gholson, Eggleston-Baldwin Co., GA
Gholston, Dabney-Wilkes Co., GA
Gibbons – Liberty Co., GA
Gibbons – Liberty Co., GA
Gibson, Robert-Taliaferro Co., GA
Gideon, Elizabeth-Jackson Co., GA
Gideon, James-Jackson Co., GA
Gignilliat of Cobb Co., McIntosh Co., GA
Gignilliat, Robert-McIntosh Co., GA
Gilbert – Bibb Co., GA
Gilbert – Bibb Co., GA
Gilbert, Felix-Lincoln Co., GA
Gilbert, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gilbert, William-Lincoln Co., GA
Giles, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gilham, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gilham, Ezekiel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gilham, Thomas – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gill, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gill, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gillaspie, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gilleland, Thomas -Jackson Co., GA
Gilliam, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA

Gilliam, Robert-Greene Co., GA
Gillis, Christopher Columbus-Montgomery Co., GA
Gillis, Neill-Montgomery Co., GA
Gills, Angus-Montgomery Co., GA
Gillum, Thomas.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gilmer – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gilmer – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gilmer, Amelia G.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gilmer, Francis-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gilmer, Nicholas M.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gilmer, Thomas -Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gilmer, Thomas, Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gilmore – Greene Co., GA and Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gilmore – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gilmore, Ann Rebecca-Monroe Co., GA
Gilmore, James-Lincoln Co., GA
Gilmore, Uriah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ginnings, Caleb-Abbeville Dist., SC
Gladen, James-Baldwin Co., GA
Glascock, Thomas – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Glass, Joel-Wilkes Co., GA
Glaze, David-Lincoln Co., GA
Glaze, Rhuben-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Glen, Betsy-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Glen, James-Jackson Co., GA
Glenn, Clement-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Glenn, Thomas, Oglethorpe Co., GA
Glover, Benjamin-Abbeville Dist., SC
Glover, Polley-Abbbeville Dist., SC
Gober – Cobb Co., DeKalb Co., Franklin Co., GA
Gober – North Carolina; Cobb Co., DeKalb Co., GA and Franklin Co., GA
Godfrey – Rabun Co., GA
Godfrey – South Carolina & Rabun Co., GA
Goforth – England; Delaware, NJ, NC
Goggans – Monroe Co., GA
Gogins, Maryane.(obituary) GA
Gogins, Maryanne-Paulding Co., GA
Going, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Golden – Atlanta., GA
Golden – Atlanta., GA
Golden, John-Lincoln Co., GA
Golden, William-Lincoln Co., GA
Goldsby, Burges-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goldsby, Elizabeth-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goldsby, James, Sr.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goldsmith – DeKalb Co., GA
Goldsmith – DeKalb Co., GA
Goodall – Bibb Co., GA
Goodall – Bibb Co., GA
Goodman, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goodson – Burke Co., Walker Co., Cobb Co., GA
Goodson – Burke Co., Walker Co., Cobb Co., GA
Goodwin, Reuben Bradford-Baldwin Co., GA
Goolsby, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goolsbry – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goolsby – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goolsby, Aaron-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goolsby, Aron-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goolsby, Isaiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goolsby, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goolsby, Peter-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goolsby, Peter-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goolsby, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goolsby, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goolsby, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Goolsby, Samuel-Amherst Co., VA
Goolsby, William-Oglethorpe Co.
Gordon, William – Gwinnett Co., Wilkes Co., GA
Gooldsby, William – VA, SC, Gwinnett Co., and Jefferson Co., GA
Gordon, Alexander-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gordon Co., Ambrose-Richmond Co., GA
Gordon, Julia-Richmond Co., GA
Gordon, Singer(obituary) GA
Gordon, Singer-Paulding Co., GA
Gordon, Thomas, Prince Geo. Co., VA
Gore, Arthur(obituary) GA
Gore, Arthur-Paulding Co., GA
Gore, Sam, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Gore, Sam, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Gore, Thomas, obituary) GA
Gore, Thomas,-Paulding Co., GA
Gorham, John-Jackson Co., GA
Gower, Abel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Graham – Madison Co., GA
Graham, John-Wilkes Co., GA
Granade, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Granger, Absalom-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Grant – Virginia; Jasper Co., GA and Wilkes Co., GA
Graves – Muscogee Co., GA
Graves – Muscogee Co., GA
Graves, Humphrey-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Graves, Mary-Lincoln Co., GA
Graves, Richard-Lincoln Co., GA
Graves, Richard-Lincoln Co., GA
Graves, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Graves, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Graves, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Graves, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Graves, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gray of Greene, Newton Co., Pike Co., GA
Gray, Taylor – NC; Greene Co., GA
Gray, Newton Co., Pike Co., GA
Gray, Garrett-Paulding Co., GA
Gray, Priscilla of Baldwin Co., GA
Gray, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gray, Zachariah-Baldwin Co., GA
Graybill, Michael-Baldwin Co., GA
Greaves, William-Lincoln Co., GA
Green, Anderson, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Green, Anderson, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Green, Beel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Green, Dave(obituary) GA
Green, Dave-Paulding Co., GA
Green, Thomas, GA
Green, H.-Baldwin Co., Greene Co., GA
Green – Rhode Island and GA
Greenhill, Joseph-Wake Co., N. C.
Greenlee, Samuel-Baldwin Co., GA
Greenway, John-Banks Co., GA
Greenwood – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Greenwood, George-Elbert Co., GA
Greenwood, John-Elbert Co., GA
Greenwood, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Greer – Greene Co., GA
Greer, Asa-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Greer, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Greer, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Greer, Robert-Columbia Co., GA
Greer, Vinson-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gregory, Frank-Cobb Co., GA
Gregory, James-Lincoln Co., GA
Gregory, Richard, Sr.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gregory, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Gresham, Archibald-Greene Co., GA
Gresham, Davis-Greene Co., GA
Gresham, Edward-Lincoln Co., GA
Griffen, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Griffeth, Morgan Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Griffin, David-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Griffin, Francis RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Griffin, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Griffin, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Griffin, Mary G.-Troup Co., GA
Griffin, Morgan -Oglethorpe Co., GA
Griffith, James-Oglethorpe Co., Griffith, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Griggs – Cobb Co., GA
Griggs, A. P. (infant -)-Paulding Co., GA
Griggs, A. P. (infant of)(obituary) GA
Griggs, John(obituary) GA
Griggs, John.-Paulding Co., GA
Grimage, Josha RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Grimes, Betsey Minor-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Grimes, John-Baldwin Co., GA
Grimes, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Grimes, John-Wilkes Co., GA
Grimes, Thomas -Greene Co., GA
Grisham, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Grogan – Cobb Co. and DeKalb Co., GA
Gronovald-McIntosh Co., GA
Gruber – Effingham Co., GA
Gruber – Effingham Co., GA
Guerry – South Carolina & Wilkinson Co., GA
Guise, Moses S.-Taliaferro Co., GA
Gunnells – Banks Co., Franklin Co., Wilkes Co., GA
Gunnells – VA; Banks Co., Franklin Co., and Wilkes Co., GA
Gunter – South Carolina; Elbert Co., GA and Jackson Co., GA
Guthery, Beverly-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Guthrey, Beverly-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Guthrie/Guthrey, William J.-Coweta Co., Gwinnett Co., GA
Gwinnett Co., Button -Chatham Co., GA
Gwosby, Ida 2-2-1828-8-11-1898, Goolsby -Oglethorpe Co., GA
Habersham, James -Chatham Co., GA
Habersham, John -Chatham Co., GA
Habersham Co., Joseph -Chatham Co., GA
Hagin – Greene Co., GA
Hagin, Ella(obituary) GA
Hagin, Ella-Paulding Co., GA
Hagin, Fannie(obituary) GA
Hagin, Fannie-Paulding Co., GA
Hagin, George(obituary) GA
Hagin, George-Paulding Co., GA
Hail, William-Union Co. S. C.
Haile, James, Sr.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Haile, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Haile, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Haile, Jane-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Haile, Mathew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hale, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hall, Benjamin-Baldwin Co., GA
Hall, John-Greene Co., GA
Hall, John-Lincoln Co., GA
Hall, William RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Hambleton, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hames-Murray Co., GA
Hamilton, Abraham-Rockingham Co., VA
Hamilton, Duke-Hancock Co., GA
Hamilton, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hamilton, Guin-Rockingham Co., VA
Hammack, Thomas – Virginia & Wilkes Co., GA
Hammet, Carter-Jackson Co., GA
Hammett, James-Baldwin Co., GA
Hammond – Baldin Hammond – Baldwin Co., GA
Hammond, Abner-Baldwin Co., GA
Hamner, Richardson-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hamner, Turner-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hamner, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hampton, John-Jackson Co., GA
Hampton, Thomas-Lincoln Co., GA
Hamrick, R. W. (obituary) GA
Hamrick, R. W. -Paulding Co., GA
Handley, George, Gov.- Oglethorpe Co., GA
Handy, Jacob-McIntosh Co., GA
Haney, George-Jackson Co., GA
Hanie, Julia(obituary) GA
Hanie, Julia-Paulding Co., GA
Hanna, James-Elbert Co., GA
Hanna, Jane-Elbert Co., GA
Hansberger, Stephen-Wilkes Co., GA
Hansell – Cobb Co., GA
Hanson – Monroe Co., GA
Hanson, Enoch -Monroe Co., GA
Hanson, Green(obituary) GA
Hanson, Green-Paulding Co., GA
Hanson, Thomas-Jackson Co., GA
Hardaman, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA

Hardeman – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hardeman – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hardeman, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hardiman, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hardman, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hardman, John-Morgan Co., GA
Hardman, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hardman, Uriah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hardman, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hardy – London and Virginia Hardy – London Co., VA
Hardy, Armistead-Banks Co., GA
Hardy, Edward-Lincoln Co., GA
Hardy, Jeremiah-Lincoln Co., GA
Hardy, Jesse, Jr.-Lincoln Co., GA
Hardy, John Sr.-Lincoln Co., GA
Hardy, John-Lincoln Co., GA
Hardy, Sarah-Lincoln Co., GA
Harget – Cobb Co., GA
Harget – Germany, Maryland, North Carolina & Cobb Co., GA
Hargraves, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hargrove, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Harmon – Monroe Co., GA
Harmon – Monroe Co., GA
Harper – Ireland and Georgia Harper – Wilkes Co., GA
Harper – Wilkes Co., GA
Harper, James-Jackson Co., GA
Harper, Rod, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Harper, Rod, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Harper, Samuel-Lincoln Co., GA
Harrell – NC of Stewart Co., Washington Co., GA
Harris, B.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Harris Buckner-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Harris, David-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Harris, David-Wilkes Co., GA
Harris Co., GA
Harris, David-Wilkes Co., GA
Harris , Elicia(obituary) GA
Harris Co., Elicia-Paulding Co., GA
Harris,Howell-Jackson Co., GA
Harris, Hubbard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Harris, John-Wilkes Co., GA
Harris, Lindy-Jackson Co.
Harris, Peter-Wilkes Co., Harris, Thomas
Harris, William-Greene Co., GA
Hart, James-Oglethorpe Co.
Hart, James-Wilkes Co., GA
Hart, Gasfield, Henry Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hart, Gasfield, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Harvey, James-Baldwin Co., GA
Harvey, Michael-Baldwin Co., GA
Harvie, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hastings, Robert RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Hatcher – Virginia & Wilkinson Co., GA
Hatchett – Harris Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hatchett – Virginia; Harris Co., GA and Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hatchett, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hatchett, William-Lunenburg Co., VA
Hatchett, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hawes, Lysander-McIntosh Co., GA
Hawkins – Jones Co., GA
Hawkins, Alexander-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hawkins, Alexander-Wilkes Co., GA
Hawkins, Elizabeth-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hawkins, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hawkins, Mary-Wilkes Co., GA
Hawkins, Nicholas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hawkins, Nicholas-Wilkes Co., GA
Hawling, Jack(obituary) GA
Hawling, Jack-Paulding Co., GA
Haws, Clayborn-Baldwin Co., GA
Hay, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hay, James P. (obituary) GA
Hay, James P. -Paulding Co., GA
Hay, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hay, Milley-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hay, P. J., Mrs.(obituary) GA
Hay, P. J., Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Hay, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hay, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hay, William Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hay, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Haygood – Monroe Co., GA
Haygood – Monroe Co., GA
Haynes, George-Jackson Co., GA
Haynes, Henry-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Haynes, Parmenas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Haynes, Parmenas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Haynes, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hayney, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hayns, Perminius-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hays, Ben(obituary) GA
Hays, Ben-Paulding Co., GA
Hays, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Headstock, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Heard – Virginia and Georgia Heard, John-Wilkes Co., GA
Heard, Stephen-Greene Co., GA
Hearn – Hancock Co., GA, Sussex , Delaware, Hancock Co., GA
Heaton, Mary Ann.(obituary) GA
Heaton, Mary Ann.-Paulding Co., GA
Helms, G. W.(obituary) GA
Helms, G. W.-Paulding Co., GA
Henderson – Newton Co., GA
Henderson – Newton Co., GA
Henderson, James(obituary) GA
Henderson, James-Jackson Co., GA
Henderson, James-Paulding Co., GA
Henderson, Robert-Jackson Co., GA
Henderson, Samuel-Jackson Co., GA
Hendon, Elijah-Jackson Co., GA
Hendon, Isham-Jackson Co., GA
Hendon, Isham-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hendon, Patience-Jackson Co., GA
Hendon, Robertson-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hendon, Robinson-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hendon, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hendon, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hendon, William-Jackson Co., GA
Hendrick, John-Greene Co., GA
Hendrix, James-Jackson Co., GA
Hendrix, James-Jackson Co., GA
Henerd, Turner RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Henley, Newtie(obituary) GA
Henley, Newtie-Paulding Co., GA
Henson of VA, NC, GA
Hepburn, Joseph-Baldwin Co., GA
Herbert, Isaac-Lincoln Co., GA
Herndon, Green Paton-Banks Co., GA
Herrin, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Herrin, David-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Herrin, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Herrin, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Herring, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Herron, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Heston, James RWS-Wilkes Co., GA
Heuley, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hewell, Wyatt-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hewitt – NC
Hewitt – North Carolina and Georgia
Hiak, John RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Hicks, Buck(obituary) GA
Hicks, Buck-Paulding Co., GA
Hicks, Eunice(obituary) GA
Hicks, Eunice-Paulding Co., GA
Hilcher, William RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Hill, Abraham-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hill, Abram-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hill, Abram-Wilkes Co., GA
Hill, Elizabeth-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hill, Harbert-Rutherford Co., NC
Hill, Henry -Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hill, Isaac-Jackson Co., GA
Hill, Theophilus-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hill, Thomas-Jackson Co., GA
Hill, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hill, Tom-Jackson Co., GA
Hill, William-Greene Co., GA
Hill, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hill, Wutman C.-Monroe Co., GA
Hillsman, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hilsabeck, Henry -Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hilton, Thomas-McIntosh Co., GA
Hines, Elias-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hines, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hines, John-Baldwin Co., GA
Hinton, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hitchcock – Paulding Co., GA
Hitchcock William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hitchcock, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hitchcock, Mary. Jane(obituary) GA
Hitchcock, Mary. Jane-Paulding Co., GA
Hitchcock, Overton(obituary) GA
Hitchcock, Overton-Paulding Co., GA
Hitchcock, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hitt of VA, SC
Hitt – Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia
Hix, I. C. (obituary) GA
Hix, I. C. -Paulding Co., GA
Hix, Thomas-Banks Co., GA
Hobson, John-Jackson Co., GA
Hodge – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hodge, Alexander-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hodge, Archibald-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hodge, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hodge, Thomas-Jackson Co., GA
Hodge, William-Jackson Co., GA
Hodge, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hogan – North Carolina & Jefferson Co., GA
Hogan, Sarah, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Hogan, Sarah, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Hogue, W. J. (obituary) GA
Hogue, W. J. -Paulding Co., GA
Holbrook – Virginia & Franklin Co., GA
Holcombe, Reuben, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Holcombe, Reuben, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Holdman, Isaac-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Holifield, Alsa-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Holifield, Daniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Holland – England, Virginia, and GA
Holland, E. W. (obituary) GA
Holland, E. W. -Paulding Co., GA
Holland, Henry, RWS-Tattnall Co., GA
Holland, Hugh RWS-Franklin Co., GA
Holland, John-Baldwin Co., GA
Holland, Julius RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Holland, Margaret-Abbeville Co., S. C.
Holland, Sewell-Jackson Co., GA
Holliday, Jeremiah-Jackson Co., GA
Holliday, John Morton-Jackson Co., GA
Holliday, Martin-Jackson Co., GA
Hollifield, Alsa-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hollifield, Daniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hollis, Georgia(obituary) GA
Hollis-Paulding Co., GA
Holman, Isaac-Harris Co., GA
Holmes, Ann-Jackson Co., GA
Holmes, James-Jackson Co., GA
Holmes, James-McIntosh Co., GA
Holmes, Lee-McIntosh Co., GA
Holmes, Lee-McIntosh Co., GA
Holmes, Mary-Jackson Co., GA
Holmes, Safronia-Jackson Co., GA
Holmes-McIntosh Co., GA
Holt – Putnam Co., GA
Holt, Simon-Baldwin Co., GA
Holt, Thaddeus-Baldwin Co., GA
Holt, William RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Holton, W. T. (obituary) GA
Holton, W. T. -Paulding Co., GA
Hopper, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Hopson, Nicholas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Horton, Hattie(obituary) GA
Horton, Hattie-Paulding Co., GA
Horton, Stephen-Baldwin Co., GA
Houghton, John-Greene Co., GA
Houghton, William-Greene Co., GA
Howard – Columbia Co., GA

Jordan, Edward-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Jordan, Freeman RWS-Nottoway Co. VA
Jordan, George RWS-Anderson Co. KY
Jordan, Green H.-Clarke Co., GA
Jordan, Henry Co., GA; RWS-William Co. TN
Jordan, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Jordan, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Jordan, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Jordan, John RWS-Clarke Co., GA
Jordan, Josiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Jordan, Josiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Jordan, Josiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Jordan, Marshall Co., GA, RWS-Clarke Co., GA
Jordan, Mary-Clarke Co., GA
Jordan, Patience-Clarke Co., GA
Jordan, Peter RWS-Fayette Co., GA
Jordan, Priscilla-Clarke Co., GA
Jordan, Robert RWS-Lexington Dist. SC
Jordan, Samuel RWS-Wilkes Co., GA
Jordan, Thomas RWS-Page Co. VA
Jordan, Thomas Co., of Oglethorpe Co., GA
Jordan, William RWS-GA
Jordan, Wineford-Clarke Co., GA
Jorden, Jacob-Lincoln Co., GA
Jossley, John-McIntosh Co., GA
Joyner, Eliza-Richmond Co., GA
Justice – Jones Co., GA
Justice, Dempsey-Baldwin Co., GA
Keaten – Paulding Co., GA
Keaten – South Carolina; Carroll Co., GA and Douglas Co., GA
Keen, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Keith, James-Lincoln Co., GA
Kelley, Francis-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Kellough, Allen-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Kellough, Isaac-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Kelough, Allen-Jackson Co., GA
Kelough, Daniel-Jackson Co., GA
Kelough, David-Jackson Co., GA
Kelough, James-Jackson Co., GA
Kelough, John-Jackson Co., GA
Kelough, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Kelough, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Kelsey, Noah-Gadsden Co., Fl
Kemper, Charles Sr. RWS-Fauquier Co. VA
Kenabrew, Shaderick-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Kendrick, Abel RWS-Hall Co., GA
Kendrick, John RWS-NC
Kenebrew, Harris Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Kennebrew, Jacob-Lincoln Co., GA
Kennebrew, Shadrack-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Kennedy – Tattnalll Co., GA
Kennedy – Tattnall Co., GA
Kennedy, William(obituary) GA
Kennedy, William-Paulding Co., GA
Kennon, Charles-Lincoln Co., GA
Kennon, William W.-Lincoln Co., GA
Kent, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Kerr, Josiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Key, William-Banks Co., GA
Kibbee – Bibb Co., GA
Kibbee – Bibb Co., GA
Kidd, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Kidd, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Kidd, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Kiker, R. E. (obituary) GA
Kiker, R. E. -Paulding Co., GA
Kimbrough – Greene Co., GA
Kimbrough – Greene Co., GA
Kimbrough, Shadrick RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Kinebrew, Elizabeth-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Kinerly, John-Jackson Co., GA
King of NC; Richmond Co., Morgan Co., Fayette Co., GA
King – North Carolina; Richmond Co., GA, Morgan Co., GA and Fayette Co., GA
King, John-Baldwin Co., GA
King, John-Jackson Co., GA
King, John-Jackson Co., GA
King, William R.-Taliaferro Co., GA
Kinsey, James-Jackson Co., GA
Kirkendall, Jonathan-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Kirkendall-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Kirkland, WIlliam-Jackson Co., GA
Kirkley, Charlotte-Baldwin Co., GA
Kirkpatrick, John.(obituary) GA
Kirkpatrick, John.-Paulding Co., GA
Kirkpatrtick, Samuel-Baldwin Co., GA
Kiser, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Kiser, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Knighton – South Carolina & Randolph Co., GA
Knighton – South Carolina
Know, Ann-Jackson Co., GA
Knox, Absalom-Iredell Co., NC
Knox, Absalom-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Knox, Andrew-Iredell Co., NC
Knox, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Knox, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Knox, David Luckie-Jackson Co., GA
Knox, James-Jackson Co., GA
Knox, John-Iredell Co, NC
Knox, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Knox, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Knox, Mary Morris-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Knox, Mary Morrison-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Knox, Mary-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Knox, Samuel-Jackson Co., GA
Knox, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Knzy, David of Jackson Co., GA
Kolb, Peter-Jackson Co., GA
Konetyko, William of McIntosh Co., GA
Kontz – Fulton Co., GA
Kontz – Fulton Co., GA
(brief sketch) Krieger, John -Chatham Co., GA
Lacy, R. G.-Taliaferro Co., GA
Lamar – Lamar – Warren Co., GA
Lamar, Thomas-Baldwin Co., GA
Lamar, Zachariah-Baldwin Co., GA
Lambert, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lampkin, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lane Laban descendants – Craven NC
Lane, G. W., child (obituary) GA
Lane, G. W., child, of Paulding Co., GA
Lane, Jesse-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lane, Jonathan-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lane, Joseph-Jackson Co., GA
Lane, Laban, descendants
Lane, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lane, Simeon-Jackson Co., GA
Lane, Simeon-Jackson Co., GA
Lane, W. A. (obituary) GA
Lane, W. A. -Paulding Co., GA
Langdon, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Langdon, John-Wilkes Co., GA
Langston, David-Columbia Co., GA
Langston, James-Banks Co., GA
Lanier – Bibb Co., GA
Lanier – Bibb Co., GA
Lankford – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lankford, John-Lincoln Co., GA
Lankford, Joseph-Lincoln Co., GA
Lankford, Milley-Lincoln Co., GA
Lansford, Henry-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Larimore, James RWS-NC
Lasley, William of Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lassence of McIntosh Co., GA
Lastinger – Bulloch Co., GA
Lastinger – Bulloch Co., GA
Lauder, Francis -Richmond Co., GA
Lauder, Francis-Richmond Co., GA
Lauder, James-Richmond Co., GA
Laurence, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Laurence, Zachariah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lavender – Jones Co., GA and Craven Co., N. C. & Screven Co., GA
Lavender – Jones Co., GA, Craven NC, Screven Co., GA
Lawrence – Monroe Co., GA
Lawrence, George(obituary) GA
Lawrence, George-Paulding Co., GA
Lay, Amos-Union Co., SC
Lay, Emanuel Co., Lincoln Co., GA
Lay, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lay, Zachariah-Lincoln Co., GA
Lea, Nancy-Wilkes Co., GA
Lea, Thomas-Wilkes Co., GA
Leach, Richard RWS-Rowan Co., NC
Lee – North Carolina and Bulloch Co., GA
Lee, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lee, John-Greene Co., GA
Lee, Seymour-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lee, Seymour-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Leeper, Allen-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Leeper, Rebekah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Leftwich, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Leftwich, Siphey-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Leftwich, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Legget, Abner-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Leggett, Alexander-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Leggett, Jesse-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Leggett, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lenoir, Hope H.-Monroe Co., GA
Lester, Alexander-Lunenburg Co., VA
Lester, Alexander-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lester, Alexander-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lester, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lester, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lester, Henry -Paulding Co., GA
Lester, James-Baldwin Co., GA
Lester, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lester, Josiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lester, Leon, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Lester, Leon, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Lester, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Lester, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
LeSueur – Monroe Co., GA
LeSueur – Monroe Co., GA
Leverett, Abraham-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Almeda-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Almedia-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Ann-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Catharine G.-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Gideon-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Henry-Wilkes Co., GA
Leverett, Jeremiah-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, John-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Maria-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Mary E.-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Mary G.-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Matilda-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Milita-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Myrtilla-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Thomas RWS-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Thomas-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Thomas-Troup Co., GA
Leverett, Wiley-Putnam Co., Lincoln Co., GA
Lewis, Fauntleroy-Baldwin Co., GA
Lewis, George RWS-Tattnalll Co., GA
Lewis, John. D., Mrs.(obituary) GA
Lewis, John. D., Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Lewis, John-Baldwin Co., GA
Lewis, Peter RWS-Henry Co., GA
Lewis, W. J.-Baldwin Co., GA
Lewis, William-Baldwin Co., GA
Light, Obediah-Jackson Co., GA
Lightfoot – Georgia Lightfoot – VA
Lightfoot, John-Burke Co., GA
Lightner, Eli – PA , SC
Lindsey – Greene Co., GA
Lindsey – Greene Co., GA
Lindsey, Jacob-Jackson Co., GA
Lindsey, Jacob-Jackson Co., GA
Lindsey, James-Jackson Co., GA
Linsey, Jerimiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Linton, A. B.-Taliaferro Co., GA
Little, Jacob.(obituary) GA
Little, Jacob.-Paulding Co., GA
Littleton, Solomon – Loudoun VA
Littleton, Southy – Monroe Co., GA
Littleton, Thomas – Roane Tennessee
Littleton, Solomon – Loudoun , Virginia

Littleton, Southy – Monroe Co., GA Littleton, Thomas – Roane , Tennessee Lockett – Virginia & Warren Co., GA Lockett, Winfrey-Oglethorpe Co., GA Lockhart, Richard-Greene Co., GA Long, George-McIntosh Co., GA Longstreet, Rachel-Richmond Co., GA Longstreet, William-Richmond Co., GA Looney, Mattie(obituary) GA Looney, Mattie-Paulding Co., GA Lorance, Jacob-Oglethorpe Co., GA Love – Abbeville District, South Carolina Love – Abbeville South Carolina Lovejoy, Edward-Jackson Co., GA Lovejoy, William-Jackson Co., GA Lovelace, Allen-Oglethorpe Co., GA Loveless – Alabama Loveless – Alabama Lowe – Harris Co., GA Lowe – Jones Co., GA Lowe, Isaiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA Lowrance – Germany New Jersey , NC Lowrance of Germany, New Jersey, North Carolina Lowry, E.(obituary) GA Lowry, E.-Paulding Co., GA Loyal, Francis-Jackson Co., GA Luckett – Maryland & Wilkes Co., GA Luckie, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA Luckie, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA Lumpkin Co., George-Oglethorpe Co. Luckie, Hendrick of Oglethorpe Co., Lumpkin Co., GA Luckie, Jack-Oglethorpe Co., Lumpkin Co., GA Luckie, John-Oglethorpe Co.,Lumpkin Co., GA Luckie, Nancy-Oglethorpe Co., Lumpkin Co., GA Luckie, Pitman-Oglethorpe Co., GA Luckie, William-Oglethorpe Co., Lumpkin Co., GA Luckie, Wilson-Oglethorpe Co., GA Lunsford – Georgia Lyddall – Kent VA Lyddall – Kent , Virginia Lyles, George N.-Jackson Co., GA Lyman, Elihu RWS-Columbia Co., GA Lynch – Jasper Co., GA Mable, John., Mrs.(obituary) GA Mable, John., Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA Mabry – Monroe Co., GA Mabry, David RWS-Wake Co. NC MacIntosh, Mary-Richmond Co., GA Mack, Bartholomaeus -Effingham Co., GA Mack, Wolfgang -Effingham Co., GA Mackay (family) – Scotland to Darien GA MacKenzie, Roderick -Richmond Co., GA Mackerel, Patrick RWS-Columbia Co., GA Mackey, Thomas-Jackson Co., GA Mackie, Samuel RWS-Franklin Co., GA Mackie, Samuel-Banks Co., GA Mackswell, John-Wilkes Co., GA Macleroy, Andrew-Oglethorpe Co., GA Maddox – Fulton Co., GA Maddox, Edwin-Wilkes Co., GA Maddox, Jacob of Greene Co., GA Maddox, John-Columbia Co., Madison Co., GA; VA, Warren Co., GA Maffett, James-Lincoln Co., GA Maffett, Susannah-Lincoln Co., GA MaGehee, Nathan-Jackson Co., GA Mahon, Zilpha-Baldwin Co., GA Mairs, Hugh-Jackson Co., GA Malcolm, John-McIntosh Co., GA Mallard – Liberty Co., GA Malone, Henry-Baldwin Co., GA Malone, J. D., Rev. (obituary) GA Manderson, John-Baldwin Co., GA Mangum – DeKalb Co., GA (brief) Mangum – DeKalb Co., GA (brief) Mangum, Howell-Banks Co., GA Mann – South Carolina & Newton Co., GA Mann – South Carolina , Newton Co., GA Manning, Drewry-Lincoln Co., GA Marbury – South Carolina & Richmond Co., GA Marbury – South Carolina , Richmond Co., GA Marbury, Leonard-Jackson Co., GA Marbut – DeKalb Co., GA Marbut – DeKalb Co., GA Mares, Hugh-Oglethorpe Co., GA Mares, Jane-Oglethorpe Co., GA Marks, John H.-Elbert Co., GA Marlow, Ann-Baldwin Co., GA Marlow, Edward RWS-Columbia Co., GA Marlow, George-Taliaferro Co., GA Maroney, James-Hancock Co., GA Marrs, Hugh-Oglethorpe Co., GA; Hall Co., GA; New England Marshand, Catherine Delacave-Richmond Co., GA Martin, Absalom RWS-Carteret Co. NC Martin, Anne-Oglethorpe Co., GA Martin, Anthony-Oglethorpe Co., GA Martin, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA Martin, Henry RWS-Greene Co., GA, NC Martin, James RWS-Jackson Co., GA Martin, Jesse-Oglethorpe Co., GA Martin, John-Abbeville Dist., SC Martin, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA Martin, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA Martin, Joshua-Greene Co., GA Martin, Marshall -Wilkes Co., GA Martin, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA Martin, William-Baldwin Co., GA Martin, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA Mason – Virginia & Georgia Massey – Bibb Co., GA Matheson, Duncan-Richmond Co., GA Mathews, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA Mathews, Jeremiah-Baldwin Co., GA Mathews, Jeremiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA Mathews, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA Matler, John RWS-Rowan Co. NC Matthew, Daniel-Jackson Co., GA Matthews – Paulding Co., GA Matthews, Ben(obituary) GA Matthews, Ben-Paulding Co., GA Matthews, Charlie(obituary) GA Matthews, Charlie-Paulding Co., GA Matthews, Eddie(obituary) GA Matthews, Eddie-Paulding Co., GA Matthews, George (General)-Richmond Co., GA Matthews, James RWS-Randolph Co., GA, NC Matthews, Jeremiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA Matthews, Nancy, Mrs.(obituary) GA Matthews, Nancy, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA Matthews, Thomas.(obituary) GA Matthews, Thomas.-Paulding Co., GA Mattox, James A.-Taliaferro Co., GA Mattox, Jesse-Taliaferro Co., GA Maulding, D. L. -Paulding Co., GA Maxey – Monroe Co., GA Maxey, Garland of Oglethorpe Co., GA Maxey, John-Clarke Co., GA Maxwell – Liberty Co., GA Maxwell, James M.-Banks Co., GA Maxwell, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA Maxwell, John-Wilkes Co., GA Maxwell, Robert-Wilkes Co., GA May, Jarris J.-Greene Co., GA McAllister, John-Greene Co., GA McAlphin, Alexander-Oglethorpe Co., GA McAlphin, Robert-Jackson Co., GA McCalls, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA McCaman, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA McCaman, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA McCammon, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA McCammon, Susannah-Oglethorpe Co., GA McCamon, James=Oglethorpe Co., GA McCardel, John-Wilkes Co., GA McCardle, Henry, RWS-Columbia Co., GA McCartney, Charles-Jackson Co., GA McCartney, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA McCartney, Jane-Wilkes Co., GA McCarty, Daniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA McCarty, Hannah-Oglethorpe Co., GA McCarty, John RWS-Columbia Co., GA McClain, Elisha-Oglethorpe Co., GA McClain, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA McClain, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA McClendon, Isaac-Greene Co., GA McClendon, Isaac-Oglethorpe Co., GA McClendon, Isaac-Wilkes Co., GA McClurg, Nathaniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA McClurg, Nat-Oglethorpe Co., GA McCom, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA McCommon, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA McCommon, Susannah-Oglethorpe Co., GA McComon, Susannah-Oglethorpe Co., GA McConnell, John-Jackson Co., GA McCord, Abraham-Jackson Co., GA McCord, Esther-Jackson Co., GA McCord, James-Jackson Co., GA McCord, John-Lincoln Co., GA McCordle, John-Wilkes Co., GA McCorkle, Mary-Lincoln Co., GA McCormack, Hiram-Taliaferro Co., GA McCorquodale – Scotland, Georgia & Texas McCree, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA McCree, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA McCurdy, David-Jackson Co., GA McCutchen, Joseph-Jackson Co., GA McCutcheon, Joseph-Jackson Co., GA McDaniel, John, Sr.-Oglethorpe Co., GA McDaniel, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA McDonald – NC, Elbert Co., GA McDonald – North Carolina & Elbert Co., GA McDonald, Elisha-McIntosh Co., GA McDonald, Hugh-Oglethorpe Co., GA McDonald, James-Jackson Co., GA McDonald, John Sr. RWS-Columbia Co., GA McDonald, Josiah-Jackson Co., GA McDonald, William-McIntosh Co., GA McDonell, John-Elbert Co., GA McEachern – Fayette Co., GA McEachern – Fayette Co., GA McElhannon, Hezekiah-Jackson Co., GA McElhanon, John-Jackson Co., GA McElroy, Andrew-Oglethorpe Co., GA McElroy, Edward-Oglethorpe Co., GA McElroy, Henry -Oglethorpe Co., GA McElroy, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA McElroy, Reuben-Oglethorpe Co., GA McElroy, Reuben-Oglethorpe Co., GA McElroy, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA McElroy, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA McEwen, Alexander-Oglethorpe Co., GA McEwen, Alexander-Oglethorpe Co., GA McFalls, John-Jackson Co., GA McFalls, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA McGehee, Catherine-Baldwin Co., GA McGehee, Edward-Prince Edward Co., VA McGehee, Francis-Oglethorpe Co., GA McGehee, Jacob-Prince Edward Co., VA McGehee, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA McGehee, Jesse-Jackson Co., GA McGehee, Micajah-Oglethorpe Co., GA McGehee, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA McGehee, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA McGehee, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA McGehee, Thurmond-Oglethorpe Co., GA McGehee, William-Baldwin Co., GA
McGill, Thomas-Lincoln Co., GA McGinty – Monroe Co., GA McGough – Monroe Co., GA McGuire, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA McGuire, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA McGuire, Timothy-Oglethorpe Co., GA McIntosh – (Darien) McIntosh Co., GA, Scotland McIntosh, Lachlan-McIntosh Co., GA McKee, Lewis-Jackson Co., GA McKinne, Elizabeth-Richmond Co., GA McKinne, Felix-Richmond Co., GA McKinney – Bibb Co., GA McKinney, Georgiann-Richmond Co., GA McKinney, Sarah Foulk-Richmond Co., GA McKinney, Thomas-Cobb Co., GA McKinney, William Wigfall-Richmond Co., GA McKissack, Thomas RWS-Person Co. NC McKnight, Rev. – Washington Co., Richmond Co., GA McLain, James-Lincoln Co., GA McLaughlin, Thomas Drain-Wilkes Co., GA McLauglin, Jean-Oglethorpe Co., GA McLaw, James-Lincoln Co., GA McLaws, Alexander-Richmond Co., GA McLean, William RWS-Salisbury, NC McLendon, Bettie(obituary) GA McLendon, Bettie-Paulding Co., GA McMahan, Patrick RWS-Columbia Co., GA McMahan, Redman RWS-Warren Co., GA, TN McMillan, John RWS-Habersham Co., GA McMillan, John-Habersham Co., GA McMinn – Buncombe NC, Cobb Co., GA McMinn – Buncombe , North Carolina & Cobb Co., GA McMullen, John-Baldwin Co., GA McMurray, James-Baldwin Co., GA McNabb, Andrew-Wilkes Co., GA McNeal, John-Baldwin Co., GA McNeely, Daniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA McNiel, Catherine-Oglethorpe Co., GA McNiel, Col.-Oglethorpe Co., GA McNiel, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA McNiel, Mary-Oglethorpe Co., GA McNiel, Michael-Oglethorpe Co., GA McRee – Wilkes Co., GA McRee – Wilkes Co., GA Meacham, Angelina-Baldwin Co., GA Meacham, Henry Co., Baldwin Co., GA Mead, Israel RWS-Tioga Co. NY Mead, Jeremiah RWS-Fairfield Co. CT Meadows, Bettie(obituary) GA Meadows, Bettie-Paulding Co., GA Meadows, Betty(obituary) GA Meadows, Betty-Paulding Co., GA Means – New Jersey & GA Means – New Jersey, Mears (Mares), Hugh-Jackson Co., GA Med, Minor RWS-Greene Co., GA Medows, Will (daughter -) -Paulding Co., GA Medows, Will (daughter of) (obituary) GA Meek, Moses(obituary) GA Meek, Moses-Paulding Co., GA Meek, Mrs.(obituary) GA Meek, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA Melone, John-Jackson Co., GA Melton, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA Mercer, Herman-Taliaferro Co., GA Mercer, Jesse-Oglethorpe Co., GA Mercer, Jesse-Wilkes Co., Meriwether Co., GA Mercer, Nicholas L. of Oglethorpe Co. Meson, Frances-Oglethorpe Co., GA Miars, Nathaniel-Jackson Co., GA Mickler-Camden Co., GA Middlebrooks – Harris Co., GA Middlebrooks, Isaac-Jackson Co., GA Middleton, John-Lincoln Co., GA Middleton, R.-Lincoln Co., GA Middleton, Robert-Elbert Co., GA Middleton, Robert-Lincoln Co., GA Middleton, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA Midwell, Pleas(obituary) GA Midwell, Pleas-Paulding Co., GA Milam, John Jr. RWS-Madison Co., GA Miles, John-Baldwin Co., GA Miller – South Carolina, Mississippi; Hancock Co., GA and Wilkes Co., GA Miller, Andrew-Jackson Co., GA Miller, David, RWS-Lincoln Co., GA, NC Miller, George RWS-MA Miller, James-Jackson Co., GA Miller, John-Jackson Co., GA Miller, Matthew RWS-NC Miller, Samuel William-Richmond Co., GA Miller, William RWS-Bulloch Co., GA Miller, William-Jackson Co., GA Millican – Monroe Co., GA Millican, Andrew RWS-Madison Co., GA Milligan, Isaac-Oglethorpe Co., GA Mills, James RWS-Bethel, ME Mills, William C. -Chatham Co., GA Milner – Wilkes Co., GA Milner, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA Milner, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA Milner, Pittman-Oglethorpe Co., GA Mitchell, Henry -Greene Co., GA Mitchell, Robert-Richmond Co., GA Mitchell, Thomas-Lincoln Co., GA Mitchell, William-Baldwin Co., GA Mitchener – Randolph Co., GA Mobley, Jethro-Jackson Co., GA Moffett, Thomas-Richmond Co., Montgomery Co., GA Moffett, Hugh-Jackson Co., GA Moody – Paulding Co., GA Moody – Paulding Co., GA Moody, E. S.(obituary) GA Moody, E. S.-Paulding Co., GA Moody, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA Moon, Jacob – Greene Co., GA Moon, Jacob – PA and VA Moon, George(obituary) GA Moon, George-Paulding Co., GA Moon, H. T.(obituary) GA Moon, H. T.-Paulding Co., GA Moon, James Benjamin Edmond-Walton Co., GA Moon, Joseph B.(obituary) GA Moon, Joseph-Paulding Co., GA B. Moon, Monk(obituary) GA Moon, Monk-Paulding Co., GA Moon, Thomas B.-Walton Co., GA Moon, William-Walton Co., GA Mooney, Bryant-Jackson Co., GA Moore, Dinah Shepherd-Richmond Co., GA Moore, Edward-Oglethorpe Co., GA Moore, Edward-Wilkes Co., GA Moore, Eleanor-Richmond Co., GA Moore, Elizabeth-Oglethorpe Co., GA Moore, Elizabeth-Richmond Co., GA Moore, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA Moore, James-Jackson Co., GA Moore, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA Moore, John-Lincoln Co., GA Moore, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA Moore, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA Moore, Keziah Louisa-Richmond Co., GA Moore, Luke-Baldwin Co., GA Moore, Michael-Jackson Co., GA Moore, Patrick-Richmond Co., GA Moore, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA Moore, Samuel-Jackson Co., GA Moore, Thomas-Richmond Co., GA Moore, Whittington-Baldwin Co., GA Moore, William, Jr.-Jackson Co., GA Moore, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA Moore, William-Richmond Co., GA Moore-Floyd Co., Cobb Co., GA Moran, John-Baldwin Co., Morgan Co., Wilkes Co., Jasper Co., Stewart Co., GA Moran, John – Wilkes Co., Jasper Co., and Stewart Co. Moran, Asa-Jackson Co., Morgan Co., GA Moore, John-Oglethorpe Co., Morgan Co., GA Moore, Robert-Jackson Co., Morgan Co., Thomas Co., Jackson Co., GA Morris, Obediah-Baldwin Co., GA Morris, Richard-McIntosh Co., GA Morris, Simon, Jr.-Taliaferro Co., GA Morris, Simon-Taliaferro Co., GA Morris, William-Banks Co., GA Morrison, Alexander RWS-Cumberland Co. NC Morrison, James RWS-Warren Co., GA Morrow, Alsey(obituary) GA Morrow, Alsey-Paulding Co., GA Morton – Jones Co., GA Morton, Joel-Jackson Co., GA Morton, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA Morton, Oliver RWS-Jones Co., GA Morton, Thomas RWS-Wake Co. NC Morton, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA Mosby, Wade RWS-Powhatan Co. VA Moseley – Morgan Co., GA Mosley, William-Lincoln Co., GA Moss – Harris Co., GA Moss, Henry -Baldwin Co., GA Moss, John-Banks Co., GA Moss, John-Jackson Co., GA Moss, Joyce-Oglethorpe Co., GA Moss, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA Mott, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA Moye-McIntosh Co., GA Muckle, Billey-Oglethorpe Co., GA Muckle, Nancy-Oglethorpe Co., GA Muckleroy, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA Muckleroy, Mary-Oglethorpe Co., GA Muller, John-McIntosh Co., GA Murphey, Edward-Oglethorpe Co., GA Murphey, John-Wilkes Co., GA Murphy – Fayette Co., GA and Pike Co., GA Murphy – Fayette Co., Pike Co., GA Murphy, Cornelius-Baldwin Co., GA Murphy, Drury-Baldwin Co., GA Murphy, John J.-Troup Co., GA Murrah – Warren Co., GA Murrah – Warren Co., GA Murray , Ann-Richmond Co., GA Murray, David-Oglethorpe Co., GA Murray Co., George-Baldwin Co., GA Murray, Thomas -Lincoln Co., GA Murray, Thomas of Oglethorpe Co., GA Murry, Thomas of Oglethorpe Co., Muscogee Co., and Twiggs Co., GA Musgrove, Harris Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA Myrick, John-Baldwin Co., GA Nail, Joseph-Jackson Co., GA Nail, Mrs.-Lincoln Co., GA Nail, Obediah-Jackson Co., GA Nail, Savoy-Jackson Co., GA Nall, John-Jackson Co., GA Napier – Bibb Co., GA Napier – Bibb Co., GA Naylor, George-Richmond Co., GA Neal, Joseph-Jackson Co., GA Neal, Julian-Jackson Co., GA Neal, Luvinia-Banks Co., GA Neal, Thales-Banks Co., GA Neaves, James-Baldwin Co., GA Neely – Coweta Co., GA Neely – Coweta Co., GA Nelms – Monroe Co., GA Nelms, Clevers A.-Taliaferro Co., GA
Nelson, John-Jackson Co., GA Nelson, Sylvanus-Oglethorpe Co., GA Nephew – McIntosh Co., GA Nephew – McIntosh Co., GA Nesbit, James-Greene Co., GA Nesbitt, James Wilson-Richmond Co., GA Nesbitt, Mary-Richmond Co., GA Nesmith – Screven Co. & Wilkinson Co., GA Nettles, James-Jackson Co., GA Neves, John-Baldwin Co., GA Newbins, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA Newton, James-Greene Co., GA Newton , James-Richmond Co., GA Newton, Josiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA Newton, Levi-Greene Co., GA Nichols, Isaac RWS-Brooklyn, NY Nichols, Thomas-Jackson Co., GA Nicholson – Stewart Co., GA Nix, John RWS-Jackson Co., GA Nix, R. J.(obituary) GA Nix, R. J.-Paulding Co., GA Nix, William(obituary) GA Nix, William-Paulding Co., GA Nixon, David-Jackson Co., GA Nobles – Monroe Co., GA Nolan, James-Lincoln Co., GA Nolan, Salley-Lincoln Co., GA Noles, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA Nolman, Anthony-Oglethorpe Co., GA Norfleet, Marmaduke-Halifax Co., NC Norman, Barton-Lincoln Co., GA Norman, Jensey-Lincoln Co., GA Norman, William H.-Lincoln Co., GA Norris – Monroe Co., GA Norris, Needham-Oglethorpe Co., GA Norris, William RWS-Harris Co., GA Northington, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA Norton, Emma(obituary) GA Norton, Emma-Paulding Co., GA Norton, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA Norton, John-Wilkes Co., GA Norton, Jonathan-Oglethorpe Co., GA Norton, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA Norton, Thomas-Wilkes Co., GA Norton, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA Nunn, Reubin-Banks Co., GA Nunnalee – Elbert Co., GA Nye, David, RWS-Berlin, VT Nye, Elisha RWS-MA Nye, Nathan RWS-Falmouth, MA Nye, Seth RWS-Albany Co., NY OBrien, James-McIntosh Co., GA ONeal, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA Oaks, Isaac RWS-Perry Co. AL Oaks, Isaac-Oglethorpe Co., GA Oates, Richard Wyatt RWS-Sumter Co. Obart, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA Obdyck, Jonathan-Greene Co., GA Odon, Mr.(obituary) GA Odon, Mr.-Paulding Co., GA Ogilvie, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA Ogle, Mrs.(obituary) GA Ogle, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA Ogletree, John G.-Taliaferro Co., GA Ogletree, John-Wilkes Co., GA Olive – Johnston Co., N. C. and Oglethorpe Co., GA Olive – Oglethorpe Co., GA Olive, Anthony-Oglethorpe Co., GA Olive, Kerenhappuch-Oglethorpe Co., GA Oliver, Dionsysious-Elbert Co., GA Oliver, Jackson Co., Banks Co., GA Olliffe RWS-Bulloch Co., GA Ollive, Anthony-Oglethorpe Co., GA Orear, Daniel RWS-Chattooga Orr, Florence (obituary) GA Orr, Florence-Paulding Co., GA Osborn, Abraham RWS-Monmouth Co. NJ Osborn, Green, Mrs.(obituary) GA Osborn, Green, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA Osborn, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA Osborn, Mourning-Oglethorpe Co., GA Osborn, Stephen RWS-Rowan Co. NC Osborne, Jesse RWS-Wake Co. NC Osgood – Liberty Co., GA Osgood – Liberty Co., GA Otwell, William-Jackson Co., GA Oung, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA Overton – Greene Co., GA Overton – Greene Co., GA Owen – Jones Co., GA Owen – Jones Co., GA Owen, Glenn-Oglethorpe Co., GA Owen, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA Owen, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA Owens, Elijah-Baldwin Co., GA Owens, Joshua-Banks Co., GA Owens, Lee(obituary) GA Owens, Lee-Paulding Co., GA Owens, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA Oxford – Monroe Co., GA Oxford – Monroe Co., GA Padgett – NC; Emanuel Co., Jefferson Co., GA Palmer, Martin-Baldwin Co., GA Parham, Henry Co., Baldwin Co., GA Paris, Homer(obituary) GA Paris, Homer-Paulding Co., GA Park, Garrett W.-Oglethorpe Co., GA Park, James L.-Taliaferro Co., GA Parker – Maryland, Martin Co., North Carolina & Hancock Co., GA and Greene Co., GA Parker, Isaac-Hancock Co., GA Parker, Jacob-Baldwin Co., GA Parkerson, Jacob RWS-Greene Co., GA Parks, Catherine-Oglethorpe Co., GA Parks, Ezekiel-Oglethorpe Co., GA Parks, Garrett W.-Jackson Co., GA Parks, Garrett-Oglethorpe Co., GA Parks, James-Jackson Co., GA Parks, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA Parks, John B.-Oglethorpe Co., GA Parks, John.(obituary) GA Parks, John.-Paulding Co., GA Parks, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA Parks, Mary-Oglethorpe Co., GA Parks, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA Parks, Robert-Jackson Co., GA Parks, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA Parks, Samuel-Jackson Co., GA Parnell, Frank-McIntosh Co., GA Parris, Cal(obituary) GA Parris, Cal-Paulding Co., GA Parsons, William-Jackson Co., GA Paschal, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA Pate, James-Baldwin Co., GA Patman, Phillip-Wilkinson Co., GA Patman, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA Patrick – Chattooga Patrick, David-Oglethorpe Co., GA Patrick, David-Oglethorpe Co., GA Patrick, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA Patrick, Paul-Jackson Co., GA Patrick, Paul-Oglethorpe Co., GA Patrick, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA Pattern, Samuel-Jackson Co., GA Patterson, Arthur-Jackson Co., GA Patterson, Josiah-Jackson Co., GA Pattillo, John RWS-Greene Co., GA Patton, Jean-Oglethorpe Co., GA Patton, Samuel-Jackson Co., GA Patton, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA Patton, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA Patton, Thomas,-Jackson Co., GA Paulk – Jefferson Co., GA & Wilkinson Co., GA Payn, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA Payne, Champness-Franklin Co., GA Payne, Thomas-Baldwin Co., GA Peachy – Mildenhall Co., England, and America Peacock – Wayne NC , Wilkinson Co., GA Peacock – Wayne , North Carolina & Wilkinson Co., GA Peacock, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA Peacock, Nancy-Oglethorpe Co., GA Peak, David-Jackson Co., GA Peak, David-Jackson Co., GA Pearman – Monroe Co., GA Pearson, Henry-Wilkes Co., GA Pearson, Mrs.(obituary) GA Pearson, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA Peeples, David-Wilkes Co., GA Pennington, Abel-Oglethorpe Co., GA Pennington, Isaac-Oglethorpe Co., GA Pennington, Jacob-Jackson Co., GA Pentecost, Delilah-Jackson Co., GA Pentecost, Mary-Jackson Co., GA Pentecost, William-Jackson Co., GA Perdue – Monroe Co., GA Pere, Ben-Jackson Co., GA Perkins – Maryland, Virginia, PA, North Carolina, Ohio & GA Perkins – Warren Co., GA Perkins, Alford-Taliaferro Co., GA Perkins, Isaac RWS-Craven Co. NC Perkins, John RWS-Marion Perkins, John RWS-Wayne Co., TN Perry – Virginia and Georgia Perryman – Columbia Co., Richmond Co., GA Peters, Jesse-Oglethorpe Co., GA Peters, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA Peterson, John-Baldwin Co., GA Phair, Ephraim-Oglethorpe Co., GA Pharr, Edward-SC Pharr, Francis-Jackson Co., GA Pharr, Jonathan-Jackson Co., GA Phelps, John-Bedford Co., VA Phelps, Washington Co., GA,Oglethorpe Co., GA Philips, Isaac-Oglethorpe Co., GA Philips, John-Taliaferro Co., GA Phillips – Wilkes Co., GA Phillips – Wilkes Co., GA Phillips, Duval (obituary) GA Phillips, Duval -Paulding Co., GA Phillips, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA Phillips, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA Phillips, L. M.(obituary) GA Phillips, L. M.-Paulding Co., GA Phillips, Mark-Greene Co., GA Phillips, William-Greene Co., GA Phinizy – Monroe Co., GA Phinizy, Ferdinand-Oglethorpe Co., GA Phinizy, Ferdinand-Richmond Co., GA Phinizy, Margaret-Richmond Co., GA Pickett, Betsy-Baldwin Co., GA Pickett, William-Baldwin Co., GA Pierce, Lewis-Oglethorpe Co., GA Pike, Greenville , S. C. & Hancock Co., GA & Walton Co., GA Pine, Tamsey-Baldwin Co., GA Pinkard, Alexander(obituary) GA Pinkard, Alexander-Paulding Co., GA Pinson, Joseph RWS-Rabun Co., GA Pinston, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA Pipkin, Stephen RWS-Conecuh Co. AL Pitman, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA Pittman, James-Jackson Co., GA Pittman, John E.-Taliaferro Co., GA Pittman, McG.-Taliaferro Co., GA Pitts, John-Baldwin Co., GA Pogue, Thomas–Jackson Co. GA Polk,, Frances Ann Dexereux-Richmond Co., GA Polk, Leonidas-Richmond Co., GA

Ponce, Alexander Sturgis-Richmond Co., GA
Ponder – Monroe Co., GA
Ponder, Amos-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ponder, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ponder, William L.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ponder, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Pool, Charley(obituary) GA
Pool, Charley-Paulding Co., GA
Pool, J. C.(obituary) GA
Pool, J. C.-Paulding Co., GA
Pool, Samuel RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Pope, Archelus-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Pope, Burwell-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Pope, Burwell-Wilkes Co., GA
Pope, Henry -Oglethorpe Co., GA
Pope, John-Wilkes Co., GA
Pope, Leroy-Elbert Co., GA
Pope, Willie-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Poppell-McIntosh Co., GA
Porch – Virginia & Elbert Co., GA
Porter, Nathaniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Porter, Oliver RWS-Greene Co., GA
Porter, Tilmon E.(obituary) GA
Porter, Tilmon E.-Paulding Co., GA
Porter, William-Baldwin Co., GA
Portwood, Dempsey-Taliaferro Co., GA
Potts – Monroe Co., GA
Potts, James Jr. RWS-Iredell Co. NC
Potts, James-Greene Co., GA
Potts, William-Jackson Co., GA
Poulson, Jonathan-Jackson Co., GA
Poulson, Mark-Jackson Co., GA
Pounds, Isham J.-Taliaferro Co., GA
Powel, Edward-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Powell, Archer-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Powell, Britain RWS-Duplin Co. NC
Powell, Edward-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Powell, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Powell, Richard-Baldwin Co., GA
Power/Powers – Madison Co., GA
Prestidge, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Preston – Ireland, Virginia & Butts, Jasper Co., GA and Walton Co., GA
Price, Abel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Price, Abel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Price, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Price, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Price, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Prnce – South Carolina; DeKalb Co., , Fulton Co., & Morgan Co., GA
Prince-South Carolina, Virginia
Prince, John-Lincoln Co., GA
Pritchet, Harris,-Banks Co., GA
Proctor – Camden Co., GA
Proctor – Monroe Co., GA
Pryor, Edward-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Pryor, Obediah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Pullen – North Carolina and Georgia Pullen-McIntosh Co., GA
Pulliam, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Puryear, William-Jackson Co., GA
Puryear, William-Jackson Co., GA
Pye – Monroe Co., GA
Quarterman-Liberty Co., GA
Radford, Reuben-Baldwin Co., GA
Radford, Reuben-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Rae – Richmond Co., GA
Rafferty, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ragan, Asa-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ragan, Jonathan-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ragan, Mark-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ragland, Frances-Elbert Co., GA
Raglin, Evin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ragsdale, J.(obituary) GA
Ragsdale, J.-Paulding Co., GA
Rahn of Ebenezer, GA
Raiford – Virginia, North Carolina & Jefferson Co., GA
Rainey, Ma.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Rainey, Mathew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Rainey, Matthew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Rainwater – Greene Co., GA
Rakestraw, Grover T.(obituary) GA
Rakestraw, Grover T.-Paulding Co., GA
Ramey, Absalom-Jackson Co., GA
Ramsey, Archebell-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ramsey, Catey-Jackson Co., GA
Ramsey, Catharine-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ramsey, James-Jackson Co., GA
Ramsey, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ramsey, John-Columbia Co., GA
Ramsey, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ramsey, William-Oglethorpe Co.,Randolph Co., GA
Rason, Rice-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Rataree, Alexander(obituary) GA
Rataree, Alexander-Paulding Co., GA
Rataree, Will(obituary) GA
Rataree, Will-Paulding Co., GA
Ratchford, Joseph-Jackson Co., GA
Ratchford, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ratliff, James-Lincoln Co., GA
Ratliff, Thomas-Lincoln Co., GA
Ratliff, William-Lincoln Co., GA
Raubwater – Greene Co., GA
Ray, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Razor, Isaac RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Redding, Charles-Baldwin Co., GA
Redding, William-Baldwin Co., GA
Redman – Columbia Co., GA
Reed, Alexander-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Reed, Andrew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Reed, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Reed, Isaac-Jackson Co., GA
Reed, John., Mrs.(obituary) GA
Reed, John., Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Reed, Mr.(obituary) GA
Reed, Mr.-Paulding Co., GA
Reed, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Reed, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Reed, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Rees, Hugh -McDuffie
Reese – Columbia Co., GA & Warren Co., GA
Reeves – York Co., S. C. & DeKalb Co., GA, Fayette Co., GA & Jasper Co., GA
Register, Amos Love-Laurens Co., GA
Register, John Peter-Laurens Co., GA
Register, Robert-Laurens Co., GA
Reid, Alexander-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Reid, Andrew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Reid, Cato-McIntosh Co., GA
Reid, Templeton – GA
Remson, Rem-Lincoln Co., GA
Reynolds, James-Baldwin Co., GA
Reynolds, John-Jackson Co., GA
Reynolds, Spencer-Clarke Co., GA
Reynolds, Thomas-Jackson Co., GA
Rhea – Spalding Co., GA
Rhodes, Thomas Co., Oglethorpe Co., GA
Rian, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Rice, Susan-Baldwin Co., GA
Richards, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Richardson – Wilkes Co., GA
Richardson, Agnes-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Richardson, Allen-Upson Co., GA
Richardson, Davis Thornton-Upson Co., GA, Delta Co., TX
Richardson, Francis Marion-Upson Co., Fulton Co., GA
Richardson, Frank Henry Co., Upson Co., Fulton Co., GA
Richardson, John-Newton Co., GA
Richardson, Levi-Newton Co., GA
Richardson, Lewis-Fulton Co., GA
Richardson, Mrs. John.(obituary) GA
Richardson, Mrs. John.-Paulding Co., GA
Richardson, Sarah Miller-Banks Co., GA
Richardson, William W.-Fulton Co., GA
Richardson, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Riddel, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Riden, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Riden, Clarisy-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Riley, William-McIntosh Co., GA
Ringo, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ritch, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Robertson, Gertrude(obituary) GA
Robertson, Gertrude-Paulding Co., GA
Roberts of Jones Co., GA
Roberts, Daniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Roberts, Richard RWS-Wayne Co.
Roberts, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Robertson, David-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Robertson, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Robertson, William-Jackson Co., GA
Robertson, William-Taliaferro Co., GA
Robinson, John-Baldwin Co., GA
Robinson, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Rodgers, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Rogers – Elbert Co., GA
Rogers, Benjamin-Jackson Co., GA
Rogers, David-Jackson Co., GA
Rogers, David-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Rogers, George-Jackson Co., GA
Rogers, Humphrey RWS of Anson Co. NC
Rogers, James-Jackson Co., GA
Rogers, John Henderson-Jackson Co., GA
Rogers, John-Jackson Co., GA
Rogers, Peleg-Jackson Co., GA
Rogers, Thomas Stanfer-Jackson Co., GA
Rogers, Thomas-Jackson Co., GA
Rogers, Wilson RWS-Lawrence Co. TN
Roland, Fred RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Rollestone – Atlanta, GA

Rollins, W. L.(obituary) GA
Rollins, W. L.-Paulding Co., GA
Rolston, Ezekiel-Baldwin Co., GA
Rosamond, Samuel RWS-Walton Co., GA
Ross, Charles RWS-Morgan Co., GA
Co. AL Ross, Wiley-Jackson Co., GA
Rostic, David-McIntosh Co., GA
Rountree – Montgomery Co., GA and Emanuel Co., GA
Rousaw, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Roussou, William-Greene Co., GA
Roussou, William-Richmond Co., GA
Rowlett, Peter-Baldwin Co., GA
Rucker, Azmon-Franklin Co., GA
Rucker, Wiley-Baldwin Co., GA
Rumbley, John-Lincoln Co., GA
Rumph – Orangeburg Co. S. C.
Runnells, Spencer of Wilkes Co., GA
Runnels, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Russell – Liberty Co., GA
Russell – Liberty Co., GA
Russell – Wilkes Co., GA
Russell – Wilkes Co., GA
Russell, Caleb RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Russell, Jeremiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Russell, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Russell, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Russom, R. W. (child -)-Paulding Co., GA
Russom, R. W. (child of)(obituary) GA
Rutherford, John-Baldwin Co., GA
Rutherford, Thomas-Baldwin Co., GA
Rutledge, James-Greene Co., GA
Rutledge, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Rutledge, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Rutledge, Thomas-Greene Co., GA
Ryals, Jabez-McIntosh Co., GA
Ryals, Jabez-McIntosh Co., GA
Ryan, Benjamin, Sr.-Lincoln Co., GA
Ryan, Benjamin-Lincoln Co., GA
Ryan, Philip -Clarke Co., GA
Rylee, James-Banks Co., GA
Saffold, Daniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Saffold, Reubin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sailors – Madison Co., GA
Sailors – Madison Co., GA
Sailors – Switzerland, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina & Georgia
Sams, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sams, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sams, Lewis-McIntosh Co., GA
Sanders, David-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sanders, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sanders, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sanders, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sanders, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sanders, Jesse-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sandford, Jesse-Baldwin Co., GA
Sandford, Lucy(obituary) GA
Sandford, Lucy-Paulding Co., GA
Sandreth, Moses-Jackson Co., GA
Sanford, William(obituary) GA
Sanford, William-Paulding Co., GA
Sanson, John RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Sappington – Monroe Co., GA
Sappington – Monroe Co., GA
Satterfield, J. H.(obituary) GA
Satterfield, J. H.-Paulding Co., GA
Satterfield, William-Pendleton Dist., SC
Satterwhite – Harris Co., GA
Satterwhite – Harris Co., GA
Saunders, Mark-Hancock Co., GA
Savage – VA
Saxon – England, VA, NC & GA
Saxon, Davis-Wilkes Co., GA
Sayre, Francis-Baldwin Co., GA
Scarborough – Burke Co., and Madison Co., GA
Scarborough – Burke Co., Madison Co., GA
Schikan – Atlanta., GA
Scoggan, Sanders Johnson-Clarke Co., GA
Scoggin, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Scoggin, Jane-Clarke Co., GA
Scoggin, Milligan-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Scoggin, Smith-Baldwin Co., GA
Scoggins, George-Jackson Co., GA
Scoggins, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Scott – Monroe Co., GA
Scott – Monroe Co., GA
Scott, Abraham-Jackson Co., GA
Scott, Abraham-Jackson Co., GA
Scott, James-Baldwin Co., GA
Scott, James-Jackson Co., GA
Scott, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Scott, Joseph RWS-Campbell Co. VA
Scott, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Scott, Moses RWS-MA
Scott, Obediah RWS-Genevieve Co., MO
Scott, Thomas W.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Scroggin, Chatten D.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Scroggins, Charlton D.-Jackson Co., GA
Scrogins, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Scruggs, Edward-Lincoln Co., GA
Searcy – Monroe Co., GA
Searcy – Monroe Co., GA
Searcy-Monroe Co., GA
Segraves – Madison Co., GA
Segraves – Madison Co., GA
Selkirk – Chatham Co., GA
Selkirk – Chatham Co., GA
Sell, Phillip RWS-Rowan Co. NC
Semmes – Maryland & Wilkes Co., GA
Sessions, John RWS-Jasper Co., GA
Sessoms, William Jr. RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Sessoms, William Sr. RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Sewall, Lewis-Wilkes Co., GA
Sewel, John-Baldwin Co., GA
Shannon – Irel/ , Monroe Co., GA
Shannon – Ireland & Monroe Co., GA
Shannon, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Shannon, Sarah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sharp, John RWS-Tattnalll Co., GA
Sharp, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Shattles, David-Upson Co., GA
Shattles, George-Monroe Co., GA
Shattles, John-Upson Co., GA
Shearer, James RWS-Henry Co., GA
Shearman, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sheffield – Wayne Sheftall – Chatham Co., GA
Sheftall, Doctor Moses -Chatham Co., GA
Shelby, Moses-Greene Co., GA
Shepherd, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sheppard, Charles-Baldwin Co., GA
Sherman, Henry Co., GA, Bedford Co., VA
Sherman, Thomas-New Kent Co., VA
Sherrill – MD, NY, NC
Shields, John-Jackson Co., GA
Shields, Patrick-Jackson Co., GA
Shields, Samuel-Jackson Co., GA
Shields, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Shiflet – Elbert Co., GA
Ship, WIlliam-Jackson Co., GA
Shop, James RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Shop, Perter RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Short, Young Willima-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sikes – Monroe Co., GA
Simmons – Madison Co., GA
Simmons – Madison Co., GA
Simmons, Adam-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Simmons, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Simmons, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Simms – Hancock Co., GA
and Decatur Simms – Hancock Co., GA
and Newton Co., GA
Simonton William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Simonton, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Simpson, Abel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Simpson, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Simpson, Robert-Jackson Co., GA
Simpson, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sims, Benjamin-Hancock Co., GA
Sims, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sims, Hope-Banks Co., GA
Sims, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sims, Jemey-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sims, Jimmy-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sims, Joel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sims, Leiws-McIntosh Co., GA
Sims, Wiley-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sims, William-Baldwin Co., GA
Singleton, E. J.(obituary) GA
Singleton, E. J.-Paulding Co., GA
Slaton-Fulton Co., GA
Slaughter, Samuel-Baldwin Co., GA
Sled, William RWS-Wake Co. NC
Slocumb – Jones Co., GA
Slocumb – Jones Co., GA
Slone, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smallwood, Elisha-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smelt, Marian Elizabeth-Richmond Co., GA
Smith – Upson Co., GA
Smith John RWS-Henry Co., GA
Smith Papers. Many Georgia families Smith, A. G.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Aaron J. T.-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Aaron-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Alexander RWS-Meriwether Co., GA
Smith, Alexander-Jackson Co., GA
Smith, Ann Rebecca-Monroe Co., GA
Smith, Ann-Monroe Co., GA
Smith, Anthony-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Augustine RWS-Nelson Co., VA
Smith, B. J.(obituary) GA

Smith, B. J.-Paulding Co., GA
Smith, Barnate-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Barnate-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Benajah-Lincoln Co., GA
Smith, Caroline M.-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Catharine(obituary) GA
Smith, Catharine-Paulding Co., GA
Smith, Charles-Greene Co., GA
Smith, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Daniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Daniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, David RWS-Hinds Co. MS
Smith, Ebenezer,Warren Co., GA
Smith, Edward-Lincoln Co., GA
Smith, Elizabeth Ann-Monroe Co., GA
Smith, Elizabeth-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Elizabeth-Lincoln Co., GA
Smith, Elizabeth-Monroe Co., GA
Smith, Francis-Lincoln Co., GA
Smith, George G.-Monroe Co., GA
Smith, Griffin-Baldwin Co., GA
Smith, Henry J. W. Jr.-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Henry RWS-Franklin Co., GA
Smith, Henry RWS-Harlan Co. KY
Smith, Henry RWS-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Henry -Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Hill RWS-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Hill-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Isaac G.-Monroe Co., GA
Smith, Isaac RWS-Monroe Co., GA
Smith, Isham-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Ivey RWS-Tattnalll Co., GA
Smith, Jabez M.-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, James M.-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, James Rambert-Monroe Co., GA
Smith, James-Greene Co., GA
Smith, James-Lincoln Co., GA
Smith, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Jane P.-Monroe Co., GA
Smith, Jane-Monroe Co., GA
Smith, Jeremiah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Jesse RWS-Franklin Co., GA
Smith, Job RWS-Pickens Dist. SC
Smith, John B.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, John Carraway RWS-Chatham Co., GA
Smith, John H.-Baldwin Co., GA
Smith, John RWS-Clarke Co., GA
Smith, John RWS-Pittsylvania Co. VA
Smith, John-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Joseph B.-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Joseph-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Larkin RWS-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Lawrence RWS-Harris Co., GA
Smith, Leonard RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Smith, Leonard-Banks Co., GA
Smith, Louisa-Richmond Co., GA
Smith, Lucy-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Mansell-Baldwin Co., GA
Smith, Margaret-Monroe Co., GA
Smith, Margaret-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Mark R.-Monroe Co., GA
Smith, Marshall -Baldwin Co., GA
Smith, Martha-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Martin R.-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Mary-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Moses-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Nancy-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Parham-Baldwin Co., GA
Smith, Peter-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Peyton-Baldwin Co., GA
Smith, Rachel-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Rampert-Monroe Co., GA
Smith, Rebecca-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Richard-Baldwin Co., GA
Smith, Robert RWS-Butts
Smith, Robert RWS-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Robert.(obituary) GA
Smith, Robert.-Paulding Co., GA
Smith, Robert-Cumberland Co., VA
Smith, Robert-Lunenburg Co., VA
Smith, Samuel RWS-Chatham Co., GA
Smith, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Sarah Ann-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Sarah Ann-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Sarah-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, Shaderick-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Shadrack RWS-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, Sumner-Banks Co., GA
Smith, Weathers RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Smith, William A.-Jasper Co., GA
Smith, William Joseph-Monroe Co., GA
Smith, William RWS-Clarke Co., GA
Smith, William RWS-Coweta Co., GA
Smith, William RWS-Franklin Co., GA
Smith, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Smith, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Snead, Billy-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Snyder, George N.(obituary) GA
Snyder, George-Paulding Co., GA
Sorrel, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sorrell, Robert-Greene Co., GA
Sorrow, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sorrow, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sorrows, Henry-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sosbee, Sampson-Baldwin Co., GA
Sourlock, Joshua-Baldwin Co., Spalding Co., GA
Sosbee, Queer-McIntosh Co., GA
Spann, James-Richmond Co., GA
Sparks, Absalom-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sparks, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Sparks, Nathan-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Spaulding, Thomas-McIntosh Co., GA
Spearman – Jasper Co., GA
Spears/Spiers – Maryland and Georgia
Spencer, Isabella-Richmond Co., GA
Spier, John-Jackson Co., GA
Spires, Hezekiah-Lincoln Co., GA
Spires, Zacariah-Lincoln Co., GA
Spratlin, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Springer – Wilkes Co., GA
Spurlock, Allen-Clarke Co., GA
Stallings, Moses-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stamps, James-Jackson Co., GA
Stamps, Moses-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stamps, Timothy-Jackson Co., GA
Standard, John-Lincoln Co., GA
Standard, Tabitha-Lincoln Co., GA
Stanford – Randolph Co., GA
Stanley – Lancaashire England and Tattnalll Co., GA
Stanley, Hugh RWS-Jones Co., GA
Stapleton – Loudoun Co., Virginia & Jefferson Co., GA
Starkey, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Starkey, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Starnes, Daniel-Richmond Co., GA
Starr, Maria-Richmond Co., GA
Starrett, John RWS-Lincoln Co., GA, NC
Steele – South Carolina and Georgia
Steele, Archibald-Baldwin Co., GA
Steele, Ira M.-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, Isaac C.-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, Isaac Jr.-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, Isaac RWS-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, James-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, Jane-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, John D.-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, John-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, Margret-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, Mary I.-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, Michael A.-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, Michael-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, Moses F.-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, Moses-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, Rhoda H.-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, Ruth-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, William A.-DeKalb Co., GA
Steele, William-DeKalb Co., GA
Stegall, VA, SC, GA
Stephens – Madison Co., GA
Stephens, Absalom-Baldwin Co., GA
Stephens, Joshua-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stephens, Thomas Jr. -Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stephens, Thomas -Baldwin Co., GA
Stephens, Thomas -Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stephens, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stephenson, Thomas-Greene Co., GA
Stevens, Martha-Taliaferro Co., GA
Stewart, Andrew-McIntosh Co., GA
Stewart, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stewart, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stewart, George-Elbert Co., GA
Stewart, James-Lincoln Co., GA
Stewart, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stewart, James-Wilkes Co., GA
Stewart, John-Lincoln Co., GA
Stewart, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stewart, Margaret-Wilkes Co., GA
Stewart, Mourning-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stewart, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stewart, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stice – Germany, SC, KY
Stidman, Ely-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stiles, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stinson, Archibald-Lincoln Co., GA
Stinson, William-Jackson Co., GA
Stirk, Samuel-Richmond Co., GA
Stith, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stocks – Greene Co., GA

Stokes, Jane-Lincoln Co., GA
Stokes, William M.Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stokes, William M.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stokes, William, Jr.-Lincoln Co., GA
Stokes, William, Jr.-Lincoln Co., GA
Stokes, William-Lincoln Co., GA
Stone, Amelia-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stone, Benjamin-Lincoln Co., GA
Stone, Hillory-Banks Co., GA
Stone, Mathew-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stone, Thomas -Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stonecypher, John Jr. RWS-Franklin Co., GA
Story – Jackson Co., GA
Story, Frank, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Story, Frank, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Story/Storey – Jackson Co., GA
Stovall – Richmond Co., GA
Stovall, Charles-Lincoln Co., GA
Stovall, Joseph-Baldwin Co., GA
Strain, Adam-McIntosh Co., GA
Strange – VA, SC, GA
Street, Samuel – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Strickland, Charles-Jackson Co., GA
Strickland, Jacob-Elbert Co., GA
Strickland, Kinchen-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stringer – South Carolina and Georgia
Stringer, Leod.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stringer, Leonard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stringer, Leonard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Strong, Charles RWS-Clarke Co., GA
Strong, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Strong, Isham-Jackson Co., GA
Strong, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Strong, William-Jackson Co., GA
Strother, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Strother, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stroud, Sherwood-Jackson Co., GA
Stroud, Sherwood-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Strozer, Peter-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stubblefield – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stubblefield, Colvin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stubblefield, Seth-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Stubbs – Bibb Co., GA
Sturges, A.-Lincoln Co., GA
Sudduth, Laurence-Lincoln Co., GA
Sudthard, John RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Summerall, Henry -Jackson Co., GA
Summerall, Jacob-Jackson Co., GA
Summerford, Jacob-Jackson Co., GA
Summerlin, Henry -Jackson Co., GA
Surrency – South Carolina and Georgia
Surrency, Rachael-Ware Co., GA
Sutton, Joshua-Lincoln Co., GA
Swan, Jonathan RWS-Gwinnett Co., GA
Swan, William RWS-Harris Co., GA
Swaney, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Swanson, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Swanson, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Swillavant, Edward -Liberty Co., GA
Switzer, Leonard-Wilkes Co., GA
Tabor – Franklin Co., GA
Tait, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Talbot, Mary-Wilkes Co., GA
Talbot, William-Wilkes Co., GA
Talley, Henry RWS-Newton Co., GA
Talley, John RWS-Montgomery Co., GA
Tallman, Benjamin RWS-Providece Co. RI
Tamplin – VA , Baldwin Co., GA
Taney, Henry -Oglethorpe Co., GA
Taney, Raphael-St. Marys Co., MD
Tankersley – Lincoln Co., GA
Tankersley – Lincoln Co., GA
Tankersley, Absalom-Lincoln Co., GA
Tankersley, Joseph RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Tanner, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Tant, infant (obituary) GA
Tant, infant -Paulding Co., GA
Tapley – Monroe Co., GA & Baldwin Co., GA
Tarondet, Daniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Tarpley – Richmond Co., GA, VA
Tarpley – Richmond Co., GA, Virginia
Tarrence, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Tarrondot, Daniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Tatom, Abel-Lincoln Co., GA
Tatom, Absalom-Hillsborough, NC
Tatom, Frances-Lincoln Co., GA
Tatom, John-Lincoln Co., GA
Tatom, Milley-Lincoln Co., GA
Tatom, Silas-Lincoln Co., GA
Tatom, Thomas-Lincoln Co., Tattnall Co., GA
Tatom, Josiah -Chatham Co., GA
Tatum, Peter-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Taylor – Monroe Co., GA
Taylor – Monroe Co., GA
Taylor – Surry VA
Taylor – Surry , Virginia
Taylor, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Taylor, Champion Travis-Wilkes Co., GA
Taylor, Charles RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Taylor, Daniel-Jackson Co., GA
Taylor, George-Jackson Co., GA
Taylor, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Taylor, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Taylor, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Taylor, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Taylor, Jonathan RWS-Carroll Co., GA
Taylor, Jonathan RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Taylor, Margaret-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Taylor, Richard C. RWS-Wilkes Co., GA
Taylor, Robert H.-Lincoln Co., GA
Taylor, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Taylor, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Taylor, Theophilus RWS-Franklin Co., GA
Teakell – Monroe Co., GA
Temples, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Tennille, Francis-Washington Co., GA, VA
Terandet, James-Baldwin Co., GA
Terry, Loreinea-Wilkes Co., GA
Terry, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Terry, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Terry, Thomas-Wilkes Co., GA
Thomas – Baldwin Co., GA< and Dooly Co., GA
Thomas – VA , Clarke Co., GA , Newton Co., GA
Thomas, James, Jr.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thomas, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thomas, Jett-Jackson Co., GA
Thomas, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thomas, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thomas, Peter RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Thomas, Peter-Lincoln Co., GA
Thomas, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thomas , Samuel-Lincoln Co., GA
Thomas, William Madison Co., McIntosh Co.
Thomas, Turner RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Thompson – Jackson Co., GA

Thompson, Alexander-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thompson, Henry-Taliaferro Co., GA
Thompson, Henry-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thompson, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thompson, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thompson, Samuel-Lincoln Co., GA
Thomson, Robert, Sr.-Lincoln Co., GA
Thomson, Robert-Greene Co., GA
Thomson, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thomson, William-Richmond Co., GA
Thornton – Fayette Co., GA
Thornton, Dread-Wilkes Co., GA
Thornton, Herod, Jr.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thornton, Joshua-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thornton, Noel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thornton, Owen-Wilkes Co., GA
Thornton, Presley-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thornton, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thornton, Wiley-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thorp, Josiah-McIntosh Co., GA
Thrash, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thrash, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thurman, David-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Thurman, David-Wilkes Co., GA
Thurman, John-Wilkes Co., GA
Thurmond, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Tibbits, Mr.(obituary) GA
Tibbits, Mr.-Paulding Co., GA
Tidwell – Harris Co., GA
Tidwell, Absalom-Jacson Tidwell, J. S.(obituary) GA
Tidwell, J. S.-Paulding Co., GA
Tidwell, Job-Jackson Co., GA
Tidwell, William-Jackson Co., GA
Tiller, Joseph-Baldwin Co., GA
Tillery, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Tillery, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Tillery, Joshua-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Tillman – Kent, England Tilman, John-Richmond Co., GA
Tipton, James-Baldwin Co., GA
Todd – Tattnalll Co., GA
Todd, Henry -McIntosh Co., GA
Tomlinson, John-Baldwin Co., GA
Tompkin, Gil-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Tompkins, Wiley-Baldwin Co., GA
Toney, Charles-Franklin Co., GA
Toombs – Virginia & Wilkes Co., GA
Torrancee, William-Baldwin Co., GA
Towler, Jean-Lincoln Co., GA
Towler, Lemuel-Lincoln Co., GA
Towns, Bartlett-Greene Co., GA
Towns, John-Greene Co., GA
Towns, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Towns, Martin-Greene Co., GA
Townsend, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Townsend, Joseph-McIntosh Co., GA
Tracy – Georgia
Tramel, Elizabeth-Lincoln Co., GA
Tramel, Philip-Lincoln Co., GA
Trammell, Thomas RWS-Upson Co., GA
Trapp, Julia, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Trapp, Julia, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Traylor – Jackson Co., GA & Oglethorpe Co., GA
Traylor – Oglethorpe Co., GA and Jackson Co., GA
Traylor, Randolph-Jackson Co., GA
Traylor, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Traylor, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Trent, Henry-Jackson Co., GA
Trent, Henry-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Trentham, J. D. (child)(obituary) GA
Trible, Benjaamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Trice, Bemjamin-Baldwin Co., GA
Triplett, William, Col.-Lincoln Co., GA
Triplett, William-Wilkes Co., GA
Troup, James-McIntosh Co., GA
Trout – Jackson Co., GA & Hall Co., GA
Truman, Colarope RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Tubman, Richard-Richmond Co., GA
Tucker – VA , NC
Tucker – Virginia & North Carolina Tucker, Anna-Baldwin Co., GA
Tucker, Sterling-Brunswick Co. VA
Tucker, Sterling-Brunswick Co., VA
Turk, Theodocius-Baldwin Co., GA
Turk, William-Banks Co., GA
Turner – Randolph Co., GA
Turner, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Turner, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Turner, Daniel, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Turner, Daniel, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Turner, G. F., Mrs.(obituary) GA
Turner, G. F., Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Turner, Pleasant-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Turner, Robert., Mrs.(obituary) GA
Turner, Robert., Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Turner, Will(obituary) GA
Turner, Will-Paulding Co., GA
Tuttle, James-Jackson Co., GA
Twitty, George, Sr.-Lincoln Co., GA
Tyler, Henry-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Tyson – Glynn, Co. GA
Georgia Pioneers
Tyson – Glynn, Co. GA
Georgia Pioneers
Underwood, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ussery – Jones Co., GA
Ussery-Jones Co., GA
Vanderplank – Savannah, GA
Valentine – Bibb Co., GA
Valentine, John-Taliaferro Co., GA
Vanwinkel, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Varner, Betsy-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Varner, Frederick-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Varner, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Vaughan, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Vaughan, Susannah-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Vaughan, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Vaughn, James-Banks Co., GA
Veal – Madison Co., GA
Veasey, Thomas-Baldwin Co., GA
Veazey – Greene Co., GA
Venable, Abraham-Jackson Co., GA
Venable, Robert-Jackson Co., GA
Vermillion, Benjamin-Jackson Co., GA
Verner, Isaac(obituary) GA
Verner, Isaac-Paulding Co., GA
Vernon – Richmond Co., GA
Vickers, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Vinson, Levin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Vint, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Volantine, Bob(obituary) GA
Volantine, Bob-Paulding Co., GA
Voss, Wyatt-Habersham Co., GA
Waddell, John-Greene Co., GA
Waddle, John-Greene Co., GA
Waddle, William-Greene Co., GA
Wade – Greene Co., GA

Wade (baby)(obituary) GA
Wade (baby)-Paulding Co., GA
Wade, Acree-Wilkes Co., GA
Wadsworth, Thomas -Jackson Co., GA
Wakefield, Charles-Wilkes Co., GA
Waldroup, James RWS-Fayette Co., GA
Walker, Henry G.-Elbert Co., GA
Walker,, Henry G.-Walker Co., GA
Walker,, Henry -Jackson Co., GA
Walker,, Henry -Oglethorpe Co., GA
Walker,, Henry -Warren Co., GA
Walker,, J. O., Mrs.(obituary) GA
Walker,, J. O., Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Walker,, Joel-Baldwin Co., GA
Walker, Joel-Baldwin Co., GA
Walker, John. (child -), Walker Co., GA
Walker,, John-Greene Co., GA
Walker,, Joseph-McIntosh Co., GA
Walker,, Pleasant-Warren Co., GA
Walker,, Sanders-Lincoln Co., GA
Walker,, Sanders-Walker Co., GA
Walker,, Sylvanus-Greene Co., GA
Walker, William-Greene Co., GA
Walker,, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wall – Marion & Schley
Wallace, Joe(obituary) GA
Wallace, Joe-Paulding Co., GA
Wallace, John-Lincoln Co., GA
Wallace, Martha-Richmond Co., GA
Wallace, Oliver-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wallace, William-McIntosh Co., GA
Waller – Hancock Co., GA
Waller, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Waller, Joseph-Baldwin Co., GA
Walton – Wilkes Co., GA
Walton , John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Walton , Newel, Jr.-Lincoln Co., GA
Walton , Robert-Lincoln Co., GA
Walton , Thomas- Lincoln Co., GA
Walton, Thomas – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Walton, Thomas–Wilkes Co., GA
Walton , William-Greene Co., GA
Walton , William-Lincoln Co., GA
Walton -Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ward, Brian-Lincoln Co., GA
Ward, Edward-Banks Co., GA
Ward, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Ware, Frances-Lincoln Co., GA
Ware,, Henry Sr.-Lincoln Co., GA
Ware, Henry-Lincoln Co., GA
Ware, James M. -Polk Co., GA
Ware, Nicholas-Lincoln Co., GA
Ware, Robert-Lincoln Co., GA
Ware, William-Lincoln Co., GA
Warnock, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Warnock, John-Greene Co., Oglethorpe Co., Warren Co., GA
Washburn, David-Habersham Co. Washington Co., GA
Washburn, George Steptoe-Richmond Co., Washington Co., GA
Washburn, Robert-Baldwin Co., GA
Waters, William-Banks Co., GA
Watkins, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Watkins, Moses-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Watkins, Philip-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Watkins, Robert-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Watkinson, John-Lincoln Co., GA
Watson, Benjamin-Jackson Co., GA
Watson, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Watson, Park J.-Greene Co., GA
Watson, Solomon-Taliaferro Co., GA
Watterson, John-Jackson Co., GA
Watts, Benjamin-Jackson Co., GA
Waugh, Edward-Bedford Co., VA
Way – Liberty Co., GA
Wayne, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Weakfield, Charles-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Weakfield, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Weaver, David-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Weaver, Reuben-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Webb, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Webb, Pleasant-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Webb, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Welbourn, Curtis-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Welbourne – Wilkes Co., GA & Columbia Co., GA
Welburn, Robert-Baldwin Co., GA
Wells, Andrew-Edgefield Co., SC
Wells, Elisabeth-Lincoln Co., GA
Wells, William (infant) (obituary) GA
Wells, William (infant) -Paulding Co., GA
Wells, William_Oglethorpe Co., GA
West – North Carolina and Gilmer Co., GA
West, Andrew-Lincoln Co., GA
West, Joseph-Baldwin Co., GA
West, Moses-Baldwin Co., GA
West, Robert-Isle of Wight Co., VA
West, William RWS-Rowan Co. NC
Westbrook, John-Franklin Co., GA
Westbrook, John-Franklin Co., GA
Westbrook, Stephen-Franklin Co., GA
Whatley, Michael RWS-Stewart Co., GA
Whatley, Michael-Greene Co., GA
Whatley, Michael-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Whatley, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Whatley, Samuel RWS-Wilkes Co., GA
Wheeless – Meriwether Co., GA
Wheeless – Meriwether Co., GA
Wheeling, Michael-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wheelright, Tabitha-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Whelchel – Hall Co., GA
Forsyth , Lumpkin Co., GA
Whelchel – Virginia; Hall Co., GA, Forsyth & Lumpkin Co., GA
Whelchel RWS-Hall Co., GA
Whelchel, John RWS-Lumpkin Co., GA
Whitaker, Hugh Hardy-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Whitaker, John-Wake Co., N. C. Whitaker, William-Baldwin Co., GA
White, Barnett(obituary) GA
White, Barnett-Paulding Co., GA
White, Edward-Chatham Co., GA
White, Ella(obituary) GA
White, Ella-Paulding Co., GA
White, George RWS-McIntosh Co., GA
White, Jesse RWS-Clarke Co., GA
White, John RWS-Bertie Co. NC
White, John RWS-Hardin Co. TN
White, John-Greene Co., GA
White, Peter RWS-Bertie Co. NC
White, William Henry Co., GA
White, William -Richmond Co., GA
Whitehead – Jefferson Co., GA
Whitehead, Benjamin-Richmond Co., GA
Whitehead, Lula(obituary) GA
Whitehead, Lula-Paulding Co., GA
Whitehead, Samuel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Whiteside, James-Greene Co., GA

Whitfield, Thomas.(obituary) GA
Whitfield, Thomas,-Paulding Co., GA
Wiatt, Richard-Jackson Co., GA
Wiggins, Joel C.-Taliaferro Co., GA
Wigley, John -Paulding Co., GA
Wilburn, Jeremiah-Taliaferro Co., GA
Wilcox, John-McIntosh Co., GA
Wilder – Jones Co., GA
Wilkes, Benjamin-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wilkes, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Williams, Bartley-Pulaski
Williams, Daniel-Taliaferro Co., GA
Williams, Elisabeth-Lincoln Co., GA
Williams, Ezekiel-Taliaferro Co., GA
Williams, Frances-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Williams, George K.(obituary) GA
Williams, George K.-Paulding Co., GA
Williams, Grover(obituary) GA
Williams, Grover-Paulding Co., GA
Williams, Isaac-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Williams, J. J., Mrs.(obituary) GA
Williams, J. J., Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Williams, John RWS-Habersham Co., GA
Williams, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Williams, Matthew-Greene Co., GA
Williams, Osbern-Brunswick Co., VA
Williams, Osborne-Brunswick Co., VA
Williams, Ozbourn-Brunswick Co., VA
Williams, Peter I.-Greene Co., GA
Williams, Peter-Baldwin Co., GA
Williams, Robert O.-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Williams, Robert-Jackson Co., GA
Williams, William-Lincoln Co., GA
Williamson – Wilkes Co., GA
Williamson, Charles-Baldwin Co., GA
Williamson, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Williamson, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Williamson, John RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Williamson, Joseph-Jackson Co., GA
Williamson, Micajah-Jackson Co., GA
Williamson, William-Baldwin Co., GA
Willingham, Jesse-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Willingham, Thomas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Willingham, William(obituary) GA
Willingham, William-Paulding Co., GA
Willis, Joshua-Madison Co., VA
Willis, Joshua-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Willis, Lewis-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Willis, Lewis-Wilkes Co., GA
Willis, Nathaniel-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Willis, William-Jackson Co., GA
Wills, John.(obituary) GA
Wills, John.-Paulding Co., GA
Wills, Joshua-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Willy, Moses-Elbert Co., GA
Wilmot, Eli-Banks Co., GA
Wilson, Bennett-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wilson, George-Jackson Co., GA
Wilson, George-Jackson Co., GA
Wilson, John RWS-Columbia Co., GA
Wilson, John-Jackson Co., GA
Wilson, John-Richmond Co., GA
Wilson, John-Warren Co., GA
Wilson, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wilson, Joshua-Greene Co., GA
Wilson, R. L. (obituary) GA
Wilson, R. L. -Paulding Co., GA
Wilson, Salley-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wilson, Samuel-McIntosh Co., GA
Wilson, Sophronia(obituary) GA
Wilson, Sophronia-Paulding Co., GA
Wilson, Thomas K.-Taliaferro Co., GA
Wilson, William-Baldwin Co., GA
Wilson, William-Greene Co., GA
Wilson, Zaccheus-Wilkes Co., GA
Wilson, Zacheas-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wilson, Zacheus-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wimberly – Jones Co., GA
Wimpie, William-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wingfield – Virginia & Wilkes Co., GA

Wing-McIntosh Co., GA
Winn, Minor-Fairfield Co., SC
Winn, Robert-Baldwin Co., GA
Winn, Will J., Judge(obituary) GA
Winn, Will J., Judge-Paulding Co., GA
Wise – Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wise, Jacob-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wise, Joseph-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wise, Patton-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Witt, David-Jackson Co., GA
Witt, Jesse-Virginia
Wix, Carrah(obituary) GA
Wix, Carrah-Paulding Co., GA
Wix, Zach(obituary) GA
Wix, Zach-Paulding Co., GA
Wix, Zody(obituary) GA
Wix, Zody-Paulding Co., GA
Wolfe, George-Lincoln Co., GA
Womack, Mrs.(obituary) GA
Womack, Mrs.-Paulding Co., GA
Wood, James-Hancock Co., GA
Wood, Jerry(obituary) GA
Wood, Jerry-Paulding Co., GA
Woodall – Talbot Co., GA
Woodruff, Gideon-Taliaferro Co., GA
Woodruff, James-Taliaferro Co., GA
Wooten-McIntosh Co., GA
Wootton – England, VA, Wilkes Co., GA
Word, John -Carroll Co., GA
Worsham, Archer-Baldwin Co., GA
Wray, Jerusha-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wray, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wray, Phillip-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wright, A. R.(obituary) GA
Wright, A. R.-Paulding Co., GA
Wright, Abel-Richmond Co., GA
Wright, Francis-Edgefield Co., S. C. Wright, George-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wright, Henry,-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wright, John-Baldwin Co., GA
Wright, Richard-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Wyatt – Meriwether Co., GA
Wyatt, J. E.(obituary) GA
Wyatt, J. E.-Paulding Co., GA
Wyatt, Joseph(obituary) GA
Wyatt, Joseph-Paulding Co., GA
Wylly-McIntosh Co., GA
Wynne – England & Virginia Yarborough – Randolph Co., GA
Yarborough, Littleton-Columbia Co., GA
Young – Savannah, GA
Young – Talbot Co., GA
Young Deer (Indian) -Cobb Co., GA
Young, David-Richmond Co., GA
Young, James-Clarke Co., GA
Young, James-McIntosh Co., GA
Young, James-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Young, John-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Young, Nathaniel-Isle of Wight Co., VA
Young, Peter RWS-Hunterdon Co. NJ
Young, Richard RWS-Lincoln Co., GA
Young, Thomas -Baldwin Co., GA
Young, William RWS-Richmond Co., GA
Young, William-Richmond Co., GA
Youngblood – Georgia & South Carolina Youngblood – South Carolina , Zellner – Monroe Co., GA
Zimmerman – Germany, PA & Wilkes Co., GA
Zimmerman, Philip-Lincoln Co., GA
Zimmerman, Phillip-Wilkes Co., GA
Zitterauer – Ebenezer,, GA
Zouberbuhler – Savannah, GA
Zourcks – Liberty Co., GA
Zuber, Abraham-Oglethorpe Co., GA
Zuber, R. S. (obituary) GA
Zuber, R. S.-Paulding Co., GA
Zubly, John Joachim -Chatham Co., GA